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Carrier book series is a series of action-adventure novels authored by renowned writer, Keith Douglass, a pseudonym that William H. Keith and his brother J. Andrew Keith love to use. The Carrier book series follows the United States Navy Aeronauts aboard the CVN-74, also known as The Thomas Jefferson Carrier. In this book series, the team travels from one corner of the world to the other. Some of the countries that the Carrier visits include North Korea, India, Thailand and many others. The author, Keith Douglas began working on the Carrier Series in the year 1991, where he released the first novel of the series Carrier. William H. Keith penned the first seven novels in the series, ending with the novel After Burn. William H. Keith collaborated the first few novels with his brother, J Andrew Keith, also a well-established author. After Keith Douglas had completed the first seven novels, the publication company commissioned other authors to work on the remaining book of the series. The series ended in the year 2005 with the last novel in the series being the Last Stand.

Carrier Book Series

Carrier is one of the best books in the Carrier Book Series. It is the first installment and a rather promising start to the saga of Carrier Group 14 and naval air power. Carrier is full of compelling characters, who definitely ensure that the story flows appropriately and the intrigue and tension are high as ever. The hallmark of the story is the adrenaline pumping action scenes. In this installment, Carrier Group 14 is heading to North Korean coast after the locals had decided to take an American Intelligence Ship captive in international waters. It does not take long before Air combat ensues between the F-14s and the Migs piloted by Batman Wayne, Tombstone Magruder, and many others. The situation eventually escalates until the Marines, and the Seals are put ashore to rescue the entire ship and its crew.

With that said, this is a good story that will definitely hold your interest. Just as it is the case with any thriller, you are going to find yourself rooting for the good people. If you are a reader who loves reading the fast top type gun action, then you are going to fall in love with the Carrier. Viper Strike is the second book in the Carrier book series. Just like the first book in the series, Viper Strike is about Naval Air Power. A 1991 entry, Viper Strike takes place a time when the book series was not only well written but also coherent as well. In this installment, the Carrier 14 is now deep in the Arabian Sea, just off the Indian coast. India has constantly been mobilizing an attack against Pakistan. The Russian-Indian Ocean Regiment together with the Americans joins forces to try and compel the Indians to stand back. Instead of attacking Pakistan, the Indians decide to attack the Russian-American fleet.

Air Combat ensues with the F-14s being piloted by Batman Wayne and Tombstone Magruder. In retaliation, the Pakistanis threaten to launch a nuclear attack on the Indians. Amargedon Mode is another highly entertaining installment in the Carrier book series. It is the third book in the series and this installment, the Carrier Group 14 is sent to Bangkok. The main purpose of the Carrier 14 Group is to show support to the Thai government as the government is struggling against a minor uprising in the country. As the Carrier 14 group is struggling with the uprising, a freelancing Chinese agent with the assistance of a rebel Burmese general and also a Thai colonel bring the Chinese MiGs towards the Burmese border so that they can plan an attack against the Thai forces. Flame Out is the fourth book in the Carrier book series. Flame Out begins just as the Cold War has just ended. However, it does not take long as the unthinkable happens. The Soviet Union is brought once more to life by military hardliners. Furthermore, a new red machine strikes without any warning. The Red Machine is used to gobble up Finland and strike Norway as well. In his hour of need, the United States president knows who he can always turn up to. The president orders the Carrier 14 to take out the Soviet amphibious forces at all costs. Will Lieutenant Tombstone Magruder and his entire crew be able to annihilate the military hardliners? As the book progresses, Russia declares that there is an exclusion zone, something that the United States president refuses to accept. It does not take long before Russia launches an attack on Iceland, which in turn makes the conflict exceedingly serious.

Maelstrom is another excellent read and the fifth book in the Carrier book series. Maelstrom continues from where the fourth installment, Flame Out had left of. In this book, a Soviet invasion force operates an attack through Finland, threatens Sweden and occupies Norway. The European landmass is exceedingly vulnerable, and the president of the United States initiates DEFCON 2. While the war begins, Carrier 14 becomes outnumbered, thereby it struggles to keep up in the conventional weapons combat. At this point, it is up to the captain, one McGruder to ensure that Carrier 14 keeps up with the pace. The countdown is the sixth installment in the Carrier book series. Just like all the other books, Countdown is about the Carrier 14. The central character in Countdown is Stony Magruder and this time around Magruder has been promoted to the rank of Commander Air Wing.

The book begins as the Soviet Union is splitting up into factions; the Soviet Hardliners resolve to launch missiles against the cities, which are being held by the democracy forces. The Carrier Group 14 is tasked with the mandate of guaranteeing that the Soviet radicals are unable to launch. Apart from the Soviet bombers, Magruder also has to face several other challenges including homosexuality in the force and also the women in combat. With that being said, the Carrier book series is a highly entertaining series that is full of intrigue and drama as well. It is clear to see that the author, Keith Douglas careful research did make the initial books in the series much more realistic. However, ever since William H. Keith and his brother dropped from the Carrier book series, fans of the series have brought up several issues including the fact that the new stories are not as realistic as the original stories.

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