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Publication Order of The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates Books

Magic Marks the Spot (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Terror of the Southlands (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Buccaneers' Code (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The World's Greatest Detective (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Door at the End of the World (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Marigold (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Caroline Carlson is an Author of comedy books for young readers. Her most famous work is The Very Honorable League of Pirates Trilogy, the Door at the End of the World. She holds a BA from Swarthmore College and was awarded an MFA in writing for Children from Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Some of her novels won the accolades from the American Booksellers Association, the New York Times, Bank Street College of Education, Junior Library Guild and others.

Magic Marks the Spot

Magic Marks, the Spot is the debut in the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series. The daughter of an Admiral of the Navy, Hillary Westfield, receives a congratulation letter after she’s accepted to the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates apprenticeship Program.

She is told how the program will change her from being a wide-eyed and innocent young man. Hillary writes back to them, informing them of how she’s excited and correcting them that she’s a girl, not a boy.

The VNHLP writes back to her feeling offended and forwards her application to Miss Pimm’s Finishing School for Delicate Ladies. Hillary is disappointed for being denied the chance to become a pirate because she is a girl and is forced to attend Miss Pimm’s school.

Her parents want her to become a proper young lady in society. Of course, her father being in the Navy means he’s an enemy of the pirates. They are taught about waltzing, etiquette, fainting, and embroidery classes. Both the pirates and her parents deny her the chance to become what she has ever wanted.
Hillary had a strong desire to be herself even after several people challenged her. It’s refreshing to see how the world around her adapts to her desire instead of the contrary. She’s not only fierce but nice and friendly, always making friends among kids and adults.

She doesn’t plan to become a delicate lady and doesn’t like going to school. Hillary can tie a note that cannot be undone, tread in water for thirty-seven minutes, and doesn’t like dresses because they make climbing a ship rigging almost impossible.

She has a sidekick to cheer her up when things get rough, and they escape Miss Primm’s school together. With the help of her magic gargoyle, she runs to the Terror of the Southlands ship with a pirate named Jasper Fletcher. Hillary later finds herself given a job on a pirate’s ship, looking for the lost treasure of the enchantress. She doesn’t want to be taught about petticoats and politeness and goes on a seaworthy adventure.

In the quest, she meets a crew of misfit scallywags and the treacherous and unexpected villain of the High seas. Onboard is Jasper’s ward, Charlie, Hillary’s governess, Miss Grayson, and a boy she thinks is a spy. Something is going on in Augusta, and as the magical items are being stolen as Miss Pimm takes her girls to the sea.

The admiral is in pursuit of the pigeon and has no idea that her daughter is on board. Can the magic get into the wrong hands? Can Hillary and Charlie rescue their friends from the dungeons?

They learn that no one is who they seem to be. The novel contains quotes from the VNHLP handbook, making the story more fascinating.
Magic Marks the Spot is a charming story, including searching for a treasure, mysterious thieves, and unexpected magic. The character is memorable and entertaining to keep you engaged to the end.

Hillary is a vibrant character who doesn’t let anyone tell her what gender means. The novel is girl positive and anti-stereotypes. She never gives up, as everyone tells Hillary how she can’t become a pirate because of her gender and social status. It’s her dream career, and she isn’t ready to allow anyone to stop her from achieving it

Magic Marks, the Spot is a middle-grade novel featuring a spunky heroine, magical gargoyles, and treasure hunting adventures. The book can be read as a standalone because of its solid- wrap ending. The story is filled with humor, sarcasm, and funny moments.

Piracy in this novel is more about a quest for treasure hunting, aversion to those in authority, and loyalty to one’s friends.

Some of the characters include Jasper Fletcher, a handsome pirate, and the ship captain named ‘The Pigeon’ searching for the ‘enchantress Hidden Treasure’ with his partner Fitzwilliam Fletcher. Miss Grayson goes on an adventure after Hillary escapes the school she never wanted.

The novel is well written with charming, hilarious, and delightful moments. It’s comedy at the stereotypical pirate image.

The Terror of the Southlands
The Terror of the Southlands is the second novel in the

Hilary Westfield is the Terror of the Southlands for being a a brave and daring pirate. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found any treasure or adventure of late and she thinks she isn’t fighting as many scallywags as possible.

The crew is back to solving the mystery of the missing enchantress. Old enemies return, new friends are made and Hilary’s position in the pirates league is in Jeopardy.

This has brought the attention of Captain Blacktooth, the president of VNHLP. However that doesn’t mean that together with her loyal crew have to be thrown out of the VNHLP. The president gives Hilary a warning with an ultimatum for either to do something or get kicked out of the league.

She knows that the only thing she can do to restore her reputation is to find a daring mission. Before going on the quest, she finds a letter form Miss Pimm asking for help. Hilary left Miss Pimm’s school for Delicate Ladies before finishing, and since the tow had become friends, she goes to help her.
Upon arrival, she finds that Miss Pimm has been kidnapped. Can Hilary work fast enough to find her? Will the president of the league consider it as piratical? ALL Hilary hope is that the mission helps her reputation as a pirate.

The blend of humor, magic and pirates will make the children love the story even more. The Terror of the southlands is a thrilling adventure featuring strong heroine and a cast of unforgettable characters.

Hilary is still trying her best to be a piratical rogue while solving a mystery and helping her friends in this second installment of the trilogy. It’s so inspiring how Hilary may not know the correct answer or the best thing to do but chooses a path and tries to stick to it.

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