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Veronica Roth is a number one international bestseller, who is popularly known for Carve the Mark and the Divergent book series. Roth’s Essays and short stories have been featured in Shards and Ashes, Summer Days and Summer Nights, and the Three Sides of a Heart. The critically acclaimed book series, the Divergent was adapted into three feature films, which performed extremely well in the box office. Veronica Roth was born and raised in Chicago. After Roth completed her high school education, she joined Northwestern University. Currently, Veronica resides in Chicago, with her husband and a dog.

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Carve the Mark
Carve the Mark is the first installment in the Carve the Markbook series by author Veronica Roth. Author Veronica Roth introduces the readers to Cyra, who is the sister to one of the most brutal tyrants of the Shotet People. Cyra’s ability and gifts brings her both power and pain. Using Cyra’s gifts, her bother not only tortures his enemies but also brings them to their knees as well. Nonetheless, what her brother does not know is that Cyra is extremely smart, quick on her feet and resilient as well. Apart from Cyra, author Veronica Roth also introduces Akos, who is the son of an oracle and a farmer, who hail from Thuvhe, the frozen nation planet. Protected by his gift, Akos is quite generous in spirit, and the loyalty that Akos has towards his family is quite limitless. Nonetheless, it does not take long before Akos and his brother are captured by the Shotet soldiers.

It does not take long before Akos realizes that he must be able to get his brother out of captivity, irrespective of the cost. While at captivity, Akos is plunged into Cyra’s world, and the enmity between the two families and countries seem insurmountable. Will these two characters assist each other survive, or are they going to destroy one another?

The narrative has been set on a distant planet where the residents develop unique powers, known as the popular gifts. The various gifts are bestowed among the people by a magical current, which runs throughout the galaxy. Many of the residents find their gift to be quite useful, but the rest such as Cyra and Akos, find their gifts to be heavy burdens. According to Cyra and Akos, other people for their gains can use their gifts. Cyra’s evil and violent brother is the ruler of the Shotet. He uses Cyra’s power to cause intense pain, torture his enemies and to further his plans as well. Carve the Mark begins with the Shotet soldiers killing Akos’s brother in cold blood. After killing his father, they capture Akos and his younger brother and place them in captivity. While in captivity, Akos hone his skills and eventually becomes a skilled fighter. Furthermore, from time to time, he also chats with Cyra, who briefs him about her people, their favorite colors and their powers as well.

With that said, Carve the Mark is a brilliantly written novel and a stunning portrayal of the power of love, friendship in a universe that is filled with so many unexpected gifts. The narrative was quite compelling while the characters were fully developed. Author Veronica Roth uses simplicity to portray her genius and creativity when it comes to penning down adrenaline rushing narratives. Carve the Mark is definitely worth the excitement and the hype as well. If you have been looking forward to reading Carve the Mark, then it is definitely worth your time. Despite the fact that the initial pages of the book, might be somewhat confusing, once the readers get a grasp of the world and all the things that are going on, then they are going to eventually sink into the narrative. Carve the Mark is a science fiction novel, though there are several elements such as current gifts, which should undoubtedly be classified as fantasy.

When it comes to character growth and characterization, author Veronica Roth did a fantastic job, especially to the two main characters, Akos and Cyra. Akos will definitely be the reader’s favorite character in the book. Because Akos is Thuve, he has been raised to be somewhat passive and peaceful, especially when it comes to violence. Even after he was trained several years as a soldier, the training does not manage to break him. Apart from being strong, he is also quite compassionate. Readers are going to be in awe, of how much grief and pain as well as despair that be bore for so many years.

The Fate Divides
The Fate Divides is the second installment in the Carve the Mark book series. In the Fate Divides, we meet once again with Akos and Cyros. Fate Divides is a brilliantly written and richly imagined tale, which is centered on two themes; hope and resilience. Author Veronica Roth, the book narrates the second novel in the Carve the Mark book series, from four different stunning perspectives. The four characters were brought together by fate; nonetheless, this time around Fate is going to bring them apart. The lives if the two main characters, Akos Kereseth and Cyra Noavek are mainly ruled by their fates, which were spoken during their births by the Oracles. Once their fate has been determined, they become inescapable.

Despite Akos’s fate, Akos is deeply in love with Cyra. According to the Oracles, Akos will soon die while serving, Cyra’s family. When Lazmet Noavek, Cyra’s father an extremely soulless tyrant was believed to be dead, finally reclaims the throne, Akon eventually realizes that his end is much closer than ever. As Lazmet continues to ignite a barbarous war, Akos and Cyra are extremely desperate to ensure that they stop Lazmet at whatever cost it takes. For Cyra, she is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means taking the life of a person who may be his father. For Akos on other hand, it may mean taking his own life. In a rather stunning twist, Akos and Cyra are going to discover how fate will shape their lives in the most unexpected manners. With that said, Fate Divides is a highly entertaining book and a great addition to the Carve the Mark book series.

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