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Do It Like a Woman... and Change the World (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Caroline Criado Perez
The bestselling British author Caroline Criado Perez is world renowned, due not only to her writing, but her activism through the years as well. A journalist, feminist, and author, she’s a huge publishing sensation, with many readers and critics around the world singing her praises. Writing in a manner that is down to earth, she always gets straight to the point, saying exactly what it is that she wants to say. Garnering a lot of attention to numerous causes over the years too, she’s an outspoken voice on various issues with a lot to say.

Writing in a manner that is powerful and important, she immediately grabs the readers attention and doesn’t let go from the outset. Campaigning for human rights as well, she’s been awarded for her work on several occasions, making her an international influential figure. Setting herself apart from other writers within her field, she really makes herself heard, giving her work a deeper level of meaning. Often writing about technology as well, she looks at it from a societal perspective, and how it influences the world at large.

Looking to increase the presence of female experts in the media, she also created the ‘Women’s Room,’ which would set about building representation. This is just one of the many campaigns she’s done, along with working through social-media, fighting through the pushback and obstacles that came her way. Over time this has made her an even stronger voice than ever, as she continues to fight for justice and issues of human rights. With a lot more to say still, she’ll continue making herself heard, speaking directly, as there’s a lot more planned on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Brazil in June 1984, Caroline Criado Perez would grow up with a keen interest in reading and writing, as she would move around a lot from an early age. Her father, a businessman and CEO, and her mother, a nurse working on numerous humanitarian missions, would take her all over the world. At eleven she would attend and board at the Oundle School in the United Kingdom after her father moved to the Netherlands.

Studying history at university in London for a year, she would go on to harbor a passion for opera, before going on to work in digital marketing. Heading back to university again, she would study English Language and Literature at Keble College in Oxford, graduating in 2012. Still writing to this very day, she continues to push boundaries, while winning awards and nominations for herself as an author.

Writing Career
The first book to be published by Caroline Criado Perez would be titled ‘Do It Like A Woman,’ and it was brought out in 2015. Setting her apart from other writers in her field, she would tackle a number of serious issues in the field of feminism that had yet to be looked at. This would come out through the Portobello publishing house, and it would establish her name as a serious literary presence.

Later, in 2019, she would bring out her second non-fiction book ‘Invisible Women’ and this would immediately become a success. Reaching the top of the Sunday Times bestseller lists, along with being translated into nineteen different languages, it managed to appeal to readers from all over. Nominated for a multitude of awards, and winning many more, she lives in London and has an OBE, and she has a lot more to come.

Do It Like A Woman
This was first published through the Portobello publishing house, introducing Caroline Criado Perez as a fully fledged writer for the first time. Initially published on the 7th of May in 2015, this would be a stand-alone work of non-fiction looking at issues of feminism. Dealing with real-life stories from real women, it seeks to examine the progress that’s been fought for through a feminist lens.

Heading all over the world, this takes a look at women who have implemented changes in their own lives for the better. Regardless of whether or not they’ve heard Western theories and ideas of feminism, they’re taking strides for progress and female rights. Here Caroline Criado Perez seeks to document these stories of female heroism, looking at their lives and the positive impact they’ve made. Journeying all over the world, she manages to capture what they’ve done and how this has profoundly effected the world at large.

Using real-life stories, Perez documents some important and ground-breaking cases, giving a voice to women from all over the world. This makes for an extremely compelling read, allowing the women to essentially come alive on the page for the reader. Empowering and engaging, this is a compelling read that is sure to hold the attention of its audience every step of the way, regardless of where they’re from.

Invisible Women
Originally coming out under the subtitle ‘Data Bias in a World Designed for Men,’ this would look at technology and the feminist implications surrounding it. This would initially come out through the ‘Harry N. Abrams’ publishing label, and it was firs published on the 7th of March in 2019. It would be another work of non-fiction, once more examining feminist ideas and principles in modern contemporary society. It’s another powerful and searing look at issues that effect everyone, getting to the heart of what changes need to be implicated. Written in a clear and accessible style too, it’s easy to pick-up, making sure the text is bogged down in academic language, ensuring it’s open and readily available to everyone.

Looking at the way technology and society is geared towards men, Perez seeks to break this down, examining a world that has been predominantly by and for men. Bringing to light issues such as the gender pay gap, along with the systemic discrimination against women that’s existed throughout history, a light is shone on the implicit bias at play. There’s a look at technology too, including how it has been created with men in mind, such as smartphones that are modelled around the male hand. Bringing to light real-life stories once more, Perez makes a case for the changes that must be made for the progress of women at all costs.

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