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An American author, Cassie Chambers has fast become a success in the world of publishing, beginning with a look back at the historical roots of her own family. Writing from a personal place, it’s clear that the subject matter is heartfelt when she writes about it, with passion exuding from the page. This is something that many readers have also warmed to, with her work being appreciated the world over, despite the localized subject matter of her writing. She clearly cares deeply about the people she’s writing about, and it’s this sense of empathy and compassion that rubs off on the reader. There’s a real feeling of intimacy to her work, and it’s this that critics, not just the public, have also responded well to.

The writing itself is clear, concise, and straightforward, with a direct approach that grabs the reader almost instantly. Drawing them in with her very human stories, she has a strong sense of characters that resonates with her audience, regardless of where they’re from. Her themes and ideas are universal, allowing her readers to invest themselves fully in her work, immersing themselves in the writing and the world. Not afraid to voice her own thoughts and opinions, she definitely has something of her own to say to, which comes across confidently on the page. She makes sure to not let this get in the way of the storytelling though, as she allows the characters to essentially speak for themselves.

Much of Chambers’ work draws from her own past, documenting the hardships that her family have had to face historically over the years. Bringing history to life, she’s also adept at research, providing her work with a grounded sense of authenticity quite unlike any other. This has ensured her work is highly believable, whilst also informing and educating her readers as to how it really was. Making sure to leave as little out as possible, she clearly knows and understands her subject matter well, both inside and out. With a lot more to come, it’s clear she’s not stopping anytime soon either, as her writing career grows every day.

Early and Personal Life:

Growing up in eastern Kentucky, Cassie Chambers would come to write about the world around her and her own upbringing. Using her experiences to help inspire her, she would nurture her love of literature, developing her own voice through the years. This would evolve in time, as she came to find a unique approach to the page, speaking about her family, and what they meant to her. Showing a lot of passion and love for the craft, this non-fiction style of storytelling would form the basis of much of her output.

Giving her readers an inside look into her world, she’d create an intimate and personal style that was easy to relate to. Graduating from Yale College, she’d then go on to attend Yale School of Public Health, which she’d also soon graduate from. Going on to attend the London School of Economics, followed by Harvard Law School, she would become president during her time there of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. Now living in Louisville with her husband and son, she continues to work to this very day, with plenty more still to follow.

Writing Career:

The first book to come from Cassie Chambers was her novel ‘Hill Women’, with it being a non-fiction title released in 2020. Going under the subheading of ‘Finding Family and Way Forward in the Appalachian Mountains’, it charts her own family’s history. Looking back at her roots, it follows much of her own upbringing, and how her family came to be where they lived. This would provide readers with a window into an otherwise unseen world, showing a somewhat different slant to American rural life.

Making name for herself with her high-profile legal work, Chambers was well regarded for the important legal changes she made. Granted a Skadden Fellowship in 2018, she’d have the chance to work with survivors of domestic abuse, allowing her to assist them legally. Conducting some exemplary work in the field of law, she’d focus on helping the survivors of domestic abuse, including helping see Jeanette’s Law through in 2018, which ended the requirement that domestic abuse survivors must pay the legal fees of their spouse when divorcing. Winning awards for her work as well, she now writes whilst continuing to work in the legal profession, with more planned on the horizon.

Hill Women: Finding Family and Way Forward in the Appalachian Mountains

Originally brought out in 2020 on the 7th of January, this would first come out through the ‘Ballantine Books’ publishing label. Not being a part of any overall series, it’s a stand-alone non-fiction title that tells its own self-contained story. Part memoir, it seeks to chart not only the past of Chambers herself, but the lives of the women in her family and what they went through.

One of the poorest counties in both Kentucky and America, Owsley County is tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, with its crumbling buildings and vacant fields. Living in the hollers and creeks there, the women of Appalachian are constantly searching for new and creative ways to survive and live. Tracing her family roots, Cassie Chambers looks into her past, telling the story of her grandmother who was married when just a child, then having to look after seven children. Despite this hard life struggling through poverty, it sees how she maintained a generous nature, always helping her neighbours. That’s when Wilma, her daughter, becomes the first child in the family to graduate high-school, and then, giving birth to Cassie, she gives her strong ambitions.

This book provides a great deal of insight into a way of life that for many is disappearing, as Chambers seeks to keep the past from being forgotten. Showing the strength and resilience of the women of her family, she allows them to essentially speak for themselves here. Whatever the background of the reader, this shines a light on a lifestyle that’s made easy to understand, being a clear testament to the writing skill of Cassie Chambers as an author with much more to give.

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