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The Letter of the Law (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Above the Law (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Convictions (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

If you find thrill in reading legal novel stories, then it is the time you consider reading those from the bestseller author Tim Greene. He is a former NFL star and currently an attorney and a well-known fiction writer. The new legal thriller novel has turned the trend of his writing work significantly. In this series, the plot of the story revolves around a hotshot female attorney- Casey Jordan.
Casey Jordan is offered a job to represent an accused killer and successfully unhooks him from the charges. She later comes to understand that he did commit the crime after the case was over. She feels lied to and clapped together. The plot of the story runs fast by use of well-crafted narrative construction and the familiar characters that are included in it.

The first book in the legal thriller novel is the Letter of the Law (2000). In this first book, the young Texas-based attorney Casey Jordan is hired by her formal law school professor to represent him in a murder case. Professor Eric Lipton was accused by the father of one of his law students (Marcia Sales) of having brutally killed his daughter. Casey defends the professor with much ambition as this is her determining case of her success in the Austin Legal system. She even insinuates the father of the girl-Donald to having killed her out of jealousy. However, there is a turn of events towards the end of the hearing. Minutes before the judge could pass the final judgment as “not guilty” Lipton whispers to Casey that he committed the crime.

With this confession, Casey is left confused as to whether Lipton is telling the truth or not. Well her doubts are confirmed later on as evidence springs up that indeed Lipton is a serial killer. This revelation makes Casey have a change of heart, and she is willing to help Sales seek vengeance for his daughter and the cops too by tracking the killer. This is after Sale has kidnapped, bound and terrified her so that she too could experience what his daughter went through.

This is a case unlike any other that Casey has handled, and she is disappointed at the end. She is torn between her legal maneuvers and the letter of the law. The case takes a reverse and for the first time in her law career, she finds herself torn between her sworn duty as a legal lawyer and the desire to see real justice accorded to all. When she is attempting to use the information she has gathered to uncover the truth, she is met by more bodies and realizes that hers could be next in line.

The next book in this series is Above the Law (2009).
In the previous book, Letter of the Law, Casey Jordan was seen trying to defend her law professor Lipton for the murder of a law student only to discover later that he is guilty of the charges. After this incident, Casey left high-powered and wealthy husband and started a legal aid clinic.
The plot of this book revolves around an illegal Mexican immigrant who is shot on a ranch outside of Dallas. The incident finds its way on the news headline, not because of the victim but because of the shooter, Senator Tucker Dean. Everyone is made to believe that it was a hunting accident by the tearful press conference that the lovable young senator had tactfully planned. It was not until the sister-in-law of the victim showed up with a totally different tale that the case took a different dimension.
The wife of the senator was always making visits to the victim, so Casey concludes that it must have been out of revenge that the senator shot him. The case gets saltier when INS takes the victim’s daughter away and tries to deport his wife back to their country. This looks like a cover up to some extent and Casey is stirred to make a move. She approaches the D.A.’s office with the information she has gathered only to find out that there is no attorney that is willing to take the case. They all feared the powerful senator who was on track for the presidential nominations in few years’ time hence nobody dared cross his path.

The self-determined Casey Jordan seeks to find the truth. She is determined to suit the murderer in a civil court on behalf of the victim’s widow if the state wasn’t ready to prosecute the murder. The problem here is that the murderer is vindictive, wily and dangerous. Will Casey be in a position of winning the case or what will happen? Can she equally compete with a man who seems Above the Law?

False Convictions (2010) is the last book in the Greene’s legal thriller novel. In this series, Casey Jordan is back with the hope of finding Justice in a small town that is riddled with False Convictions. She is counting on an open, and shut case, which she is hopeful will be a sure success for her first efforts with the Freedom Project. This is a renowned charity group that is dedicated to helping prisoners that have been wrongfully convicted. The project opens a way through which Casey can help innocent people while at the same time she has been offered a by the founder Robert Graham a pledge of one million dollars annually for her legal clinic for the return of two jobs a year.

The first case that Casey is assigned is to revive the case of Dwayne Hubbard, who was charged with raping and murdering a college girl seventeen years ago and was serving a life sentence. Casey expects the case to be easy by the use of DNA evidence, but when she gets to Auburn NY, she is met with resistance.

Tormented by numerous death threats and assassinations attempts, she investigates and finds out that the judges, lawyers, and the jury, as well as the police, was all connected through a web of corruption. Among all these chaos, the only challenge she is faced with is staying alive.
The way that the series is crafted is a state of the art superiority. The author knows how to bring out the different characters well and especially the main character which leaves you wanting to read more. No wonder it is the bestseller series.

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