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Caroline Ferriday / Lilac Girls Books In Order

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Publication Order of Caroline Ferriday / Lilac Girls Books

Lilac Girls / The Lilac Girls of Ravensbrück (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Roses (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunflower Sisters (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Caroline Ferriday / Lilac Girls Books

Lost Roses(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lilac Girls / The Lilac Girls of Ravensbrück(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunflower Sisters(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Martha Hall Kelly is an American published author of fiction.

She is a best selling author known for writing series such as Lilac Girls. She originally grew up in the state of Massachusetts and has since kept things local to New England when it comes to her residency. She divides spending her time between New York City and Connecticut these days. Prior to becoming an author, she was in advertising working as a copywriter for years.

Martha has three children that she has had the pleasure of raising. While watching her children grow up she was also doing research and composing her debut novel, Lilac Girls. Martha has also enjoyed continuing the series since then, composing more books that feature Caroline’s family and what they have been through in the past. The best selling author is kept busy with family and writing, but when she is not occupied putting her stories on to legal pads, she can be found with a book, usually about World War II.

Martha Hall Kelly is the creator and the author of the Lilac Girls series. The debut novel, Lilac Girls, was published in April of 2016 and quickly became a best seller on the New York Times. The historical fiction novel was based on a true story about Polish women that were contained at Ravensbruck Concentration Camp and were experimented on. There are also prequels set after the first novel. Lost Roses tells the tale of Eliza, Caroline’s mother, and Sunflower Sisters tells the readers about Caroline’s ancestors and is set in the time of the Civil War.

Lilac Girls is the first novel in the series by the same name authored by Martha Hall Kelly. This story was inspired by real events in life. It is also the story of secrets, love, redemption and more that had remained buried for years.

Caroline Ferriday is a socialite in New York that is busy working at the French Consulate. When she isn’t there, she’s caught up in the prospect of a new love. However, the last thing that she expects is for her world to be transformed forever as Hitler moves his army into Poland in that fateful September of 1939 and continues by looking to take France next.

Kasia Kuzmerick is a teen in Poland and living a world away from the socialite. She’s picking up on the fact that things are changing for her and they might not ever go back to the way that they were. Kasia is a courier for the movement, an active part of the underground resistance. The more she occupies the role, the more she feels the carefree nature of her youth slipping away. Her job is dangerous and she has to watch out for the neighbors and strangers and not slip up, as it could be disastrous.

Meanwhile, Herta Oberheuser is an ambitious German doctor and the young physician feels that there is a way out of her life when she sees an advertisement for a medical position with the government. She gets the job but once inside, she quickly finds that she’s in a man’s world where the Nazis rule and power and secrets are king.

Follow the stories of these three different women as they may come into contact with each other and their lives cross paths. When Kasia is sent to the Nazi women’s concentration camp, it could be the catalyst for their fates to align. From Poland to Germany to Paris to New York, follow the journeys of these women as they struggle to survive and make their way through history as it happens. Read this best selling book to experience all of this story for yourself!

Lost Roses is the second novel in the Lilac Girls series by Martha Hall Kelly. This sequel is actually a prequel that has been set one generation prior to Caroline Ferriday. Inspired by real events that happened, this story follows Eliza, Caroline’s mother, and three different women as World War I approaches.

The year is 1914. Tension is in the air, and the world’s been threatening going to war so often that people in New York have become tired of the subject and barely interested. Citizens have become desensitized to the very possibility of a war breaking out. Then there’s Eliza, who sees the world as an adventure and not the site of violent outbreaks. Eliza Ferriday is a young woman that is excited to be going to St. Petersburg. She’s taking the trip with a relative of the Romanovs, Sofya Streshnayva. They met in Paris during the summer years in the past and quickly became close friends.

Eliza is thrilled to be taking this incredible trip ad to see what Russia is like with Sofya. But everything changes when Austria announces war on Serbia and the dynasty maintained by Russia starts to show cracks. Eliza goes back to the states, and Sofya flees along with her family to their home in the country. They need help domestically, so they hire Varinka. The daughter of a fortune teller, they have no idea what they’re risking by doing so.

Eliza is on the other side of the world and attempting to help various Russian families to find a safe place to stay as they flee to get away from the revolution. She’s scared that the worst has happened, however, when the letters she has been receiving from Sofya stop arriving all together. These are dangerous times for her friend to be living in, and it is all too possible that she and her family could have run into some type of trouble that they could not get away from.

Eliza is being racked by worry about Sofya’s safety, all while knowing that she can do nothing to ensure her friend is protected. Will she be able to find out if her friend is safe? What will happen to these young women? Set in Russia, Europe, the States, and more, find out what happens to Sofya, Eliza and Varinka by reading this novel!

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