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Publication Order of CSI Reilly Steel Books

Taboo / Serial (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Inferno / Victim (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Torn (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden / The Perfect Life (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Watched (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Crime Scene / Quantico (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trace / One Little Mistake (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Aftermath / Pretty Guilty Secrets (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endgame (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Last Girl Alive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name Casey Hill is a re known name in the writing field and is actually a pen-name of Kevin and Melissa Hill, an Irish couple. The name Casey is derived from the initials of their little girl Carrie. The two co-write forensic thrillers under the pen-name Casey Hill, featuring crime scene investigator Reilly Steel.

Trained as a fitter and having worked in the property business before starting to co-author thrillers with his wife Melissa, Kevin Hill was living in Inchicore. He was doing an apprenticeship as a fitter in Irish Rail. He together with Melissa had shared companions and appreciated each other’s company when they met in the bar. They finally got married in 2000. At 18, Kevin didn’t know what he wanted to do. Eventually he went to work for their family’s construction business; he later focused solely on writing.

Melissa on the other hand, started writing in 2002. She had worked in banking, computers and the gifts industry before. She grew her writing skills to higher standards and became a number one bestseller in her native Ireland with her novels about contemporary women’s lives. In fact, one of her novels “Something from Tiffany’s”, spent five weeks at number one in the bestsellers’ list. She is a notable author in her own name, with 10 enormously prominent chick-lit novels added to her repertoire.

A desire to delve into the darker aspects of the human psyche led her to team up with Kevin and create the Reilly Steel series-a lumpy crime series far expelled from the sweetness and light of her sentimental fiction. Initially, her fans were a bit skeptical on how well her transition from romantic fiction into forensic thrillers would work. However, they have proved them wrong. With 7 books down the road, nothing can stop them from reaching the sky. The couple now lives in Dublin with their baby daughter, Carrie.

Accomplishments and Awards

The Hills are admirable authors who have made major strides in the writing field that have seen them feature in the bestseller list for years. Taboo, the main book in a progression of scientific thrillers highlighting Californian forensic investigator Reilly Steel, was a international bestseller in 2011. It was trailed by resulting books, Torn, Hidden, The Watched and Trace. Their books have been in numerous parts of the world which have seen them offer translation rights to countries such as Holland, Japan, France, Russia, Poland, Germany and Italy.

Reilly Steel Series

The Casey hill have composed seven eye-catching thrillers that have won them honors and audience across the globe. In most parts of the series you will notice the following characters: Reilly Steel, her father, Chris Delaney and Pete Kennedy. Reilly Steel is an attractive blond, FBI-trained forensic investigator who has shifted from California America to take a position at the Garda Forensic Unit in Dublin, Ireland. Steel’s father, a native of Ireland, leaves California to get emotional support in his native homeland after the death of his wife and Reilly-the perfect daughter decided to follow him. Chris Delaney and Pete Kennedy are homicide detectives that conduct investigations of serial killers alongside forensic investigator Reilly Steele.

Steel has a praiseworthy notoriety in forensics and the Dublin police enroll her with expectations of conveying the division state-of-the-art forensic innovations. By and large the character Reilly Steel is an extraordinary character except for the way that she is just too darn sharp. Love triangles, family history, past relationships all shape her into a fascinating courageous woman. In summary, there is a one of a kind theme that keeps running all through the series and that is an idiosyncratic usual way of doing things that spurs the culprits in their criminal movement.

For instance in the Aftermath; Reilly Steel is back and is attempting to recover herself after having a nasty experience after she came back to Dublin from her outing in Florida. She is by no means in good terms with her companion detective Chris Delaney and realizes that she may not be fit enough to tackle a sensitive prominent case that stared at her. An Irish national had been brutally murdered in his chateau with apparently little proof to indicate who did it or why. Reilly Steel and the GFU group are entrusted with finding the culprit.

As they conduct the investigation, they have to hide from the camera glare. The Irish couple is to a great degree adored in Ireland thus the investigation is nearly dominated by the media which rapidly turns into a thistle in the side of Reilly Steel and her kindred agents. Such a prominent casualty guarantees the examination is instantly under the spotlight, yet Reilly stresses that his celebrity status might be blinding everybody from the truth. Will she influence her associates to look past the big name and precisely built open persona, and persuade everybody that there is significantly more to this well known family than meets the eye?

Her 6th sense is directing her towards the real killers but the science isn’t there to back it up and everybody is closely following. Attempting to keep her head in the science and her own emotions out of the case Reilly understands that it’s a great opportunity to face her own particular issues. Most readers will like this new Reilly Steel, she is more human rather than the brilliant young lady that the Hills made her out to be in the start of the series.

In the Trace, Reilly Steel is pushed straight into a progression of confounded Dublin murders at which the executioner leaves minute traces behind. The detectives finds that the murder victims have been eliminated because of one worryingly common attribute. Quickly, they need to outmaneuver the executioner before he makes his next course of action.

Back in the Garda Forensic Unit after a short break in the US, Reilly is distracted, not only by new advancements in a decades old missing murder case, but also by her own particular sentiments of being far away from California since her arrival from the US.
Other than the serial executioner plot, there are two subplots additionally occurring all through the novel. The sister of criminological expert, Lucy Gorman, was kidnapped and probably killed when Gorman was a kid. The snatching has been a frosty case for a long time however new proof found in a past novel, The Hidden, has revived the case. Steele is resolved to discover the answers so that Lucy and her dad, Garda Forensic Units Director Jack Gorman, can get to the bottom of the case. The other subplot includes Reilly Steele’s own life. Generally, this is a pleasant comfortable book to read on a weekend. It is advisable that you read two prior novels in the series, The Hidden and The Watched before going through this series

The Transformation of Casey Hill Books into Movies

Casey Hill has made some enormous steps towards including Reilly Steel to the screen. The Casey Hill books have a solid after globally and a TV arrangement is underway for the people in Ireland. The TV rights to Taboo have been optioned by Ecosse Films, the honor winning generation house in charge of hits such as the Monarch of the Glen, the BBC’s Mistresses and the well known eatery based RTé Raw series.

Different Books that Casey Hill’s fans may Fancy

Casey passes on a great deal of detail to his story and makes huge strain as a couple of journalists do. In the event that you like Casey Hill you may likewise jump at the chance to peruse books by Elly Griffiths, Cathy Reichs and Patricia Cornwell. They have rich substance that fans who adore puzzle crime fiction like that of Casey Hill will appreciate.

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