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Publication Order of Castles Ever After Books

Romancing the Duke (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Say Yes to the Marquess (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
When a Scot Ties the Knot (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Do You Want to Start a Scandal (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Castles Ever After is a great work of Romance or one must precisely say Historical Romance by Tesse Dare. A series which is full of romance, love, with a brush of reality. The three books in the series have different story-lines and are set into different times with different characters.
The one thing that binds the three books into a series is a great fusion of romance and imagination with reality. The books are great reads for those who do not believe that every fairy tale has a happy ending but with a few sacrifices and compromises.

About The Author
Tesse Dare is an American author, a New York Times Bestseller and USA Today Best Selling Author. She has authored more than a dozen incomparable works of romance and every single of them breaks the boundaries of ‘happy endings’.
She has won a great amount of recognition from the fans and the society. Her books have won Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA awards along with many other RT Reviews Reviewer’s Choice Awards. The Booklist magazine has seen a great potential in her writings and has named her “New Stars Of Historical Romance”. A title enough to motivate any writer to write better and better.
She has romance in her veins and a contract to translate the book into a dozen languages proves that she has immense potential. She started as a librarian and remains a book lover forever.
She resides in Southern California along with her husband, two children and two kitties.

The three books in the series have different leading characters in the book. Although, they never reappear in the series as the three books are completely different. These characters are the heart of the series. Here is a review of all the characters of the series.

Izzy is the lead character of the first book of the series ‘Romancing Duke’. Izzy or Isolde Ophelia Goodnight is a daughter of an author and keeps on fanaticizing on having a brush of romance in her life. The time passes by and she never receives any romantic experience in her life.
She thinks of innumerable situations to find her prince charming, tries weird thing but nothing happens. Finally at the age of twenty six she accepts the heart breaking truth that there is no prince charming coming her way and she has to look for someone who can give roof over her head.
The change of heart happened when Izzy’s father died and her cousin took everything away and left her with nothing. She had no food to eat, no money or anything.
On the first encounter with the hero, she faints because of being hungry for days and from there on there is a saga of romance between two completely different personalities. Ransom is a man of broody mood and remains angry throughout the book (Except for the romantic portions). There is a tragic story about ransom which goes by throughout the book. You will fall in love with the characters and the way Izzy falls in love with this broody Duke.

Clio whitmore is the leading character of the second book of the series ‘Say Yes To Marquess’. She is a princess by birth. After eight years of engagement with a price Piers Brandon a wandering Marquess of Granville, she finally decides to break the engagement.
Clio takes the decision to break the engagement when she inherits a castle and was able to scrape together some pride to finally say ‘No’ to ‘Piers’.
In light of the developments, Rafe Brandon the brother of Piers decides to step in to save the marriage. Rafe is a man in great trouble, the more he tries to convince Clio or marry Piers the more he is falling in love with her.With a great dilemma of love and honor throughout the book, it is an interesting read cover to cover. You will never get bored of the story.
Clio on the other hand falls in love with Rafe, the nefarious brother of Piers who came to convince her to marry his brother. Clio and Rafe grew up together and there is a great chemistry between the two. The interesting part is when the chemistry takes a romantic turn and both of them are into a great moral dilemma.

Madeline is the lead character of the third book ‘When a Scot Ties the Knot’. A talented girl in pencil drawing lacks the necessary expertise to impress men. She is beautiful but very shy. Madeline Gracechurch is a character with great details, the way her character is built, you will fall in love with her.
She is a talent beautiful girl and when she is not able to find a handsome lad for herself, she finally creates her own fantasy character named Captain Logan Mackenzie. A sailor by profession and a very tall and handsome guy. A Scottish handsome man who was never supposed to come gained the social status to Madeline.
The story takes a twist when the imaginary Scottish sailor whom she is writing those letters to finally arrives. Yes, there was a real man with the same name at the same place where she used to send the letters to.
He comes to her door wounded, jaded with all her letters and promises to keep all the promises that Madeline asked him to make in the letters. The story takes an interesting turn when Madeline finally makes up her mind to marry the man she always dreamt about.
There is a huge mental battle from within in both the leading characters of the book, Madeline is not able to digest the existence of a real Captain Logan and he cannot digest the number of lies she has told the world.

Castles Ever After is a different type of series. There are the three different characters in three different books. Although these are not repeated in any other books of the series, these characters are the heart of the series. Every character has one thing in common, a princess who never expects to finds her prince or longs for him.

The characters are beautifully made and there are great details in each of them. Although, in most of the books which come in series have common characters, this series is a little different. There are three different characters but the basic traits of the characters remain the same.

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