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Publication Order of Cas Russell Books

Cas Russell Series
Cas Russell is a science-fiction series by S.L. Huang. The series follows Cas Russell, a girl with outstanding math-solving skills. Cas is all too happy to use her talent to help others and earn a tidy sum in the process. It is while doing what she loves most that Cas encounters the individual who changes her life forever. Now the young woman is determined to do her part in making the world a safer place as she tries to uncover details about her past. Cas’s life is filled with adventure, and it is fun following her and other characters as they confront dangerous criminals, sociopaths, and drug lords who would do anything to protect their dynasties.

Zero Sum Game
Zero Sum Game is the debut novel in the Cas Russell series. The book introduces Cas Russell, a math genius who will take up any job for the right price. Thanks to the vector calculus and other math solutions blazing through her mind, Cas can go through armed men and dodge bullets without a struggle in any fight. She knows when to turn, stand down, or run when confronted by danger. Cas considers herself a retrieval specialist and a badass, and she comes with an impressive resume. She also thinks that she is the only person with a superpower. This changes when she takes up a new rescue operation. The mission looked easy, but things get complicated when she confronts a rival with even greater powers.

Cas’s colleague Rio gives her a tip about this doomed rescue operation, and she readily accepts. She doesn’t anticipate being drawn deep into drug cartel territory to rescue a young woman whose sister can not only read people’s minds but also turn their brains to Mobius strips. Rescuing Courtney Polk would have been easy had it not been for the lies and conspiracy involved. A shadowy organization is involved, including its deranged leader, whose only mission is to dominate the world. With someone who can control her mind, Cas is no longer sure whether her thoughts are her own or not. Can Cas get out of this alive? How does she ensure that she can make her own decision independent of the twisted antagonist?

This is an entertaining, fast-paced page-turner. The protagonist is a quick-witted, badass who is so good at what she does that she can solve the most complex of problems in just a few seconds. However, she seems to have found her match in the manipulative brainwasher who has complicated this rescue mission. Just like Cas, the antagonist is one fun character. It is refreshing how this story doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you will enjoy many laugh-out-loud moments. Things escalate when PI Arthur gets involved. Once things pick up, the tension doesn’t ease up until the last page. Can Cas and Arthur work together to rescue Courtney and stop the sinister organization?

Zero Sum Game will take you on one wild ride. It is refreshing to have a woman of color as the hero, and Cas doesn’t disappoint in any way. The rest of the cast is just as entertaining. It is fun interacting with a funny computer genius, a religious sociopath, and a disillusioned cop. While the ending is satisfying, you cannot help but wonder who Cas really is and what the future holds for her. If you want a fast-paced thriller with some sci-fi elements and characters that are simply hard to forget, this book is ideal.

Null Set
Null Set is the second book in the Cas Russell series. After destroying Pithaca and her hold on the world in the first book, math-genius Cas decides to become a crime fighter. After all, her abilities make it easy for her to neuter bombs and outsmart the army. When she notices a rise in crime in her Los Angeles home among other cities in the world, Cas decides to do something about it. The increase in crime is her fault anyway since she crushed the telepaths organization responsible for keeping the worlds offenders under control. Cas develops a technological solution that she is sure will help reduce the crime rate.
This move doesn’t work in Cas’s favor. Her technological solution ends up angering all the city’s gang lords and crime bosses, which automatically puts her life in danger. Even her friend Rio is not happy with her. To make things worse, whatever Dawwna Polk did to her in the first book is messing with her mind. Cas keeps on getting flashes about her past life, making her lose concentration and blackout in critical times. While Cas has a lot of her plate, she is slowly learning to trust Arthur, Pilar, and Checker. What will Cas do to avoid creating more trouble with the crime rings? What are these details of Cas’s past that affect her so much, hindering her ability to perform?

It is fun watching the group dynamics in this story. Sometimes the good guys feel like the bad ones, and the fallout between Cas and Rio introduces a unique twist to this story. There are loads of violence and humor on these pages, and the action never stops. The author answers some of the questions about Cas’s past, and the more you learn about her, the more interesting she becomes. You will also get a glimpse of the crime world, and the ways gangs ensure their survival in a world that is always fighting against them.

There is a lot to love about Null Set. First is the solid plot and flawless narration. Despite all that is going on, it is easy to follow the story from the start to the end. The characters are well fleshed out, the world-building is outstanding, and the rising tension will keep you glued to the pages. While the story ends with a cliffhanger, this will only set in you searching for the third book, which is readily available. It is incredible how the author is unraveling all the characters, their pasts, and the things that push them to make certain choices.

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