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The Places We Hide (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The People Who Kill (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Things We Seek (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Greed That Kills (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fear That Returns (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Tips on Having a Gay (Ex) Boyfriend (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Those Who Survived (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inch Worms (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The People Who Leave (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Time Stoppers (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Quest for the Golden Arrow (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape from the Badlands (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Girl, Hero (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
After Obsession (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spy Who Played Baseball (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Woods (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saint (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
When You Bring Them Back (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Carrie Jones is an American author best known for the writing of young adult fantasy and paranormal fiction. Her most popular work “Need” is among several of her works that have appeared in the New York Times bestseller lists and won multiple awards. She was born and raised in Bedford, New Hampshire, before moving to Maine, where she went to Bates College. She at first had an interest in a legal career before deciding to take up journalism. It was as a journalist that she became an award-winning reporter and editor, who won many press awards including the Maine Literary Award for children’s writing and another for nonfiction. She graduated from the MFA writing program at Vermont College in 2007, and asserts that the first draft of her debut novel was written during this time. She lives in Bar Harbor, Maine with her fat cat and three cute dogs that all like fudgicles. Even as she has asserted that she hate the bleak and cold Maine winters, she would never exchange it for any other place in the world, given its beautiful and warm summers. In the course of her long career, she has won many awards such as the IPPY, been awarded the Martin Dibner Fellowship, and been an editor of poetry journals and several magazines and newspapers.

Carrie Jones’s debut novel “Tips on Having a Gay Boyfriend” was a critically acclaimed novel that was a story about understanding the different kinds of love, and a journey of self-discovery for the author. The novel was for the most part a reliving of Jones experiences of an ended relationship with her boyfriend in high school. Bay Windows’s Dana Rudolph described the novel as a story of personal discovery for the lead characters. The novels are also an exploration of the consequences of closetedness and homophobia that does not resort to the usual stereotypes. According to publishers weekly, the novel is a funny and insightful read on first heartbreak and first love, with the author excellently capturing the emotional upheavals of its heroine. She followed the novel with “Love (and Other Uses for Duct Tape)”, that was just as relatable even as it was thought-provoking and challenging. She followed her first two novels with other works such as the 2008 release of “Jones Girl Hero.” The novel was about a student actress trying to cope with troubles at home by connecting with John Wayne, a long dead actor. The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents praised the novel for its empowering message and its real and raw but compelling narrative. She would later collaborate with Steven E. Wedel to write a fantasy novel in 2011 that was just as successful as her previous titles.

Carrie Jones’s Need series of novels is one of her best-known works. She wrote the first novel in the series “Need’ in 2008 to much critical acclaim and popularity. The novels are a combination of evading death, solving mystery, finding love and finding oneself. The novels are about a girl named Sarah, who finds herself in a vicious struggle with a band of malicious pixies. Over the course of the series, Zara acquires new allies and friends who serve to move the story forward. Through the adventures of the lead character, Jones explores the themes of personal phobias, and integrity, while examining Norse mythology and strong willed heroines. The novels have received much critical acclaim with Bangor News Dale McGarrigle asserting that given that it is one of the best books in the genre, both young adult and adult audiences can read the novels. Jones’s characters frequently get involved with Amnesty International, which is probably a throwback to the authors experience working with the organization. In fact, Carrie Jones once asserted that the inclusion of non-governmental organizational such as Amnesty is intended to flesh out her heroines. Drawing inspiration from Ellsworth her hometown, she sets the novels in small close-knit communities. Some of her characters such as Liliana and Belle have an interest in music and the random appearance of musicians is quite common in the series. Carrie herself has much interest in music, and asserts that she participated in song and dance alongside Sarah Silverman while in high school.

“Need”, the first novel in the Need series of novels by Carrie Jones opens to Zara White the lead in a panic, as she fears that she is being stalked by some freaky guy. Zara has never been her normal self ever since she lost her stepfather, and is now living a life of obsession with phobias. Her mother exiles her to cold and wintry Maine to live with her grandmother, to help get her head in the right place. However, Zara does believe that her mother is afraid of dealing with her in her current state, hence the extreme measure of sending her away. But even as her imagination has been playing tricks on her, this time she could not be more wrong, as the semi stalker turns out to be very real. In fact, even as she has retreated to rural Maine the stalker is on her trail, leaving behind a paranormal trail of gold dust. The compelling and creepy novel packs suspense and romance that would make for a hair-raising read for any thriller reader.

“Captivate”, the second novel in the Need series is just as captivating as the title sounds. For Zara and her friends the pixie problem is solved after they lock up the pixies in the woods. But the king is steadily losing his control over his subjects, now that he is in captivity while his needs grow ever stronger. It is not long before a new pixie claiming to be a different type strides into town, claiming that pixies can live with humans without the nastiness and violence typical of their type. Zara is tempted to believe the man until he makes the assertion that fate has decreed that she is to be his queen. Zara knows that she would never become a pixie and to add to her determination is an assortment of loyal friends to back her up should it come to that. Besides, she is so much in love with Nick and he with her, that they are for all intents and purposes inseparable. But when hat Zara holds most precious is under threat, Zara knows that she may have to make difficult choices.

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