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Publication Order of Millerfield Village Cozy Murder Mysteries Books

Dining with the Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cooking with the Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Paying Back The Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Among Us (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Morhollow Sweet Tooth Murder Mysteries Books

The Deadly Jellybean Affair (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Sleepless Detective Murder Mystery Books

The Case of The Hated Body (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Stowe Village Cozy Mystery Books

Murder Of Convenience (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Carrie Marsh is an American author of novels in the mystery and suspense genre. She also likes to write a blog post for her website every so often. She likes writing to entertain and even amuse the people that read her books. Carrie Marsh likes to use her writing skills to bring exciting story ideas with suspenseful plots for a suspenseful and thrilling mystery book that you can’t put down.

Carrie Marsh currently lives in Florida in the United States. She enjoys taking long walks with her dog as her companion and taking in the world around her. Florida is quite temperate so she gets to take these long walks often! She often thinks up things and gets ideas for her stories and other inspiration while on these walks and writes them into her books.

She is the author of the Sleepless Detective series with her first novel in the series published in 2017. She is also the author of several murder mystery series, including the Millerfield Village novels. This series focuses on animal psychic Laura Howcroft and is set in the small town of Millerfield Village. She has also penned novels in other series with more likely to come.

The main character in the first book of the Millerfield Village mystery series is Laura Howcroft. In the first book of this series, Laura is trying hard to make a new start after she leaves a bad relationship behind her in the rearview mirror. She’s made quite a few changes in the past few months, including changing up her routine and her location.

She has come to Millerfield Village and is enjoying a new job as a receptionist for The Woodend Cottage Hotel. All in all, it’s a nice change of pace for Laura, and this quiet new life in this new town seems like just what the doctor ordered. She needs something different than she has experienced in the past– a new life and a fresh start in somewhere that is totally different from where she’s been.

Then again, Laura did not think that she would be accused of murder when she moved! Not only that, but this is a small town. Laura definitely notices the glances that are thrown her way and the suspicious looks she gets from the local. The people who live in this village aren’t that trusting of outsiders, and Laura is a bit more unusual than the other random strangers that might have moved to Millerfield Village.

The truth is that Laura has a gift that many people don’t. She’s able to actually speak to animals and have them talk back. This includes all animals, especially her pet cat named Monty. So Laura is really happy to just take note of the weird looks and just mind her own business and get along in this quiet place. She’s had a rough break up and she just wants to get on with her life and not deal with a witch hunt from a bunch of distrusting locals.

This all works well until a businessman comes to the hotel from London. He’s on a short visit, but his stay turns out to extend much longer than he originally anticipated when he is found dead. It’s then that Laura finds out just how seriously the villagers take their little town and how little they take to outsiders. It doesn’t take long before Laura has to deal with the finger of blame pointed in her direction.

Now Laura must find allies in her cat Monty and the Doctor, Howard Lewis. With ghostly apparitions and threats around every corner, Laura must work to clear her name of a dark accusation in this quiet town. Can she convince everyone that she didn’t do it? Or will she have to find the killer in order to finally prove she had nothing to do with the murder? Pick it up and read the whole tale to find out!

When it comes to the second novel of the mystery series set in Millerfield Village, Dining with the Dead, Laura Howcroft is back. This thrilling book has all of the trouble and the murder mystery intrigue that the first novel brought to the table, with lots of fun characters included too. When there’s nothing but trouble brewing in the kitchen, Laura is not sure that the peace of her new home is going to last. Which is a shame, because she just wrapped up being accused of murder.

Laura is just happy to have a new place to live and a new routine that she enjoys. In the wake of some major suspicion, Laura is thrilled that the small village of Millerfield is finally beginning to accept her into the mix. She even has a few new friends, so overall, Laura is finding her stride and her place in town. She even has the beginning stages of a new relationship with her friend Dr. Lucas, which makes her want to settle down instead of picking up to leave for somewhere new and have to start all over again.

So when Laura makes the decision to employ a pastry chef under contract to work in the hotel’s kitchens, she never would have thought that he would turn up dead. The chef is found murdered and the tool used to do the deed is his very own pastry cloth. Laura feels horrible, but how could she know that the chef would wind up dead?

The police think that the death is caused by someone who has reason to be jealous or angry as a result of him accepting the new position. When she is so closely linked to the reason why he died, Laura feels a duty to investigate the murder and find out who it was that killed her new hire.

Laura quickly finds herself with Howard and Monty investigating the killer, but when there is so much on the line, perhaps they are putting themselves in more danger than they realize. Can Laura and the crew solve the mystery, or will the pastry chef be just the first of many murders to disrupt the village? You’ll have to read it to find out.

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