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Publication Order of Carrera Cartel Books

By: Cora Kenborn, Mitzi Carroll
Blurred Red Lines (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faded Gray Lines (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drawn Blue Lines (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkest Deeds (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cora Kenborn is an American published author of fiction. She is a best selling author who has made it to the top of lists of publications such as USA Today. She writes in a variety of different genres like romantic suspense and comedy.

As a writer, Kenborn is recognized for writing fun and sharp banter, bad bays that have a bit of damage, blindsides, and female leads that are feisty. She wants to take readers on a ride of different emotions and out of the comfort zone before putting them back where they were. Even though there may be plenty of plot twists, the author tries her best to give her stories a ‘happily-ever-after’ ending. She loves writing women that can keep strong men on their toes and is partially inspired by the sassy women in the country that helped raise her.

She can be found eating gummy bears at her desk sometimes and admits that her food habits may not be the most sophisticated in the world. She may also have a cup of coffee in her hands just to keep things going. She’s from a family of Southern belles but did not magically inherit domestic skills as a result. Cora tries to heat up Hot Pockets and convince her family that it’s the same as making dinner. She is the author of the Carrera Cartel series as well as the Lords of Lyre series, the Swamp Bottom series, the Corrupt Gods Duet (along with Catherine Wiltcher), and several stand-alone novels.

Mitzi Carroll is an editor and a proofreader. She is the editor for the Carrera Cartel series by Cora Kenborn. She is also very much into reading. For most of her life, she’s been what you could call an ‘avid reader’. Mitzi channeled her passion for reading into an ideal career working in the position of a freelance copy editor. Before going into editing for her career on a greater basis, Mitzi started working as a beta reader for different authors. She is married and has a daughter with her husband.

Before that, the editor worked in the legal field. She also has held positions as an administrative assistant and secretary. She has also been a student, taking courses in English. She is often editing but when she is not busy doing that she has a number of other activities to occupy her time. These include watching a movie, taking in a musical, listening to music, coloring, or going online to look at cover models. She also was busy homeschooling her daughter from first grade to twelfth. She loves being married to her husband and says that things continue to get better.

The Carrera Cartel series is a series of novels created and written by Cora Kenborn and edited by Mitzi Carroll. The series first began with the release of the debut novel, Blurred Red Lines. It was followed by the sequel, Faded Gray Lines. The third novel in the series is Drawn Blue Lines. If you’re looking for a new series to read from a best selling author, be sure to check this series out!

Blurred Red Lines is the first novel in the fictional Carrera Cartel series by Cora Kenborn and Mitzi Carroll. This is the romantic story of captivity transitioning to lovers with tons of rivalry, twists, and action along the way.

The main characters in this story are Valentin and Eden. Sometimes when it comes to vices, obsession can be among the most deadly. Val runs the cartel and is a prince to all of the riches that promise to come with it as he stays in the life. He’s used to taking what he wants and without asking for permission or giving promises.

Valentin Carerra begins to take Eden deeper into his world, one where corruption is commonplace. But as much as she wants to hate him, she is finding it difficult to resist the cartel prince. Even if she was abducted for seeing something that she was never supposed to and involved in a conflict she doesn’t know anything about. However, it’s not an accident that she was taken and the person holding her is not a stranger to her.

Eden thinks that he doesn’t just want her freedom, he wants her soul too. She can’t do anything about the situation and is totally at his mercy. A man that has known violence before. Does Eden stand a chance of getting out of there? Will she fall for Val in the process of planning her escape? Read this novel to find out!

Faded Gray Lines is the second novel in the Carrera Cartel series by Cora Kenborn and Mitzi Carroll. If you liked the first book in this series, continue on to this exciting sequel and another engaging mafia romance story!

The main characters in this story are Mateo, Val’s man from the first book, and the sweet Leighton. She had what people would see as the ideal life but then she started falling hard for Matty. Her mother tried to warn her, and Leighton knew he was a criminal. The world saw him as a cartel killer, Mateo Cortes. She saw him as Matty.

Together they were like fire and ice. She was the debutante and he was the devil, the villain while she was the virgin. He thinks that they’ll never go anywhere together. She thinks that they’ll be able to last thanks to love, but finds out that she was wrong. Now Leighton’s got to figure out what to do. She ran but is faced with the choice of informing or doing time. The DEA wants to infiltrate the Carreras and bring them down that way.

They want to use Leighton as their tool to take Mateo down. Will the cartel be toppled and Leighton’s love along with it? Or can she figure out a way to protect herself and protect Mateo at the same time too without turning? Full of suspense and a true love story, read this book to find out what happens!

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