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Castle of the Hidden Grotto Books In Order

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Publication Order of Hidden Grotto Books

House of Dark Delights (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bound in Moonlight (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whispers of the Flesh (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
In the Garden of Sin (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Apart from being a writer, Louisa Burton is also a painter and a collector of rare books. Despite the fact that her home being is New York City, Louisa Burton loves to travel from time to time. A lifelong devotee of Victorian history, mythology, and erotica, Louisa’s particular interests lies in beings known by mythologists and demonologists as sexual demon. These sexual creatures include incubi, succubi, djinn, vampires, satyrs among many others. With the house of dark delights and the Hidden Grotto book series, author, Louisa Burton is weaving all these epic work of erotic fiction together.

Castle of the Hidden Grotto Book Series

House of Dark Delights

It is incontrovertibly clear that the author, Louisa Burton must have had an excellent time working on the house of Dark Delights. While a majority of authors are normally stuck within a single time frame, the story in the House of Dark Delights and the entire Hidden Grotto book series range over two to three millennia. Ms. Louisa Burton skips through history, all the way from the lecherous eighteenth century all the way to the roaring twenties and from the Victorian era, all the way to the Roman conquests. Instead of time, her stories are anchored by place. The stories in the Castle of Hidden Grotto are set in environs of the seductive and mysterious Grotte Cachee, a place where sensuality and magic reigns, a place where nothing seems to be what it is. Grotte Cachee resides in one of the valleys of Auvergne. The region includes cavern of volcanic origins widely known for its psychotropic vapors, a sacred grove that is shaded by an exceedingly ancient oak and a geothermal spring whose waters not only magnify but also transmit emotional states. The valley is also made up of the exceedingly luxurious Chateau, a place where the guests of the valley are debauched and accommodated.

Humans beings come and go, over the years, but the inhabitants of the magical Grotte Cachee are a set of immortal creatures follets or sexual demons, who to survive require the sexual energy of the visiting human beings. The author, Luiosa Burton introduces the readers to Indigo the Satyr, a creature whose masculine endowment is much more, than anyone in Greek mythology. Apart from Indigo, the readers are also introduced to Lilli, an ancient Mesopotamian goddess, who can mold the perception of the victim to match their fantasies. Elric is also another creature who is a serial hermaphrodite, with the ability to take the form of an exquisite woman or an equally handsome man. Darius is an exceedingly shy, shape shifting genie, who cannot resist fulfilling the request of the people that he meets along the way. For approximately two millennia, these follets have not only been protected but also been kept satisfied by the enigmatic Seigneur of the Chateau, as well as his administrateur. Louisa Burton’s tales focus on the interactions between humans and the various immortals.

Bound in Moonlight

Bound in Moonlight is an erotic collection of three short stories, which resemble a series of Russian wooden dolls, each of them containing a much smaller doll, way down to the tiniest doll in the center. Each of the narratives takes place in a different historical setting. Furthermore, each of the stories is referred to in another later story. The sexual imagery of the objects which are hidden inside other objects recurs throughout the installment. The Castle of Hidden Grotto appears to have been constructed during ancient times, over a vaginal cave that happens to be the pipeline to boundless sexual energies. Grotte resembles various real world sites that are believed to be sacred mainly because they were built over natural energy sources. The real setting of each of the stories is the chateau and everyone who accepts the invitation to visit the site falls under the spell of the chateau. In this installment, we meet Emmeline, an exceedingly naïve heiress, who is hopeful of meeting up with her entitled English fiancée.

Upon arriving, Emmeline finds her English fiancée with two other women in bed. The English fiancée is unapologetic and warms Emmeline that if she happens to break their engagement and causes him to lose all the dowry, then he will ensure that Emmeline does not get another proposal from any other man. Apart from threatening her, the fiancée also goes ahead to make fun of her hat, that when she was putting on appeared like a fashion statement. However, now the hat has been drenched on by the rain before she arrived at the chateau. Many years later, Emmeline recounts how an exceedingly seductive man, who appeared to be a permanent resident of the chateau, saved her. The man showed so much interest in her pleasure as his own. As any middle-aged woman in the early 1920’s, Megdeline is more than proud that she has never been sold, or bought in marriage. With that said, Bound in Moonlight is one of the darkest and gripping books ever.

The two main characters have both suffered from outrageous fortune and have depth as well. The last story in this installment is Magic Hour, a bittersweet This story has been set in the current times. The Magic Hour shows a sense of responsibility and hereditary roles can prevent a woman and a man from falling in love and following their hearts. Isabel is an exceedingly young woman, who is more like Emmeline during her early years.

Whispers of the Flesh

Whispers of the Flesh takes the readers to a hidden castle in France, Chateau de la Grotte. The job of the castle administrateur is to offer carnal nourishment for the mortals and the immortals, who reside in the castle. Apparently, sex from the mortals is something that the inhabitants of the castle cannot live without. However, due to their exceedingly delicate nature, these immortals require some privacy and protection. Whispers of the Flesh contains two stories that give out details the experiences of different individuals at the Chateau de la Grotte at different times. When a Jesuit demon hunter, one David Beckett shows up at the Chateau disguised as a landscape artist, Lilli becomes physically attracted to David and also finds herself love-struck with the young man.

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