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Red, White & Royal Blue (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Last Stop (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
I Kissed Shara Wheeler (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pairing (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Eternally Yours(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Casey McQuiston is an American published author of books, articles, and essays.

Casey McQuiston spent the majority of her childhood growing up in southern Louisiana and spending a good amount of time in its swamps! It was there that she first began to cultivate what would turn out to be a passionate and abiding love affair with delicious honey butter biscuits!

It was also the time where she started to read quite a bit. She found out that she really enjoyed emotional stories that had big hearts that were beating! For her higher education, she decided to study journalism. When she graduated, she worked in publishing with magazines for a few years before she decided that she should return to the first thing that gave her joy: off-beat romantic comedies as well as escapist fiction!

Casey McQuiston resides in the state of Colorado nestled in the Fort Collins mountains. She lives there with her accomplished caftan collection and her dog, a poodle mix named Pepper. She first came into print with the release of her first fiction book in 2019.

Casey McQuiston is the author of Red, White, & Royal Blue. This is a romantic comedy that has a big heart. If you have been looking for a new book to pick up, then check out this funny debut with a romantic center for yourself!

Anyone that is a fan of the Royal Family or has an active interest in royal news and celebrities will get a kick out of this book. Alex is the First Son and the last thing that he ever expects is that he is going to fall for Prince Henry (of Wales) following an international incident of epic proportions.

The incident will somehow lead to the two of them pretending that they are best friends. Alex Claremont-Diaz is a first son as well as the nearest thing that you could call resembling a prince on this side of an ocean. With his sister by this side and the genius granddaughter of the Vice President helping them out, they make up their own sort of little group.

The three of them are the trio of the White House. They’re a marketing strategy tea and do a great job working for Ellen Claremont. She’s the president and she also happens to be Alex’s mother. The socialite duties on a global level are not just fun and games all of the time. All of them come with their own downsides.

The team is about to find that out for themselves when all of a sudden incriminating photos come out. That is because these confrontational photos are of his nemesis for as long back as he can remember– Prince Henry. The photos are of the prince and he in a confrontation that took place at a wedding, and now they have been successfully leaked to all of the tabloids.

As a result, the present and the future of relations between Americans and the British is definitely threatened. The damage control plan is already set into motion, however. The big idea is that the prince will form a friendship with Alex. Even if it is fake, it is the best plan that they have. Alex thinks it’s a horrible idea as he really has his hands full.

Not only is he busy at the present moment taking on the opponents of his mother– who appear to be out for blood, by the way– he has other things going on. Like taking care of his ambitions when it comes to politics and not having a royal that is uptight and his enemy too getting in the way and slowing everything down.

When it comes to Henry, he is a totally great guy. That’s what people see when they look at him, and they think that he is a total Prince Charming. But as it turns out, that may just be a mask. This veneer of types let people see what they want to see, but there is so much more to who this person is when you find out what is underneath.

Henry actually has more to him than just filling the role of being the enemy of Alex. At least as far as he is concerned, he thinks that he has a pretty cool personality. He has a soft heart and is totally eccentric. He isn’t afraid to laugh or to see the funny side of things. With a dry taste when it comes to humor, he also has his own sense of baggage.

It turns out that there is more than just one spirit that is haunting this man. Henry may be followed by ghosts, but there are also more pressing matters to attend to. For one, President Claremont is focused on kicking off her bid when it comes to reelection.

Meanwhile, Alex is starting to discover that he is on his way into what is definitely a relationship on the down low. This secret liaison may be a strange detour that has the potential to derail just about everything. It could throw the campaign off totally off-kilter and while it’s at it, split two nations and their goodwill into two like a wooden board being broken by a karate chop.

Henry has a choice to make. Will he choose to throw everything that he knows away for Alex? Alex is certainly a charming man, if not totally impulsive. He thought that when it comes to life and more, he knew just about everything.

But what if he was wrong? The two men are trying to make a sacrifice, but they don’t know yet if it will prove to be worth it. Can the pair of them pull this thing off, or will they find that they are having a total change of heart?

Alex and Henry are doing their best to try and navigate their path and find their way. Will all that they do be worth it? And how will history choose to remember them? You’re going to have to pick up a copy of this stunning fictional debut from Casey McQuiston to find out!

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