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Cassia Leo is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling young adult romance and romance author from Portland. She has a grown daughter who doubles as her assistant and together they have travelled to many locations across the United States. She has always dreamed of one day getting a huge record deal given that she can be really good singing in the shower.
Ever since she published her debut in 2011, she has gone on to publish more than forty titles in more than twelve series. Her novels have been on bestseller lists more than a dozen times over the years. Given her success, she has traditionally published her novels in many countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
Her work that is both traditionally and self published has been translated into multiple languages.

Leo has said that she loves her chocolate, coffee and margaritas with salt. When she is not writing her novels, she can be found watching old reruns of Sex and the City and Friends. When she is not watching her TV series, she can be found sunning herself in California most often with a book.
She loves to read movies and books that leave her emotionally scarred and challenge her mentally. She is also a huge believer in happy endings and true love and thinks most regrets come from people who let these things slip from their grasp.
Since she loves to get in character when she is writing her novels her family loves to call her a method writer. Leo thinks that writing in character is what makes it possible to understand her characters.

Cassia Leo has been an author since she was very young even though she started out writing dystopian and young adult post apocalyptic fiction in her earlier days. Nonetheless, much of her writing cannot be classified as young adult given that she loves to sprinkle in violence and sexual situations in her works.
As for influences, there are several books and authors that have inspired his writings. It was from Richard Bach’s “Illusions: Adventures of Reluctant Messiah” that he came to believe anything was possible and that he could make it as an author.
As for his writing he has always loved novels with unreliable narrators which usually involve determined and driven characters who have questionable morals such as ‘Gone Girl.” She also loves something with an unexpected twist and Markus Zusak’s work The Book Thief is another favorite.
Since Cassia has written so many novels with happy endings, she has also come to like novels with unhappy and ambiguous endings which is probably why he likes George Orwell’s “1984” and Lois Lowry’s “The Giver.”
As a romance novelist, her favorite novel has always been Elliot Wake’s Unteachable which aligns with her love for leads with questionable morals.

“Forever Ours” by Cassia Leo is the story of fifteen year old girl Claire. After eight years of being kicked around from one foster home to another, she does not have any meaningful bonds with her foster families or meaningful friendships. Finally, her social worker tells her that she will have to behave or she will be sent to a halfway house.
When she arrives at the home of her next foster parent Jack Knight, she is afraid that she is destined for the halfway house. Knight has a fifteen year old son named Chris that is an expert guitarist. But despite his rough tattooed look, he is nothing like what she ever encountered before and it is not long before he gains her trust with his unwavering patience and his music.
Claire believes she has found a place she could finally call home and soon after she is falling for Chris. But she has a strong need for a stable home and Chris dreams of becoming a star puts their love in jeopardy. Chris is reluctant to leave Claire behind even as he struggles with planning out his future.
But Claire has done something that could destroy everything including what she now calls home.

Cassia Leo’s “Relentless” still follows twenty year old college dropout Claire who has a dark secret. She has a lot of trouble dealing with a past that refuses to stay buried. Her life is now all about keeping people at bay and meditating at all hours of day. The sense of guilt over what she had inflicted on Chris, the love of her life hangs heavy.
Claire was brought up poor and when she was just seven she lost her mother to a drug overdose and spent much of her childhood moving from foster home to foster home. Her mother happened to have also had a difficult background and hence from a very young age, she had been taught to be afraid of the world and particularly men.
But she finally meets Chris who becomes the love of her life and first love. But a year later, they are broken up and Claire goes on the run having made a huge mistake. The mistake she made leaves her feeling shameful and guilty.
While on the run she meets Adam, a young man that she instantly connects with even though she does not know that he also has some huge secrets. They have a magnetic pull for each other but given their dark secrets it may be difficult for them to trust each other as they should.

“Pieces of You” by Cassia Leo continues on from the events of the second novel of the series “Relentless.” Claire had met Adam Parker but their secrets had been too heavy for their relationship. She had tried to push him away but his relentless pursuit had finally cracked her tough exterior and made her reveal her secrets.
In this novel, she is attending college 100 miles from her new love and this has taken a toll on their relationship. Things get even more complicated when Adam goes to Hawaii on business and Chris Knight, her first love, starts coming back into Claire’s life.
Chris wants her back and they know that there is no one better to mend her shattered heart. But her strength is tested to the limit and she has to deal with her dark past before they could make something of her life. Still Claire has to choose between a second chance at family love and home with Christ and a long distance relationship with Adam.

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