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Publication Order of Brandon Fisher FBI Books

Silent Graves (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Defenseless (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blue Baby (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Eleven (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Violated (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Remnants (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
On the Count of Three (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Past Deeds (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
One More Kill (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Chronological Order of Brandon Fisher FBI Books

Eleven(2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Silent Graves(2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Defenseless(2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Blue Baby(2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Violated(2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Remnants(2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
On the Count of Three(2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Past Deeds(2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
One More Kill(2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Detective Amanda Steele Books

The Little Grave (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Stolen Daughters (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Silent Witness (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Black Orchid Girls (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Frozen Cry (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Last Seen Alive (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Final Breath (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Taken Girls (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Last Words (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Madison Knight Books

Ties That Bind (2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Justified (2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sacrifice (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Life Sentence (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Found Innocent (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Just Cause (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deadly Impulse (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
In the Line of Duty (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Power Struggle (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Shades of Justice (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
What We Bury (2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Girl on the Run (2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Dark Grave (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Murder at the Lake (2024)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Chronological Order of Madison Knight Books

Life Sentence(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Ties That Bind(2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Justified(2011)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Sacrifice(2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Found Innocent(2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Just Cause(2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deadly Impulse(2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
In the Line of Duty(2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Power Struggle(2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Shades of Justice(2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
What We Bury(2020)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Girl on the Run(2022)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Dark Grave(2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Murder at the Lake(2024)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of McKinley Mysteries Books

The Day Job is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Vacation is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Money Is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Politics is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Family is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Shopping is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Christmas is Murder (2014)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Valentine's Day is Murder (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Coffee is Murder (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Skiing is Murder (2016)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Halloween is Murder (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Exercise is Murder (2019)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Matthew Connor Adventure Books

City of Gold (2015)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Secret of the Lost Pharaoh (2018)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Sara and Sean Cozy Mystery Books

Bowled Over Americano (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Wedding Bells Brew Murder (2023)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Assassination of a Dignitary (2013)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Midlife Psychic (2021)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Hart's Choice (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Rings of a Tree (2012)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Pearls of Deception (2017)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

A Canadian author of fun and imaginative bestselling mystery novels, the writer Carolyn Arnold has a unique and witty take on the genre. Keeping her readers constantly guessing throughout, she is able to conjure up a creative and inventive story with rich and colorful characters. This goes some way towards explaining why she is one of the foremost writers currently working within her field to date.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Canada, the author to be Carolyn Arnold grew up in a small town, she would come to harbor a great love of storytelling. Largely due to her vibrant and fun filled imagination, she would work at enthralling the audience, capturing their attention in the process. This would come to be what fueled her in the following years to come, as her ideas and experience would inform her and her work.

Known for being diverse with her genres, she has had a wealth of experience with which to draw from over the years. Throughout her education she would manage to focus herself on her writing and her love of literature, ensuring her voice would become more pronounced. This then also allowed her to build upon her style and her tone too, creating a far more structured sense of narrative in the process.

Working not only as a writer, but as a mentor too, she has never been above passing on her knowledge to others. This has meant building upon her style and voice over the years, giving her a far more distinctive style of writing. With a strong desire to tell stories and pass on her love of literature, she has been able to effectively convey her love of the art-form in both a positive and passionate manner.

Now currently living in Toronto, she lives with her husband as she currently writes to this very day, providing new work on a regular and consistent basis. Maintaining a strong presence within the literature community, she has come to be regarded as one of the foremost figures within her field. With a lot more to come yet, she will continue to produce work, with a lot more set to come on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2011, she would make her debut with the mystery novel ‘Ties That Bind’, which was also the first in her ‘Madison Knight’ series of novels. Combining both warmth and wit, it would see her make a name for herself, as well as establishing a new franchise as well. Over time other series would arrive as well, but it is perhaps her ‘Madison Knight’ novels which she is best known for.

Whilst she is mainly known for her ‘Madison Knight’ collection of novels, she is also known for many other series too. These include ‘Brandon Fisher FBI’, ‘McKinley Mysteries’ and a ‘Matthew Connor Adventure’, all of which she’s also become well known for. Largely focusing on thriller and mystery novels, she has a set style almost, as she poses mysteries to the reader leaving them to find out as the novel moves on.

Creating a large number of police procedurals, it has become clear that she has done extensive research, especially since her books are well respected by the forces themselves. Along with this she has also received numerous awards too, along with becoming a bestselling author nationally and internationally. Garnering acclaim from both the critics and the general public alike, she has found acceptance for her work all across the world.

Always willing to pass her knowledge and writing know-how on, she also maintains an active role in the literary community herself. A member of the Crime Writers of Canada, she aims to push the genre forwards any way she can, keeping it strong and consistent. This has also allowed her to further develop her own brand in the process too, as she is always taking feedback as well.

Maintaining a key presence both online and off, the writer Carolyn Arnold remains a major figure within the industry to this day. Always looking to shift the genre and keep it moving forwards, she will continue to be highly regarded for her contributions to the field. This will continue for many years to follow, as her writing career carries on growing from strength-to-strength..


Marking the third title in the much acclaimed ‘Madison Knight’ series of novels, this was originally brought out through the ‘Hibbert and Stiles Publishing Inc.’ publishing house. Following on directly from the last with the premise and the character having already been firmly established, this allows the story to be further established. It also manages to bring in some major surprises with its many developments, as it further progresses the world as a whole.

Following the emergence of a body being washed up upon the shores Bradshaw River, one Detective Madison Knight and her partner are called into investigate the murder of this young man. After the body is revealed to be the son of none other than Marcus Randall, the local business tycoon, things start to get a little difficult. With a number of connections within the police department and various heads of authority, it seems that Knight has her work cut-out for her. How much does Randall really know? Will there be another murder? Who was behind the sacrifice?

Blue Baby

The fourth title in the long-running ‘Brandon Fisher FBI’ series of novels, this would also come to be brought out through the ‘Hibbert and Stiles Publishing Inc.’ label. Continuing on from where the last left off, it was originally released on the 25th of September in 2015 to much acclaim. With a lot of the same elements as before, including the same characters, it also manages to develop the overall story and narrative as a whole.

Cheryl Bradley was found dead in her bathtub dressed in her wedding dress and her ring finger severed then, one year later, another victim was found in exactly the same fashion. Stepping onto the scene is one Brandon Fisher, an FBI agent looking to ensure the killer is found before they attempt to strike again. That’s when the killer appears to be losing control, something which ensures that their trail is made all the more difficult by those looking to catch them. Will they find the killer? Can they stop them from striking again? Who is blue baby?

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