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Take Me To Bed(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Christmas(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Boy Summer(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sexy Bedtime Stories: Volume 1(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cary Hart is a bestselling romance author from the American Midwest.
Growing up, writing, or finding a career as an author was not something that she thought she would do. It was only years later when she read her first romance fiction work that she developed a passion for fiction writing.
Once she got that desire, there was nothing else for her to do but seek to fulfill the dream. Cary is now known for writing raw and real romance with her stories filled with characters who deal with unwanted drama and everyday struggles.
Still many of her stories often have an appreciation of darkness and light and sometimes have a happy ending.
She published “Love War” her debut novel and the first of the “Battlefield of Love” series of love in 2017.

She now has more than a dozen works to her name among them series, collections of short stories, single-standing titles, and contributions to book series by other authors.
She has asserted that she is a lover of books, has an addiction to Spotify, swearing like sailor, and drinking coffee.

When Cary Hart is not writing her novels, she can usually be found reading so that she can find inspiration for her next bestseller. She also has her hands full given that she is a mother who has to take care of two crazy and wild kids and a home.
In addition to her writing, she loves to bake cookies for friends and family, lounge around on her hammock, and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix.

“Love War” by Cary Hart is the enchanting romance story of Andrew and Aubrey. For Aubrey, she is dissatisfied with her husband, who is no longer the man she believed she married.
She decides to file for divorce and begin life afresh alongside her daughter. Aubrey intends to remodel the bed and breakfast, which had always been something her grandmother wanted to do.

Once she leaves her home, she stays with her friend as she takes stock and contemplates what her next step will be. Her friend believes it is time to cheer her up and takes her for a girls’ night out, which is where her life will change forever.
Andrew is a man that is working on his divorce and is devastated after he found she had been cheating. He always thought his marriage was to be lifelong but found he could not have been more wrong.

After he told his wife he was getting a divorce, he heads out to relax with Kyle his friend. That is when he meets Aubrey, who he approaches and asks for a dance. That is all it takes and he realizes that he has a very strong connection with her.
But he is still scared and runs away. Andrew soon learns that his construction company has been given the contract to refurbish the bed and breakfast that Aubrey has been working on. With such information, things are sure to heat up.

Cary Hart’s novel “Love Divide” is the beautiful love story of Gavin and Niki. Niki is a preschool teacher that spends her summer vacations working at Gavins bar. He has been one of her best friends for years alongside Aubrey.
One night while she is at Gavin’s bar, she shares a kiss and dance with a man and knows that her life will never be the same again.

Aiden makes a very good offer that she just cannot pass up. However, accepting will mean that she has to spend time away from Gavin and the bar.
On his part, Gavin has always been attracted to Niki but has never acted on it. He always felt that it would ruin the close friendship they had.

When Aiden came to the bar and swept Niki away from him he realized that he will have to take his chance or lose her forever. He has always been a good friend and helped her out whenever things got tough.
But will he be able to make her see how much he loves her before it is too late? Or maybe Aiden has already taken her heart.

“Love Conquer” by Cary Hart is the story of Nina that been living a nightmare for several years. She finally summoned up the courage to leave and headed to her sister’s home to start a new life despite having little self-worth and being beaten down.
Rebuilding her life, she meets another tortured soul named Kyle who is yet to reconcile with his past while she is still dealing with her fears.

Will these two people be able to build a relationship from their broken pasts?

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