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Carsten Stroud is an award winning author and a New York Times bestselling novelist from Canada, who likes to write thriller and mystery books. He is particularly well known for writing the books, Sniper’s Moon and Close Pursuit, both of which have been highly successful and have been included in the NYT bestselling list. Both these books are set around the functioning of the Police Department of the New York City. The two most famous book series written by author Stroud are Rick Bro and Niceville. As of today, author Stroud resides in Thunder Beach, Ontario, Canada, and spends of his day time writing novels and short stories. Stroud was born on July 10, 1946, in Hull, Canada. The major accomplishments achieved by him in his writing career include winning he Arthur Ellis Award in the category of the Best Novel. He has won this award two times in his career in 1991 and 1993 for his books Lizardskin and Sniper’s Moon. One of author Stroud’s books, Iron Bravo, is included by the Sergeant Major of the United States Army in his Recommended List for all the noncommissioned candidates of officer rank. A couple of his other books, Black Water Transit and Deadly Force have had their movie rights optioned by several major producers from Hollywood. And Finally, his other book called Cuba Strait is chosen by Fidel Castro to feature in his special list known as the Forbidden Books.

The Niceville series written by Carsten Stroud is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 2012 and 2014. All the books of this novel series are set in the town of Niceville in New York City. They feature the chief protagonists in the form of Nick Kavanaugh and his wife Kate Kavanaugh. Nick Kavanaugh is depicted as a former officer from the special forces, who now works as a detective and tries to solve the mysteries in and around the city with the help of his skills that he had acquired during his training. He seems haunted by a dark phase of his life that had happened in the past. Nick’s wife, Kate Kavanaugh, is shown as working as a well established lawyer, hailing from an old and respected family from Niceville. The pair of husband and wife try to get hold of the things happening in their lives and investigate and bring down the criminal activities taking place on Main Street in mysterious situations. An initial book that author Stoud wrote in this series in entitled ‘The Homecoming’. This novel was released by the Knopf publication in the year 2013. The main characters mentioned in this novel include Harvill Endicott, Rainey Teague, Nick Kavanaugh, Coker, Kate Kavanaugh, Warren Smoles, etc. This book consists of an explosive opening and an eerie climax, and goes through a labyrinthine, page-turning thrill that keeps the readers intrigued until its very end. It is described that the evils live far longer in Niceville than normal men.

At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that two planes crash above Niceville and set off a shocking chain reaction of corporate corruption, murder, financial double dealing, and inadvertent kidnapping. These instances do not seem enough for ex- Special Forces officer Nick Kavanaugh and his family lawyer wife Kate to start investigating. The couple has recently adopted the brutally orphaned boy named Rainey Teague. Nick seems bothered by something related to Rainey Teague. Later, he comes to know that the lady, who was in charge of the attendance of the kids at Rainey Teague’s prep school, has gone missing. Upon studying the case, he learns that the seemingly placid town has the record of seeing numerous people getting disappeared in the past. The disappearances also include that of the father of Kate Kavanaugh, which appears to be the most disturbing one for Nick and his wife. With the assistance of the case files of the other disappeared people, Kate and Nick begin to unearth the bloodstained history of the Niceville town. However, every time they think that they are close enough to catch the kidnapper and murderer, something or the other comes in their way and they are forced to take a different path of approach. Sometimes, the couple has to go through a lot of hardships and obstacles, and only after overcoming all of them, they feel that they are headed in the right direction. The book was praised enormously by many critics and readers. Some of them even appreciated the efforts of author Stroud for developing the unforgettable characters and storyline. The unique storytelling style of author Stroud allows the readers to enter into a different type of world where protecting one’s family members becomes necessary for survival, but seems to be an impossible task because of the dangers involved.

Another interesting book that author Stroud wrote in the series is called ‘The Reckoning’. This book was released in the year 2015 by the Black Lizard/Vintage Crime publication. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Niceville has its own unearthly beauty which becomes evident after the sun rises above a nearby ancient mountain known as Tallulah’s Wall. And when the sunshine batches the mountain in its soft light in the southern direction, the beauty becomes even more wonderful. However, the Native American have the tendency of avoiding this beautiful place for a specific reason. This absence of the Native Americans has inhabited the air for a long time. A certain ‘Nothing’ has bent the time & desires of a few atop the mountain. Nick Kavanaugh begins to realize that something is not usual in Niceville, which comes as a hard reality to him and Kate. Previously, they had fought against the Nothing and had overcome it, but now, the folks have started to feel a buzz in their heads. This points to the fact that Nothing has not finished and is still prevalent in the town. Once again, Stroud’s book depicts an inimitable mixture of supernatural thriller and crime. The characters appear quite appreciable as they fight against the evil in Niceville. The role of Kate and Nick Kavanaugh in dealing the increasing crime is highly praised by the readers and critics again. Author Stroud’s writing, his story, and his characters are very well realized in the book. They look heartbreakingly beautiful as the story progresses further. The story seems so intriguing and real that a part of it appears action thriller, another part seems mysterious, while another very important part looks like a horror story of gothic southern. All in all, everything works wonderfully well for the book as well as author Stroud as the book goes on to become enormously successful.

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