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Cass Leary Legal Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cass Leary Legal Thriller Books

Cass Leary Series
Cass Leary is a series by American author-and-legal practitioner Robin James who has dealt with diverse ligations—ranging from domestic to crime to corporate lawsuits—in her decades-long profession. Accordingly, she once worked as a supervisory attorney at a Michigan-based law firm that offered pro bono services. An academician, Robin has had a professorial occupation at a law school.

Expectedly, the Michigan resident’s literary works draw from her law background. Robin, who prefers writing by the beach while boat watching, specializes in the legal fiction niche. Robin’s earliest books are dated December 2018; and their thematic elements include mysterious and bloody scenes, conspiratorial motives, and dramatic legal sessions.
Books in the Cass Leary Series
Besides the Cass Leary series, Robin also writes the Mara Brent series whose earliest instalment—titled Time of Justice—is dated January 2020. Originally dated December 19, 2018; Burden of truth is Robin’s first book in her Cass Leary series. Burden of truth’s protagonist is a criminal defense lawyer called Cass Leary who offers her legal services to murder suspect Aubrey Ames, aged nineteen. The murder victim is Larry Drazdowski, a heroic multi-winning school basketball coach. From 2005 to 2016, Larry’s team won all the interschool Championships back-to-back, except in 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2015.

The murder occurred weeks after Cass relocated from corporate Chicago (where she was a paralegal at the so-called Throne Law Group) to Delphi, in Michigan, where the lawyer’s family—mother is deceased; father is a drunkard; Cass fell out with her three other siblings—has been ridiculed for its lowly social status. The seemingly framed Aubrey’s murder confession— amid other reluctant lawyers—prompts the suspicious Cass to successfully offer legal aid.
First dated January 8, 2019; Silent Witness is the second book in her Cass Leary series. Silent Witness revolves about the murder of well-off foster parents—called the Ann Arbors—and the ensuing disappearance of their adopted daughter, a homicide witness called Jessica who is aged six. The girl’s biological mother is the then teenage rape victim called Vangie—she is lawyer Cass’s sibling; the murder suspect Vangie had recently been denied visitation rights. Prompted by the tense Vangie and fearing she may end up in the death row; the personally interested Cass takes over the homicide case that progressively implicates Vangie, espcially after her concerned siblings meddle in the litigation.

Initially dated April 22, 2019; Devil’s Bargain is book three in her Cass Leary series. In the Devil’s Bargain, the mafia blackmails Cass into a must-win litigation, wherein the defendant is an assassin called The Ghost. Unbeknownst to Cass, her former workplace Throne Law Group—her former superior Liam Thorne manages it—is affiliated with the Irish mafia through Liam’s sibling Killian Thorne who is her lover. Apparently, there was favoritism when Liam’s law firm employed—and once assisted her in locating her sister—then then paralegal Cass.

The Ghost has been fingered for the murder of a state attorney who had been probing the firm’s underworld connection. Thus, her former manager Liam wants Cass to return the favor by defending the murder suspect lest the mob targets her family members.

First dated August 7, 2019; Stolen Justice is the fourth book in the serialized Cass Leary. Cass who owns Leary Law Group, has since proved herself as a successful mob lawyer. She is now representing a sickly man—called Sean Allen Bridges—whose ongoing life imprisonment resulted from being seemingly unjustly jailed for campus-related rape and murder allegations, 24 years previously; the cancerous and dying defendant is a known peddler whose daughter is Cass’s employee, a subordinate paralegal called Tori who wants a Cass-led Sean’s exoneration from murder. The hostile police frustrate Cass’s reinvestigation, apart from her helpful lover-and-policeman Eric Wray who, in so doing, irks his protective colleagues.

Originally dated November 4, 2019, Cass Leary series’ fifth book is Blood Evidence; wherein Cass Leary—her newest employee is paralegal Mara—offers legal aid to her manipulating absentee father, a refuting drunkard called Joseph Patrick Leary, whose bloody hotel room prompted his accusation of his girlfriend’s murder. Cass also uses a DNA test to help an adoptee trace a biological mother.

First dated May 25, 2020; Imminent Harm is book six in the Cass Leary series. A designated judge called Kent Tucker wants Cass to prompt his sister Annie’s divorce from his allegedly abusive brother-in-law. Annie’s ensuing death prompts Cass’s free legal aid; alongside her beloved investigator Wray, they delve into the homicide investigation that relates with the Ukrainian mafia and absolves Annie’s husband of wife killing.

First dated November 26, 2020; First Degree is book seven in Robin’s Cass Leary series. In First Degree, Cass is also protecting a slain family member’s lover from injustice at the hands of an incompetent prosecution. The murder suspect is Cole who was the boyfriend of her cheerleading niece whose homicide investigation—and efforts to exonerate Cole—further displeases the local authorities whose workforce are implicated in a career-damaging revelation.

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