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Publication Order of Carson Ryder Books

The Hundredth Man (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Collectors (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Garden Of Vipers / The Broken Souls (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Brother (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
In The Blood (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Girls Lost (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried Alive (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Last Scream (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Game (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Box (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Memory Killer (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Apostle (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death File (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Kerley resides in New Port, Kentucky with his wife. His critically acclaimed series Carson Ryder books have sold millions of copies all over the world. The book series storyline has an Alabama-set plot that takes readers through the chronicles of detective Carson Ryder.

In this review, we shall talk about some of the best stories depicted in the series as highlighted by most of Kerley’s fans.

Detective Carson Ryder #1-3 Thriller Books Series

Detective Ryder and his crew find a body in the sweltering heat on an Alabama summer night. The bizarre body has words inscribed on the skin and is headless. Ryder is excellent at this kind of crimes – crazies and maniacs. In his view, they’re typically starring at the expert job of a serial killer – before they can begin uncovering the arduous murder, another mutilated body turns up, confirming his suspicions. Ryder has vast experience catching psychotic murderers. But he never did that case it alone, had help – from the past, that he was desperately trying to forget. He could use it once more. When the truth finally begins to unravel, it manifests on a twisted evil that’s too dangerous that it could devastate everything that Carson cherishes.

The Death Collectors

Thirty years after the death of Marsden Hexcamp, the ‘Art of the Final Moment’ becomes a most sought after art collection. This is an exceptional collection. Nearly all the victims in those captivating paintings received a slow agonized experience leading to their untimely death. The disturbing artwork reveals the unfortunate victims last torturous moments so that their extreme anguish could be distilled into art. When small oddments of Hexcamp’s ‘art’ begin to show at various murder scenes beside horribly displayed corpses, Detective Ryder and Harry Nautilus, his crime scene investigating partner must look back thirty years ago in search of answers.

The Broken Souls

This time around, Detective Carson Ryder receives yet another alarming gore-sodden horror on a late-night call. It makes him so livid that he wants to give up on his sleuthing career. Together with his partner Harry, the two cops find themselves up to their necks in a Southern slough of the weird and disconcerting murder scene. This time they’re lead into the inner city where a wealthy family gets engrossed in crime. The investigation turns out to be one twisted series of strange clues hidden behind money, power and a family best known for their philanthropic deeds. But hate, deceit, and betrayal got the better of this lot surrounded by ancient money. Ryder must unravel this one as well.

Carson Ryder Thriller Series # 4-6

Blood Brother

The shocking Manhattan murder of a dear friend has Carson hurriedly fly to New York. This is a big one. His brother is involved, and it puts Carson into a dark whirlpool that takes him way back into his childhood past. Carson’s mad brother, Jeremy, reminds him of some things he would rather not deal with right now. Not now. Not with this particular case. His core duty as a swift sleuth is to track down dangerous killers. Carson has never told anybody that his brother Jeremy is on the list of the most wanted murderers in America. Except that Jeremy recently escaped prison and is on the loose in New York. With Jeremy as the main suspect in the recent horrifying mutilation-deaths, a puzzling video demands Ryder come in to help. A game of chase and catch develops between the NYPD and Jeremy with Ryder trapped in the middle, trying to save his brother, and wade off cops from him. But it’s a gamble, and no one knows how it will end up. Will Carson be caught? Will Jeremy die?

In The Blood

A new psychological murder mystery featuring Detective Ryder is on once more, the detective with a distinct acuity on serial killers. TV evangelist Reverend Scaler was found dead. His sermons of agitating rhetoric on the sins of modern America made someone very upset. Scaler preached his last sermon, bound and thrashed to death in an obscene, disturbing manner. Detective Carson Ryder has become edgy and erratic. The crime scene hardly affects him more than a recent case of an abandoned infant found in a boat – near a burned down shack, and a body revealing signs of a struggle before the demise. Reverend Scaler’s tangled personal life shows bizarre connections between the cases. And it seems the baby that was saved from this terrible fight has powerful enemies.

Little Girls Lost

Carson reluctantly agrees to partner with a disgraced ex-detective that was mysteriously fired to investigate a series of child abductions. This was a Carson solo act, without Jeremy, which made the book a bit of a drag without any blood boiling episodes of Carson’s dilemma and his oblivious psycho brother and a new partner. Carson teams up with Sandhill, to help solve the loss of three girls and one murder, as it seems someone is abducting them to later sell them off on the black market.

Carson Ryder Series Books # 7-9

Buried Alive

Detective Carson decides to take a break and goes on a vacation in the quiet mountains of Kentucky. As if he saw this coming, he receives a call informing him on the latest crimes, a whole new series of horrible murders. As if this isn’t enough news for a perfect vacation gone southwards, a mountain is interrupted by a series of grisly murders. Carson’s insane brother Jeremy appears. He comes in peace, claiming his innocence in the symbol-laden set of deaths. But Jeremy isn’t your ordinary truth teller. He doesn’t have any moral conscience.

Her Last Scream

Abused women enter an abandoned ‘underground railroad’ to escape from their cruel tormentors. What they don’t know is that a killer is loose in the secret subway. Carson and his partner Harry send a covert agent into the network as bait. The project quickly crumbles, and the undercover detective complicates the whole project with her issues.

The Killing Game

A psychopathic killer and the Alabama Mobile Police Department, play a deadly game of chase. Carson Ryder freaks out from the killing spree happening right before his eyes. Without sufficient evidence to convict Carson is thrown off this time. Meanwhile, the killer is on the loose, leaving trails of dead bodies and insufficient evidence o piece back everything together. It’s a tough call for the detective.

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