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Publication Order of Chief Inspector Barnaby Books

The Killings at Badger's Drift (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death of a Hollow Man (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Disguise (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
Written in Blood (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faithful Unto Death (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Place of Safety (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Ghost in the Machine (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fire Dance (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Envy of the Stranger (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder at Madingley Grange (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon

You cannot go through the English Literature and fail to meet the name of Carolina Graham. She was born in Warwickshire, England and studied at Open University in Birmingham. The early professional life was spent as an actress, stage manager and later radio broadcaster. She then commits herself to writing great literature works and of late been writing for the soap opera Crossroads.

She is best known for her most popular writing-Chief Inspector Barnaby Series. This is a combination of seven books that are mystery fiction centered. They expose crimes that are committed by individuals under cover. They majorly are focused on murder. Detective Barnaby and his sergeant are involved in the investigations in this series reveal more about society and just wonderful to read on.

Barnaby is a man who is dedicated to his job and happily married to Joyce Barnaby. He is endowed with a great instinctive observational power that he uses in discovering what underlies many mysteries in the series. He is good in enlightened policing and loves his job.

In the Killings at the Badger’s drift, we see an old spinster Emily Simpson who dies and her body is discovered on one morning after someone knocks at her door. She earlier on is surprised by something that she witnesses and it worries her a lot. The worry however is unexplained until the near of the story end when Barnaby exposes it all.

After the discovery of her death, Barnaby and Troy come in to investigate. It is suspected that she has been murdered and they decide to trace her last movements and scrutinize the last few people she communicates with before she meets death. She is last known to have called the help line but what did she say? It is “Just like Anabella”.

Villagers are interviewed and among them, the less united Lessiters couple, their daughter Judy and Dennis Rainbird and his mother.Miss Bellringer comes out to insist that her friend Emily had not died of heart attack as the doctor in the setting claims. The autopsy also comes to the agreement that she was murdered. What is it? The evidence is that the mixture of hemlock and wine that is found in the system of the now dead Emily proves it all.

As fear and anguish strike the village, murder hits back again. This time it is the Rainbirds who die-Mrs. Rainbird and her son Dennis. Lightning is striking twice? The detectives work the thing out. It is discovered that the earlier murder is connected to the present one. The blackmail and spying character of the Rainbirds is finally brought to light by the books that are found by the detectives in their cottage.

Michael Lacey is arrested but in the cells, he claims he had been with Judy when the murder of the Rainbirds was taking place and is released. Another suspect, Phyllis Caddell commits suicide and this worries Barnaby. It takes much wisdom and expansive observation from Barnaby to discover what it meant by the “Just like Anabella” statement made by Emily.

Death of a hollow man isanother title that involves Barnaby the chief inspector. He attends an amateur production of Amadeus with his wife. With his meticulous eyes, he observes an actor substituting a real knife for the supposed fake knife to kill another on stage!

We are introduced to many actors like Essyln Carmichael, who is a conceited womanizer. Esslyn dies in the hands of Barnaby’s sergeant, Gavin Troy, at the back stage. We are exposed to the ongoing joke of Joyce Barnaby that she cannot cook but in due course, the surprise of all thing is even Barnaby’s friends can now kill!

The detective goes on to investigate why all this has happened. He gets a plausible explanation for the web murder that looks intriguing and confusing everyone in the village. Other crimes uncovered by Barnaby include, adultery, dramatic jealousy and ambition and treachery.

He investigates the matter with diligence only to unearth several dark passions and hidden crimes like the killing of Agnes Gray, a former linguist who is found drowned after a violent attack. Deidre Tibbs is another character who makes the people come up with a new meaning of “corpsing”. This happens after the murder of Winstanley. The story fades as the incredible detective presents solutions to all the left murder mysteries in the village

You cannot wait to read about passionate love scenes, showing of the ego and jealous that is exhibited artistically in the story. The scenes put together bring what could be seen as just drama acting by the Causton Amateur Dramatic society to be real and reasonable.

Ever watched the TV Series –Midsomer Murders? It is where you go through episodes of the series and you are into it. IT is such sensational you do not want to miss out on the program. It is one whole which is a sum of the parts of the Chief Inspector Barnaby Series books. The Killings at the Badger’s drift and death of a hollow man form part.In the TV series you can see the veteran DCI and his sergeant investigating murders around the regions of Midsomer County.

It is no wonder that The Killings at the Badger’s drift won the Anthony’s award in the year1989 and also made it to the top 100 Crime Novels of All time as named by the Crime Writers Association. Death of a hollow man that has made its mark in the ITV is a successful book in the series.

The other books authored by Caroline Graham include Written in blood, Death in Disguise and A Place of Safety. They can be good for lover and uninterested readers alike!

This series is nice to read, the main character ever there to provide solutions for the warm hearts of other characters. The way the episodes are woven is artistic. It is far much worth than the bank check that one will roll for the books. If you have not read about them you now know and can fetch copies for yourself and enlighten yourself in the literature world .

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7 Responses to “Caroline Graham”

  1. Dolly: 3 months ago

    Love Love Love the Midsomer Murders I watch everyday mever get tired of them. My husband said he was going to play the theme song at my funeral because it’s always on the tv. I want to buy all 7 Barnaby books by Caroline Graham very expensive buying one by one. I hope to find all seven in a package. I like hardback books.

  2. Lorraine P. Geist: 1 year ago

    I have watched every episode of Midsomer Murders, and I never tire of them. I have seen each episode at least twice, if not more. I absolutely love them. The entire cast is very professional and I love all the British mystery programs. I hope they continue for many more years.
    I learn something new every time I see an episode that I have watched.
    I am a huge fan.

  3. Elizabeth Ferraro: 2 years ago

    I have watched Midsomer Mureders over and over for years and never tire of the characters, the villages or the plots. It is the best program on television. The actors are excellent and highly skilled at their craft. I just saw the program that explains the series and the content alone with an interview of Caroline Graham. All the people involved are to be congratulated.

    • Peggy Jones: 2 years ago

      Totally agree.

  4. Sara: 2 years ago

    I LOVE Midsomer Murders and finding out there are seven mysteries to read too, I am over the moon!

  5. Louis Waseleski: 3 years ago

    I am currently watching season 22 of Mid-sommer murders, and believe it is the best series I have ever watched. Amazing stories, well written and acted, by a wonderful group of players. I will read the books by Caroline Graham and enjoy them, even more, I am sure. Thanks to Mrs. Graham and British television, for a wonderful experience.

  6. Clareene Forbes: 3 years ago

    I have been watching Midsomer Murders for years and was so happy to fine out it is based on this series of books. Midsomer is starting series 22! Can’t wait to read all of Caroline’s books…


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