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Publication Order of Carolina Reapers Books

The “Carolina Reapers” series is a set of novels by Samantha Whiskey, a bestselling romance novelist from the United States that has been writing his novels since 2016. She loves to refer to herself as a mother, wife, lover of romance novels, and dogs.

Whiskey made her debut when she first published “Grinder” the debut novel of the “Seattle Sharks” series of novels. Since then she has become quite a prolific author that now has more than thirty novels to her name spread across more than five series.

Since she loves romance, she is not a stranger to a high dose of awkwardness, hot alpha males, and hockey. She can usually be found tucking herself away so that she can write her PTA novels.

She has also made a reputation for herself writing flawed but very likable and fun characters who are very memorable.

Samantha loves to interact with her fans and usually provides updates to her novels through the mailing list on her website.

The “Carolina Reapers” series by Samantha Whiskey are sexy romances with easy and fast-paced experiences. The first of the novels to be published was “Axel” which she published in 2019.

These novels are a spin-off of the “Seattle Sharks” series of novels which have been just as popular. They are easy reads with a flowing and smooth style with an engaging story.

You will always get smoldering passion and wonderful chemistry between the lead characters. The characters are lovable and usually include sassy and headstrong women who come together with tall and sexy men who play hockey in the NHL.

Most of the players are or are on their way to playing for the “Carolina Reapers,” and in the course of their sporting journey, stumble into love and romance. The characters usually come together as we watch their relationship build over time.

One of the characters usually wants to speed up things in the relationship while the other is hesitant. They come with wonderful heroes and beautiful heroines that readers will just fall in love with.

The combination of friends-to-lovers romance, the incredible chemistry, memorable characters, and intense plots make for heartwarming love stories.

“Axel” by Samantha Whiskey is the first novel of the “Carolina Reapers” series. It tells of Axel, a man who has been pursued by the NHL ever since he was eighteen. But he would never leave the Swedish Hockey League since he is in Sweden to also look after his little brother.

Several years later after his brother is all grown up, the Carolina Reapers come back for him. They send their new head of PR Langley Pierce, whom no one has ever said no to. She is an independent, fierce, and sexiest woman Axel has ever met, and one of the most stubborn.

When she casually says that she will never date again, he panics and proposes. He tells her that he will sign for the Reapers if she agrees to a six-month marriage contract. He so badly wants her that he intends to marry her.

He commits to treating her like a lady and since he already set a date there is nothing he can do as the clock starts ticking down to the wedding day. But the faster the days go, the harder he falls for Whiskey.

For the longest time, it had been known that she had sworn to never ease up on her career for a man. He had promised that he would never ask her to do that but now he is forced to do exactly that.

They had embarked on the marriage thing backward and now it may be very difficult to move forward.

Samantha Whiskey’s novel “Sawyer” is the second novel of the “Carolina Reapers” series that takes its title from the lead character Sawyer.

He never thought he would ever achieve his dream of playing in the NHL since he was responsible for his ailing mother. But he is offered a deal he cannot refuse by the Carolina Reapers. He will get the best support for his mother and a spot on their roster.

He has been busy balancing a hectic NHL study while he takes care of his mother. But he is forced to make time for love the moment he meets Echo the bartender at Scythe.

They could not be any more different as he is reserved while he is wild, and he is careful as she is fearless. While they are a terrible match on paper, they have intense chemistry and hence agree to embark on a no strings attached relationship.

However, every taste leaves Sawyer craving more. But she has a past that makes it impossible to commit while he is tied to present obligations. They come from very different backgrounds and circumstances.

When their worlds collide, their hearts are on the line and he may just lose his contract. At the risk of losing it all, he finds himself begging her to risk it all.

“Connell” the third novel of the “Carolina Reapers” series by Samantha Whiskey is the story of Connell, a man known for his classic pranks and being one of the best linebackers in the NHL.

His teammates always told him that his jokes would come back to bite him and they have been proven right. One of his pranks goes horribly wrong and he finds himself doing community service supervised by Annabelle Clarke, a smart-mouthed and sexy city clerk.

He is lucky that he was sentenced during the off-season but unfortunately, he is too attracted to Annabelle. She is a luscious and smart woman but also very tightly wound something that Connell wants to change.

Right from the start, she had made it clear who was boss but they cannot deny the chemistry between them. Bantering with Annabelle soon becomes his favorite thing as she is the best-forbidden fruit to his tastebuds.

But as they grow closer, he will either have to totally surrender or find satisfaction in what little she offers.

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