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Caryn Lix is an American author of fiction. She has been writing ever since she was in her teen years and has now made her debut onto the scene. Her first novel to make her an officially published author is the novel Sanctuary, which came out in 2018.

Caryn Lix has always had an affection for science fiction and the unusual and the uncanny. She has also always enjoyed reading fantasy and so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that not that much longer later she is putting out a full length fictional novel of her own for readers to enjoy!

Lix went to school for English literature and graduated with her Master of the Arts degree in that subject. Of course, it has come in more than a little handy these days! She really enjoys writing bits and novel pieces that are designed for teens and young adults, although anyone is welcome to read her work. She thinks that people who have an affinity for the unusual, the rare, the paranormal or the just plain bizarre may also be the perfect candidates when it comes to consuming some of her books.

When Caryn is not busy writing or working on her next book, she spends a lot of time reading stories written by other people. She also likes to plan places to travel to and go on the road. Lix also likes to try other artistic endeavors and pursuits and doesn’t always stick to writing. She resides with her husband and their group of pets in Alberta.

Caryn Lix is the author of Sanctuary. She says that this book came out of her own love of action and science fiction. When she begins with a space prison and goes on from there, readers are destined to have an idea of whether this book is right up their alley or not!

Lix says that she hopes that readers who pick up her debut novel enjoy it and hopefully have a good time and memories of a fun story, as well as maybe consider a little bit how they think about people that are different and maybe look at the way that they view the world.

Sanctuary is the debut novel from author Caryn Lix. If you liked the Alien series or The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken, you might really like this book! This story is the perfect way to kick off a science fiction reading binge.

The book starts out focusing on the main character. She is a young woman named Kenzie. This young woman is studying to be a prison guard and is in the process of being trained to have this job. That’s really all that she wants, but her plans take a left turn when some teens have some ideas of their own. As a result, Kenzie’s world is quickly turned upside down.

When Kenzie is taken hostage by criminal teens staying at the Sanctuary space station, it seems that things could not get any worse. Kenzie has just wanted to be one of the elite prison guards stationed on Sanctuary and has trained for it her entire life. She is one of the people who thinks that if she works hard then she will be rewarded, and now she’s so close to getting her ideal job.

Some teens with super powers are definitely threatening to mess that up for her. Kenzie desperately wants to be a prison guard, but are these young kids going to get in the way? These aren’t your average kids either, as they’re being housed at one of the most notorious space prisons in the world. Sanctuary is just the place where someone like Kenzie who belongs to the Omnistellar Concepts corporation.

Omnistellar is the most powerful corporation in the area– in fact, the whole solar system. Kenzie has always wanted to be a guard on Sanctuary and to help oversee the teens that have such strong super powers that they can barely contain themselves and mix among society on Earth with the people who don’t have powers.

Kenzie’s loyalty is always to the company and not to the criminal teens that she keeps an eye on as an official junior guard. Kenzie wanted to prove that she has what it takes to do the job well to the company, and that meant that she was willing to get rid of anything in her life that was not going to keep her moving forward. She just wants to make Omnistellar proud, but when the routine drill happens to go a little differently than planned, things might change rapidly.

Kenzie ends up being taken hostage during a prison-wide riot. She thinks that her mother and her commanding officer (they are one and the same) will be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that she goes free. But when it becomes obvious that Kenzie’s mother is going to adhere to Omnistellar protocol over prioritizing Kenzie’s safe return, it’s up to this daughter to decide what she is going to do.

Kenzie decides her only choice to get out of the prison is to escape. She is going to have to come up with a plan to get out, but has no idea that she and the group may face a bigger challenge than just bouncing out of the space prison. The teens are going to find that an old and evil threat may prove more sinister than anything that they could come up with in their minds or their nightmares is heading for them.

Out of the very depths of space, something old has come to this space prison and it’s paying a visit. The teens and Kenzie may just have to stick together if they are going to fight off these strange creatures from outer space. Will this prison guard find that the tables have turned?

Will the group be able to fight off the creatures effectively? Kenzie may just find that banding together with the last people on the planet that you thought you would group up with may help all of them to survive. Will she find that the company she believed in has less to believe in than she thinks in the end? Pick up Sanctuary by Caryn Lix to find out!

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