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Carrie Fountain is an American author of fiction. She born in Mesilla in the state of New Mexico, where she grew up. She first came on to the writing scene as a poet. Her collection of poems debuted for the first time in 2010. it is titled burn Lake. The book was published by Penguin and ended up being a National Poetry Series winner.

Carrie Fountain also came out with a second collection of poems in 2014. The collection is called Instant Winner. The poems that she has written have appeared in multiple publications as well– not just collections! Fountain’s writing has been published by Poetry, Tin House, and The New Yorker, as well as a few others.

She used to be a fellow as part of the James A. Michener Center for Writers, held at the University of Texas. Now she is a prestigious writer in residence in Austin as part of the St. Edward’s University writing program. She lives in Austin as well along with her darling husband, Kirk Lynn. Kirk is also a novelist and a playwright as well. They reside in Austin together along with their two children.

Carrie Fountain is the author of I’m Not Missing. The novel is her debut full length novel of fiction. It came out for readers in 2018. The book is being published by Flatiron Books.

I’m Not Missing features the main character of Miranda Black. Miranda is now older than she was when she was young and first experienced heart ache of the deepest kind. When she was young, Miranda’s mother made the choice to abandon her. Once her mother left, she seemed to take everything in their life that they shared together with her.

For a child, the mother is the most important parent and if they leave or are neglectful, it can end up having a huge impact on an individual’s life and sense of themselves. Miranda’s mom basically left with the whole world in her pocket, and Miranda has no idea what to do as a result.

Miranda no longer has anyone in her world to guide her and she has lost the one person that was supposed to look out for her and have her back no matter what. That person is now gone and has chosen to leave her child behind for whatever reason. Miranda has no choice to toughen up and respond to the new circumstances that she has happened to find herself in.

Miranda finds a new friend in fellow child Syd. Syd is a young girl too and she has been abandoned by her mother as well. Far from being traumatized from it– at least on the outside– Syd is proud of not having a parent to look after her. She finds the fact that she is without a mother something that defines her and the two of them bond quickly.

Syd seems to be proud of the fact that she is going to survive despite the fact that her mother abandoned her. Miranda and Syd agree that they are going to work together and they are not going to be ruined by the departure of their mothers. They’re not going to go around and beg for scraps; they’re going to do what they can in order to survive.

But everything changes one day out of nowhere for Miranda. Syd is her best friend, and they’re both entering into high school. It’s their senior year, and it’s really their chance to take on the world together. But it seems that history is about to have a way of repeating itself. Miranda has come to rely on her friend Syd just as she would a mother.

But is Syd really going to be able to fill in for her mother, or will she abandon Miranda just the same? It seems that Miranda may have cause to worry that her other rock will pick up and leave in the middle of the night. It seems that she has reason to have concern as Syd rocks the boat by leaving her and going to who knows where right in the dead middle of their last year of high school.

As a result, Miranda is left on her own. Now she’s a teenager, so it’s a little different from the first time, but still. Syd and Miranda were always going to be the team that took on the world. Now Miranda is the only one left and she is entirely on her own. She has no friend any more and no mother either. This is the last thing that she ever wanted to happen, and now the nightmare is coming true and it really is happening. She is left all alone.

Miranda doesn’t just accept that her best friend in life has gone; she is determined to look for answers as to why. When Syd left, she was also left with quite a few questions. She doesn’t know where Syd went, or even why she left. Miranda Black is also not certain as to the matter of whether Syd really is even worth investigating or a friend that is worth holding onto in life.

When Miranda decides to finally take on the mystery of why her friend took off, she’s got to go with the only clue that she has. That would be the cell phone with the pink leopard print that Syd loved so much and a text message that may just hold the key to what is going on with all of this.

Miranda is doing the best that she can to find out more about the person that she thought she knew. Was Syd leading a double life all this time? Or was the reason for her sudden departure something that developed suddenly– and maybe even has to do with a romantic interest coming onto the scene?

Miranda is forced for the first time in a long while to become her own person and not depend on Syd to define her anymore. What will she do when she finds Syd? Or will she never end up finding out what happened to her friend after all this time? Read the dynamic novel by Carrie Fountain to find out what happens with Miranda in the end!

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