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Publication Order of The Hoyt/Dewell Books

The Cassie Dewell book series is a popular series of thriller, crime fiction, suspense, and mystery novels. It is written by a bestselling and award winning American novelist named C.J. Box. The Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt series have been merged into the Hoyt/Dewell Series.

C.J. Box has described the chief protagonist in this thriller series in the form of a police investigator named Cassie Dewell. Other than Cassie Dewell, the other important characters of this series as described by C J Box include Cody Hoyt, Gracie Sullivan, Danielle Sullivan, Kyle Westgaard, and several others. The series’ stories take place in North Dakota and Montana. At the series’ beginning, Cassie Dewell is introduced as a single mother living in Montana and an ex-rookie partner of an ex-police investigator named Cody Hoyt. With the progress of the plots, it is seen that Cassie Dewell moves to North Dakota and takes up a new job in North Dakota’s sheriff’s department. Cassie all her investigating skills to hunt down the criminals in her new work place. The novels of this series form a part of another well known series written by Box called A Highway Quartet series. The latter is also a mystery & thriller series dealing with crimes taking place on the highways and their subsequent investigations as well as criminal hunts. This series is set in Montana and features Cody Hoyt as the main lead and Cassie Dewell as his investigating partner. The novels from second to fourth of the Highway Quarted series form the Cassie Dewell book series, showing Cassie Dewell in the role of the chief protagonist.

C.J. Box is an Edgar Award winning novelist, who has penned 19 novels in his career altogether. He is also the bestselling author of the highly popular Joe Picket book series. In addition to Edgar, Box’s books have also helped him win the Prix Calibre 38, Macavity Award, Gumshoe Award, Barry Award, and an Anthony Award. Besides writing full length fiction stories, author Box also writes short stories and many of them have appeared in the Best Mystery Stories of America in 2006. Some of them have even made it to the limited edition printings. Box’s 2008 book Blood Trail received a nomination of the prestigious International IMPAC Literary Award in Dublin, Ireland. Author Box is the native of Wyoming. Before becoming a writer, used to work in different trades such as working as a surveyor, ranch hand, newspaper reporter, fishing guide, editor, etc. Also, Box is the co-owner of an international firm of tourism marketing. He runs this firm in partnership with his beloved wife named Laurie. The couple has 3 daughters. When he is not busy with his writing projects, author Box likes to explore his personality of an outdoorsman. He loves to hunt, hike, fish, ski, and ride throughout the Mountain West and Wyoming. As of today, author Box resides in Wyoming and enjoys his time with his happy family.

The debut book of the Cassie Dewell series written by C.J. Box is entitled ‘The Highway’. It was released by the Minotaur Books in the year 2013. The book is set in Montana, United States, and features the central characters as Gracie Sullivan, Cassie Dewell, Danielle Sullivan Cody Hoyt, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Danielle and Gracie Sullivan are sisters and they set out on a distant stretch of road in Montana in order to go meet a friend of their’s. But, they had no idea that they won’t be seen or heard by anyone after this trip. It is learned that the sisters and their car vanished mysteriously from the highway. Cody Hoyt, a former investigator in the Montana police department, tries to get over losing his job. He falls off the wagon after being sober for a long time. Cody’s son and former rookie-partner Cassie Dewel convince him to investigate the case of the missing girls privately, following which he takes a south to the location where the girls were last seen. As Cody and Cassie make their way to the location on the highway where the girls disappeared, they come to know that the Sullivan sisters are not the first ones to disappear from that place. They go on to establish the reality that the majestic landscape is a vicious killer’s hunting ground. The killer is highly intelligent and knows his ways through every corner of that location. Cassie and Cody suspect that the killer is not committing the crimes alone and is definitely getting help. Knowing that there is not much time left with Gracie & Danielle, Cassie tries to overcome her inexperience and doubts, and use her skills to safe the girls’ lives. Meanwhile, Cody Hoyt continues his battle his demons.

The series’ next installment is called ‘The Badlands’. It was also published by Minotaur in 2015. This book’s setting in done in Grimstad, North Dakota, United States and it features the important characters as Sheriff Jon Kirkbride, Cassie Dewell, Leslie Behaunek, and Ian Davis. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that a new oil well is found in Grimstad. The construction of the long line enables the flow of oil out and money in. This also leads of crime. With the increasing law & order problems and criminal cases Cassie Dewell is handed over the charge of Grimstad’s deputy sheriff. Kyle Westergaard is introduced as a 12 year old paperboy. He is labeled as a slow kid, but doesn’t think so. Kyle wishes to move out of the town and look after his alcohol-addicted mother. Shortly after beginning his journey, Kyle sees a car accident and when he goes nearby the wreckage, Kyle gets his hands full with a huge amount of money and several bags of narcotics. The temperature in Grimstad keeps decreasing as opposed to increasing crime. Cassie fears that she might have to deal with too much single-handedly. She comes across the key solution in the unlikely form of an undersized kid, who is unaware that he is in too much danger. This book also became very successful like the previous one and sold numerous printed copies throughout the world. Author Box also gained a lot of success as a writer with the book’s success and it helped him become much more famous. Many critics and fellow authors appreciated this book’s unique story and interesting character depictions. It helped the book in getting good reviews from one and all. Overall, the book seems to be an intriguing read and consists all the elements of an interesting book of mystery and suspense.

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  1. Lee Firlik: 8 months ago

    I started reading the Hoyt/Dewell books because of the TV series “Big Sky.” The series can’t hold a candle to the books it was based on. Pity! Sadly, another Hoyt/Dewell novel may be another year or two away. Meanwhile Joe and Nate can fill the void, if I read them a second time. Now that April has crossed over might there be anpother “melding?”

  2. Lorraine & Robert Stevenson: 10 months ago

    OMG.. Absolutely love the Joe Pickett series. We sit here and read sentences, paragraphs, kust funny situations, and when the s___ hits the fan, which is ALWAYS.. we sit here laughing out loud, exclaiming “its gonna get Coboy real quick now”
    Please continue this character on and on forever.
    Reading your books takes place of most stuff on TV (even football)
    Thanks for people we cherish

  3. Joyce cox: 1 year ago

    My husband and I love your books. About Joe picket and Cassie dwell hoping you write
    many more in these series can’t wait

  4. Dora Harste: 2 years ago

    I love the Cassie Dewell books they are great. I hope you write more of them.

  5. Jan Shellman Sherman: 2 years ago

    C.J. Box iis such a superb naturalist and story teller. The reader feels they are swept into bramble of scraping rock and dew of clinging pine needles, with a rich patina of horse smells, the sweat of fear, aches of the mishaps and each small thrill in the adventure as his story puzzles unravel. Without a doubt, he is any outdoor biologist’s dream writer.


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