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Caroline Frost is a freelance journalist and Sunday Occasions great and promoting writer from the UK. She grew up in London and Staffordshire. She’s also a broadcaster; before then, she worked as the Leisure Editor of HuffPost UK.

She began her profession in 2002 as a BBC radio, TV, and producer. Caroline is the chair of the Broadcasting Press Guild company and Herald Solar In her 20-year profession.

She holds a master of professional Writing from the University of Southern California. Frost is also a licensed family and marriage therapist. Her debut novel is Shadows of Pecan Hollow. Mostly Caroline Frost focuses on tradition, media, leisure, and ethics.

Shadows of Pecan Hollow
The first part of the story happens in the 1970s as twelve-year-old Kit has been in and out of different foster homes for her entire life after her mother abandoned her at a tender age. She feels so hungry and attempts to steal some food while at a gas station.

As she walks out, she sees a Mustang parked with a fast food bag on the front seat. The aroma of the food tempts her into stealing it, but the owner of the car catches her in the act.

The owner is Manny Romero, a man in his late 20s who decides to take her with him, and later they end up living together. After having a tough childhood, all she’s doing is finding her own way of surviving.

Manny is a low-level criminal and is the most handsome man Kit Has ever seen. He’s kind and charming and asks her if she would love to go on different adventures with him instead of returning to a boring small town.

Wishing for a family and safety she never had, Kit allowed herself to be turned into Manny’s partner in crime. Before it was long, Manny and Kit became popular due to their series of robberies on gas stations in most of Texas, making the name The Texaco Twosome.

She gets used to sleeping with a knife and is sure that she can take care of herself. For the next six years, their relationship shifts from big brother to a more complicated one, from shoplifting to stealing in gas stations.

However, as Manny’s fatherly values change to something darker and violent, Kit has no option but to rethink their relationship and her safety. After a quick decision, she leaves Manny when things go wrong. In 1976, Kit is nineteen and escapes from the scene of the robbery, leaving her him behind. She saw this as an excellent opportunity to detach herself from the boring life.

Kit had spent her teenage years on the run until she parted ways with Manny. Manny’s behavior had changed into violence caused by drug addiction, which threatened Kit’s life and safety, so she left him on the crime scene to carry all the blame.

Now thirteen years after the escape, she has built a home for herself and her daughter in the middle of the creeks of Pecan Hollow town. She works at a veterinarian clinic to make a living and only interacts with townpeople on a transactional basis.

Kit is even aware of what people say about her, but she lives lonely and rough life. She doesn’t like her current life but has no way of changing it in any way and assumes it’s easier to let people think whatever they want about her. Manny has just been released from prison and is planning on finding Kit. One day Manny shows up at her doorstep looking new and fresh from prison, and Kit’s twisted attachment to him pushes her to allow him in.

Instantly, Kit’s world changes and her community gets sent into chaos.

Shadow of Pecan Hollow is unique with its rich landscape, use of evocative language, and unforgettable characters. It’s intimate and authentic, showing the strength and vulnerability of womanhood and the complexity of family and romantic love.

It describes the resilience and the bonds that define everyone. Shadows of Pecan Hollow is a heart-touching story about the struggles of a teen and what she has decided to do as an adult to ensure the trouble she had in the past doesn’t catch up with her present life.

The Writing is engaging and wonderful to read, thanks to the intriguing storyline and well-developed characters. The secretive atmosphere of the southern town, with conflicting residents and a woman trying to leave her past behind, was well done accomplishing what the story was meant to do.

Reading the novel will give you an insight into people living a different life than yours. It will make you more empathetic since, according to studies, people who read fiction are more compassionate than those who don’t.

Such novels give the reader a perspective into people’s lives or events that they may never find the chance to experience. It’s the kind of book that gives you an insight into a life you never lived and struggles you never experienced so that you can understand what some people faced and might be facing now.

Shadow of Pecan Hollow gives the reader tension keeping them engaged from the first page to the last. Fans of crime novels will enjoy the book’s aspect more, but that doesn’t mean anyone else can’t find it interesting.

Kindly be warned as the novel is sensitive and contains domestic violence and abuse scenes. However, this does not mean you should not shy away from it, as it is a common issue in most countries, and reading the novel might give you an idea of how to deal with the situation.

According to National Statistics Domestic Violence, nearly 20 people experience domestic violence in the USA. That means that in a single year, more than 10 million men and women are abused.

On a normal day, there are more than 20,000 calls on the domestic violence hotlines. Women ranging from 18-24 years are commonly abused by their partners.
The characters in the novel are well developed, and the world-building is off the charts. Frost allows you to see Manny’s manipulative behaviors and violence toward Kit even when she was pregnant.

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