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Caroline Kepnes is an American author.

Hailing from Cape Cod in the state of Massachusetts, Caroline officially became an author with the release of her fictional first book You. The novel was a major success and did so well that it was translated into over a dozen languages. You made a short list for the New Blood Award, given out by the C.W.A. and in 2014 was named one of the best books of the year by Suspense Magazine.

She says that obviously You had dark tones to it. The book deconstructs some romantic and comedy tropes that have been featured in different series or movies by making the main male lead a stalker with violent tendencies. She explains that the book was composed during one of the darker times of her life. The author had not only lost her father but had gone through other personal challenges at that point in her life.

She went to Barnstable High School. Once she graduated, she attended Brown University. She later would get her undergraduate degree in the field of American civilization. On top of being an author, she has even worked for Entertainment Weekly as their entertainment reporter.

Kepnes currently resides in Los Angeles and divides her time between California and her original home, Cape Cod.

Caroline Kepnes is the creator and the author of the fictional You series. This series first became available to readers in 2014, which is when the debut novel was released. The second novel in this series would be published two years later in 2016 and is titled Hidden Bodies. The third novel to come out is titled Providence and was released in 2018. Check this series out for yourself if you are looking for something interesting to enjoy!

You has done well and in February of 2015 there was an announcement that a television series would be developed by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti based on the book. It was two years down the line that it was also announced that this series had been purchased by the network Lifetime. It had put placed onto a fast track for development as well. You came out for the first time and premiered on television in 2018 on September 9.

Before the official series premiere, Lifetime also announced that You had been given the green light and would be going on to make a second season. They announced the renewal on July 26, 2018. Then the news apparently changed and they announced months later on December 3 that Lifetime had actually passed up on the second season.

However, it was not all bad news because Netflix announced that they were picking up where Lifetime had left off. They picked up You and gave the series a new home, a huge relief to fans of the show! Penn Badgley stars as title character Joe.

You is the debut fictional novel in the series by the same name. Check out the book that even horror writer Stephen King is calling scary and see what this terrifying story has in store!

In the age of social media, this story is equal parts brilliant and equal parts terrifying. Readers meet Joe Goldberg for the first time. He works in a book store located in where else but the East Village. One day a customer comes in that is beautiful. She’s an aspiring author, and comes into shop for some books.

Joe is very interested and he decides that even though it’s a breach in good customer service policy, he notes the name written on the credit card she hands over and promptly Googles it. He finds instantly that her name is Guinevere Beck. The search tells him that she’s the only woman by that name in the city.

New York is a big place, but the Internet is not. She has a Facebook account that is set to public. She has an account on Twitter and uses that account quite a bit to Tweet. The information that she is putting out there is easily accessible to the public and to Joe.

It tells him everything that he would ever need or want to know about her. Her friends call her Beck. She attended Brown University. He knows where she lives (Bank Street) and he even knows that tonight she plans on going to a bar in Brooklyn. It’s the perfect scenario for him to run into her accidentally and meet her once more.

Joe continues to grow even more obsessed with this woman. He starts to invisibly work behind the scenes, controlling her life. Then he plans a series of successive events designed to make sure that Beck ends up in his arms. He moves from being a stalker to eventually being a boyfriend, doing everything to transform himself so that he becomes what he thinks is Beck’s idea of the perfect man.

He is also doing whatever it takes to silently remove obstacles in his way. He’ll do anything– even commit murder– to keep this going. In the digital age, will this stalker succeed at fooling the girl of his dreams into wanting him too? Read this novel to find out!

Hidden Bodies is the sequel to the first book in the You series, You. Readers return once more to main character Joe Goldberg, who may have some mental problems that are showing no signs of improving.

Joe has hid bodies. In the decade that has passed, he has hidden four. He’s only somewhere into his thirties. The victims were all collateral damage– the price that he had to pay to obtain love. Now his plan is to go out west and move to the city of angels and see if she has a second chance in store for someone like him.

He wants to leave the past behind and decides to go to Hollywood. there are plenty of other young men in their twenties and thirties there. He blends in easily. He gets a job at the book store, eats chips and guacamole, flirts with his neighbor (who is a journalist).

Everyone’s obsessed with the image in the mirror here. But for Joe, he can’t turn off his paranoia. He’s worried that the bodies won’t stay hidden. Can his secrets rise up and destroy his chance at true love? Pick up this book by Caroline Kepnes to find out!

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