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Tell Me Lies (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Good to Be True (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Can't Look Away (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bye, Baby (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carola Lovering

Carola Lovering is a fiction and suspense author best known for her books, Tell Me Lies and Too Good to Be True. Her writing style is so captivating, and while she only writes fiction, her stories sound so real. Lovering went to Colorado College. She has been writing for a while, and her works have appeared in National Geographic, W Magazine, Yoga Journal, and Outside, among other publications. The talented author currently lives in Connecticut with her husband and their son.

Tell Me Lies

Tell Me Lies introduces Lucy Albright, a college freshman happy to be so far away from home for the first time in her life. Lucy’s relationship with her mother had deteriorated after a betrayal, and mother and daughter had not made any efforts to mend it. For Lucy, Baird College in California is an opportunity for a fresh start. This young lady embraces life in college and all the captivating lessons, new friends, and wild parties that it came with. It is while at a party that Lucy meets Stephen DeMarco. Attractive, Complicated, and charming best describes this young man. Lucy didn’t think much of him, but little did he know that he would have such an impact on her life.

Stephen has not met anyone like Lucy. While he is used to seducing girls and getting what he wants, he is surprised when Lucy doesn’t just throw herself at him. Lucy doesn’t immediately agree to date him. However, instead of leaving her alone, Stephen takes this as a challenge and begins to pursue Lucy relentlessly. It is not long before these two young adults become an item. Unfortunately, there are many secrets that Stephen is keeping from Lucy. There is that incident in the past that he wants to forget and continue keeping it secret. When the truth comes out, Lucy is devastated. However, she is already deeply entangled with Stephen, and this toxic relationship lasts through her college life and even after school.

This story is told in both Lucy and Stephen’s voices. Lucy appears focused in the beginning, but her relationship with Stephen changes all that. Suddenly, she transforms into a woman who cannot think of anything but her cheating and lying boyfriend. Stephen is such an unlikable character. He is okay sleeping with three women at the same time while giving Lucy all kinds of conditions if they are to have a relationship. Lucy knows Stephen is wrong for her, but she takes too long to let go. It is only after healing her relationship with her mother that she is finally able to leave this toxic man who was all too happy to keep torturing her.

Tell Me Lies is an intelligent read that many young people can identify with. This story paints a perfect picture of the dilemmas most young people find themselves in concerning relationships. Throughout the book, Lucy will be trying, time and again, to take back control over her life. Getting the story from two perspectives makes it easier to understand both characters and the choices they make. While both main characters are unsympathetic, this is a great book that will keep you glued to the last page. It resonates well will so many people who have been consumed in relationships and struggled to get out of them.

Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True tells the story of two marriages, one love story as told by three people. Skye Starling is over the moon when her boyfriend, Burke Michaels, proposes. Theirs had been a whirlwind courtship, and now Skye can almost hear the wedding bells ringing. To an outsider, Skye has it all. She is beautiful, intelligent, and has enough wealth to last her a few lifetimes. However, she suffers from OCD, a condition that came to the surface when her mother died when she was just eleven years old. Thanks to this condition, Skye had been unable to sustain a long-term relationship. Burke promises to bring an end to this.

Burke is older and more mature than any man that Skye has ever dated. He tells her that he wants her, just the way she is, forever. However, Burke is not what he says he is. A letter from his therapist reveals that he is happily married and marrying Skye is part of his deceptive game. Skye doesn’t know what is coming, so all her energies are spent planning the wedding. With every passing day, Burke’s scheme gets more twisted. Fortunately, like many situations in life, things do not go as planned. When you think you have the whole storyline figured out, the author throws a few twists that will lead you in a different direction.

This story is told from three perspectives. We get to hear from Skye, Burke, and Heather, a seventeen-year-old girl. Heather’s perspective is set thirty years in the past. This young girl is trying to end her relationship with Burke, who is the local bad boy. Fortunately, she succeeds in leaving him and goes ahead to create a good life for herself in New York. Will her adolescent love stay in the past, or will he still find a way to interfere with her future? From Burke, we get to know about his financial problems and their impact on their marriage. His plan is to marry Skye without a prenup and later divorce her. Skye struggles with her condition, but she is finally glad to find a man who is ready to accept her, just as she is.

Too Good to be True is a smart, entertaining, and addictive read. It is loaded with jaw-dropping moments, shocking twists, and deeply flawed characters. You will empathize with some of the characters while wondering why others are so wicked. There is some romance element, but the main focus is on the three main characters and their lives. The multiple POVs work to keep you guessing and wondering who among the narrators is telling the truth. If you are searching for a whirlwind, intriguing, and fast-paced read, this book is perfect.

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