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Publication Order of Sleuthin' In Boots / Steely & Cuff Books

How to Leash a Thief (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Kennel a Killer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Fetch a Felon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
How to Muzzle a Murderer (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cat Clayton is a published author.

Cat Clayton says that in her past life, she was a gypsy. In the life that she is currently living, she identifies as a writer, mother, wife, and artist. She says that she is able to write best when she has lots of coffee by her as well as some other writing inspirations. These would include slices of dill pickles, Goldfish crackers, and Raisinettes.

She lives somewhere located in the general vicinity of the state of Texas. Catloves writing as well as putting the sleuths into different situations that usually contain some type of general danger. She will also usually have them stumble their way into finding dead bodies as well as helping them to solve the mysteries. It’s like a form of Murder She Wrote mystery stories with a contemporary vibe that is a little humorous and combines a little bit of romance too and maybe a handsome cop involved.

Cat Clayton is the creator of the Steely & Cuff mystery series of fictional novels. The first book in this series came out for readers to enjoy in 2017. These books are oriented around animals and mysteries and how they can help their human caretakers to solve crimes and get things done! The sequel to the first story was released a year later in 2018. If you are looking for an awesome series to read, then check this one out and see what you think!

The first book in the Steely & Cuff series is titled How to Leash a Thief. If you are looking for an awesome book that is the first in the series, check this one out and meet the main human character of Steely Lamarr for the first time.

Sometimes it is the person that you would least expect to be crooked that ends up being as untrustworthy as the hind leg of a dog. But that is often the case, and so you should never ignore the feelings that you have in the pit of your stomach if you don’t trust them. Human beings often don’t tune into this feeling, but dogs have no problem letting themselves trust their feelings when they don’t like someone.

Steely is a sassy and smart Southern woman that knows what she wants. She has a deep fondness for pie as well as her Chihuahua dog, who happens to get a little bit cheeky from time to time. She also loves her fashionable spiked boots. She also knows that she loves solving mysteries but isn’t a fan of murder.

Steely is shocked and horrified when she finds out that someone that she knows has died. Not only that they died, but that they were murdered. It was not just someone she knows from around town, either. It was the janitor that comes in at night to clean things at the grooming shop that she owns personally. This is not only a terrible thing to happen, but Steely cannot help but feel guilty because it was her employee.

She is extra angry to find out that the janitor was not only apparently murdered, but to add insult to fatal injury, his dog has been kidnapped. Now Steely is determined to find out what happened not only to her janitor but to his dog too. She’s going to get to the bottom of all of this, but is about to find that she is in for a lot more trouble than she ever anticipated.

When some terrible events happen and this series of events goes down, her world quickly starts to flip upside down. This Southern woman may be sassy but she is sweet too and wants to figure out who did this. When she finds another corpse, she knows that something is going on.

It would be better to stay off the radar of a psychopath, but she is doing the best that she can. She is going to get some help along the way from Cuff, the purse pooch that always gives her support. Daniel is giving her emotional support as her best friend and a hot police officer, this lady is off to a good start. With her grandma on her side too, she’s trying to do her best to hunt down clues and find a killer.

Can Steely track down a killer before it is too late? Pick up the first book in this series to find out for yourself in an exciting mystery saga!

The second book in the fun Steely & Cuff series is titled How to Kennel a Killer. Check it out if you loved the first story and want to have more adventures with the furry and human characters in this book!

Steely Lamarr is the perfect mix of brassy, sassy, and southern. She has a Chihuahua dog that never leaves her side and loves to be vocal. Along with her crew, she’s organizing the annual contest for the best pet costume. But they end up getting stalled when a contest judge doesn’t show up to help because she’s dead.

The town librarian was so nice, but now she’s not going to be putting books away anytime soon. Steely finds out from a woman’s journal that the library must have met her untimely end because of someone she met through one of those modern dating apps.

Steely also happens to be a resident for her local citizens watch group. So it’s no surprise that she thinks that it is her civic duty along with her group to help Officer Jackson and the local police department and help bring the killer out there on the loose in and serve them justice.

Only in a town like this would things be so zany. Between running away from dogs, reuniting with her sister, surviving stakeouts, dealing with local drama, and more, she’s running into a ton of obstacles on her mission to try and find out who wanted to kill the local librarian and what possible motive they could have had for doing it.

Can she stay away from one murderous villain? Can she keep her romance steady with Jackson? Find out the answers and more in this book from Cat Clayton!

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