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Publication Order of Cat in the Attic Books

The Curse of Hollister House (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mystery Before Christmas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Cupid Caper (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret of Logan Pond (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magic of Halloween Night (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Cat in the Attic” is a series of novels by Kathi Daley, a bestselling author of mystery and romance novels. She is best known as the author of the “Zoe Donovan” mystery series even though she has several other very successful works. Daley is known for writing novels that combine romance with mystery to make for intriguing and interesting reads. Reviewers have said that many of the people who read her novels get drawn into them for their mystery but it is the romance that keeps them coming back. She currently lives in Alpine, a small town near Lake Tahoe. She lives with her husband Ken, several children and Echo their pet dog. When she is not writing her blockbuster novels, she can be found playing along the beach with her many grandchildren that live nearby. Daley particularly loves the summer as she gets to go on sunset cruises, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and wakeboarding. She spends much of her winters skiing cross county, snowshoeing and drinking her coffee by the fire with a good mystery in her hand.

Even though Kathi Daley is one of the most prolific authors in the romance and mystery genre, she got into writing by a fluke. They had agreed to sell their business and both she and her husband were semi-retired, even though none of them just wanted to stay at home. He was interested in becoming a real estate agent while she decided to try her hand at writing. Daley believed that since she could do her writing from almost anywhere, she could still do it even when they started traveling which is what they intended to do. Even though she jotted down several ideas on a notepad, a few weeks after starting, she was far from publishing anything. It did not help that she did not have any creative or literary training that would have helped her in her quest. But then she had an idea to share a paragraph about her dog on Facebook and it blew up. Kathi currently writes four series and once she started uploading to Amazon as an Indie she has seen explosive growth. However, while she has sold more than 100,000 copies of her novels as an independent publisher on Amazon she wanted to get more doors open for her through traditional publishing. She now publishes one of her series through Henery Press and gets to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“The Cat in the Attic” is a thrilling series of novels that ask how one goes about starting over when everything is ripped from their hands. In “The Curse of Hollister House” Calliope is back home after getting involved in an accident and losing the use of one hand. Her future as a concert pianist is not that bright even if she is in therapy. While she is thinking about what to do with her life she gets involved in a homicide mystery case involving a young girl. In “The Mystery Before Christmas” the second novel of the series, Calie is spending time at the shelter while also working for the local newspaper writing human interest stories. Meanwhile, there is someone playing Santa and committing random acts of kindness only for someone to turn up dead. “The Case of the Cupid Caper” is set on Valentine’s Day and opens to Callie having been promoted to full time reporter. Her first job is to report on the local matchmaker who seems intent in getting all singles in the area matched up. Things had been going great until one of the people she was to interview turns up murdered.

In “The Curse of Hollister House,” Calliope Rose Collins is back home since she can no longer continue working as a concert pianist. She had been involved in an accident seriously injuring her hand and is now back in Foxtail Lake, Hollister. It is the home of Gracie, her great aunt, where she had spent much of her childhood. Cass Wylander her childhood friend who is now a police officer is involved in a bizarre murder mystery. Some girl had been killed in a manner reminiscent of how Stacy her friend had died two decades past. Callie believes the two cases are linked but Wylander has a suspect in custody and his boss needs him to get the case closed as the mayor is being a huge pain about it. Even though Callie believes they need to investigate further it seems she does not have a prayer. Callie decides to investigate on her own as she wants justice for the victims. Together with her cat Alastair, she embarks on a thrilling investigative adventure on a quest for the truth that no one else seems to be interested in.

In “The Mystery Before Christmas” the second novel of the “Cat in the Attic” series, the secret Santa is back. Callie is reporting the news of the random acts of kindness perpetrated by the mysterious man in her new column in the local paper. He is delivering what the deserving residents most required going into the holidays. Some of the things he delivered include transportation, a new wheelchair, snow shoveling services and a down payment. Callie sets out to investigate the identity of Santa as she believes he needs public recognition for his works of charity. But it is not going to be an easy job as there are many people with the resources to go around doing altruistic works. The big question is just who has the time to sneak around the community delivering much needed gifts and still remain hidden. Ford Fisher is a man who is familiar with charity and according to his friends, his behavior in the recent past makes him a great candidate for the Secret Santa operating in the shadows. But his best friend is Buford Norris who is recently deceased having been found with a bump on his head and buried under a mound of frozen snow. Could the man’s behavior indicate that he is the secret Santa or could he be involved in more nefarious acts?

“The Case of the Cupid Caper,” the third of the series by Kathi Daley, Callie is still living with Gracie, her great aunt in Foxtail Lake. She had been raised in Hollister House by her great aunt when she lost both parents very young. She still loves to spend time in the attic, where she had spent hours as a child seeking solace. Alastair the cat now joins her in the attic whenever they have nothing else to do. She has also reconnected with Cass Wylander, her childhood friend who is now a police officer. She has also made friends with a young girl named Paisley Holloway who recently lost her mother, volunteers at the local animal shelter and works part time writing a column for the local paper. She has a lot to do and things get even more interesting when there is a new murder.

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