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Casey King is an author of mystery novels famously known for Dublin Thrillers 2023. Deceit, a gripping debut novel by Casey King, marks the electrifying beginning of The Dublin Thrillers series. Released on 21st September by Joffe Books, this narrative plunges readers into the heart of Dublin’s gangland, weaving a tale rich in suspense, intricate plot twists, and the raw complexities of betrayal.

Danielle Lewis’s return to Dublin, a decade after a harrowing attempt on her life led to the devastating loss of her unborn child, sets the stage for this intense crime thriller. The intervening years have done little to dull the sharp edges of her trauma. Upon her arrival, instead of the anonymity she might have hoped for, faces greet Danielle she didn’t expect to see, signaling the start of her tumultuous journey for closure and vengeance.

The tragedy that unfolded ten years earlier not only robbed Danielle of her future child but also unraveled her life, pushing her marriage to Jason to its breaking point. Jason’s infidelity, a bitter pill to swallow, became the catalyst for Danielle’s departure. She sought refuge far from the chaos to piece together her shattered psyche.

However, Dublin’s criminal underworld hasn’t stood still in her absence. The landscape of power and allegiance within the gangland has evolved, introducing new threats and alliances amidst the ongoing feud between rival factions. In this precarious world, Danielle steps back, finding herself in an unexpected and powerful role that could either offer her the answers she seeks or drag her deeper into the vortex of violence.

Driven by a relentless desire to unravel the mysteries of her past, Danielle embarks on a dangerous quest. She is determined to discover the identity of the person who targeted her life, the architect behind her profound loss, and ultimately, the mastermind responsible for the untimely death of her unborn child.

Deceit launches readers headfirst into the tumultuous world of two leading crime syndicates, making for a thrilling debut by Casey King. The narrative is bustling with an array of characters that initially might bewilder readers. Still, the puzzle pieces start fitting together as the story unfolds, creating a coherent and engaging storyline. The novel’s authenticity and gritty realism are standout features, largely attributed to King’s direct experience with gangland crime through her role in A Garda Síochána and her academic background in Policing Studies. With such a rich foundation, King crafts a narrative that not only holds the potential for an exciting new series in crime fiction but also showcases her ability to blend firsthand knowledge with storytelling flair.

While the novel excels in immersing readers into a convincingly lifelike criminal underworld, there’s a longing for more insight into Danielle’s past. This gap in the backstory leaves readers yearning for a deeper dive into her history, hinting at the potential richness of a prequel to fully explore her character. The novel’s conclusion, however, seems to sprint to the finish line, leaving readers startled and perhaps a bit unsatisfied, craving a more leisurely unraveling of the final events.

Despite these hitches, Deceit is populated with vividly drawn, detestably vile and intriguingly complex characters that breathe life into its pages. Coupled with sharp, impactful dialogue and a plot that feels all too real in today’s world, King’s debut stands as a robust entry into the crime fiction genre. This book is not just a story but a testament to King’s potential as a novelist with a unique perspective on crime storytelling. As such, Casey King emerges as a promising new voice worth keeping an eye on for fans of the genre, offering a blend of professional insight and narrative intrigue that signals the arrival of an exciting new talent in crime fiction.

For Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers enthusiasts, Casey King’s enthralling crime thriller, Exposed, serves as an unmissable journey into the heart of betrayal, vengeance, and the dark shroud of family secrets. This gripping narrative positions Danielle Lewis at the helm of the Lewis crime syndicate, a mantle passed down in the wake of her Uncle Ged’s mysterious demise.

Despite the power and respect of leading the Lewis family, Danielle finds herself an unwilling successor, desiring neither the leadership nor the burdens it entails, especially the looming war with the rival Flynns or the hidden fortune in cocaine her uncle amassed. Her priorities lie elsewhere, particularly caring for her uncle’s newly orphaned daughter, a responsibility she cherishes above all else.

However, Danielle’s world is upended when she becomes the target of an attack, and the infant is kidnapped, sparking a fierce determination within her. This moment ignites a relentless pursuit as Danielle, fully embracing her role as the family’s head, vows to reclaim what is hers and exact retribution on those daring to challenge her authority.

Exposed marks a riveting continuation of The Dublin Thriller series, encapsulating a tale that is as fast-paced as it is intricate. King masterfully weaves a narrative replete with unexpected developments and richly drawn characters, making it nearly impossible to set the book aside. The authenticity and depth of the characters propel the story forward, anchoring the reader’s investment in their fates and resolving their intertwined dilemmas.

King’s adept storytelling in Exposed further cements her status as a formidable voice in crime fiction, delivering a compelling and profoundly human narrative. This second instalment in The Dublin Thriller series not only builds on the foundations laid by its predecessor but also expands the saga with new layers of complexity and heart-stopping suspense, promising readers an unforgettable venture into the dynamics of power, loyalty, and survival.

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