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Cat Latimer Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Cat Latimer Mysteries Books

A Story to Kill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatality by Firelight (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Of Murder and Men (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Slay in Character (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sconed to Death (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Field Guide to Homicide (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Body in the Book Drop (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer Christmas Wish (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Caught Dead to Write (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder On A Snowy Evening (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Cat Latimer series is a set of mystery novels by Lynn Cahoon, a fantasy, science fiction, contemporary romance and mystery author. Lynn is an author that has had much success and many of her novels have been on USA Today and New York Times bestselling lists. Cahoon has several series to her name including the “Cat Latimer,” the “Tourist Trap,” “Farm to Fork,” “Bull Rider,” and “Kitchen Witch Mysteries.” For her work, she has won several awards over the years including the Best Mystery Fiction of the Year in 2015 for her novel “Guidebook to Murder.” The “Cat Latimer” series which she started writing in 2014 with the novel “A Story to Kill” is fast becoming one of her most popular. The author is native of Nampa, Idaho and spent much of her childhood there. She lives with her husband and several pets in a very small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi not unlike the ones she loves to write about in her novels.

Lynn Cahoon loves to spend much of her time relaxing on the riverbank as this is how he comes up with the many interesting plotlines for her works. Many of her novels are the stories of people that love others unconditionally. Lynn has said that this is because she loves happy endings in her own life. As such, many of the characters in her novels tend to love unconditionally even when the people that are loved may not be perfect. As a breast cancer survivor, she finds a lot of inspiration from that period in her life when her husband was her biggest rock. After she survived the cancer she recovered and went back to being full of life and that is when she started thinking of becoming an author. She published her debut novel “Guidebook to Murder” in 2015 and has never looked back since. Since Lynn Cahoon loves to fraternize with other members of the writing community, she is an active member of several writing organizations such as MORWA and MWA. She has come a long way from the days she used to read novels as a child to becoming one of the most respected romance authors. When she is not penning her bestselling novels she can be found interacting with her readers and fans on social media. They talk about anything from love life and goals and dreams.

The “Cat Latimer” series is a set of novels by Lynn Cahoon about a former English professor named Cat Latimer. Michael, her ex husband had passed on leaving his house to her alongside several secrets. She had turned the beautiful Victorian house into a writer’s retreat where struggling and aspiring writers could finish their manuscripts. In “A Story to Kill” the first of the series, her husband passes on and leaves her the house in Colorado. Things go wrong when the first set of writer guests arrive as they wake up to find one strangled in his bed one morning. In “Fatality by Firelight” the second novel of the series, one of the writers decides to flirt with a local woman even though it is clear that he is engaged to be married. Even though she puts a stop to things when he intends to escalate, she is the lead suspect when he turns up dead the next morning. He had been killed while drinking his champagne outside the house. In “Of Murder and Men” Cat is writing a novel while packing up her ex husbands things from the home office. She is also trying to find the facts of his mysterious murder while dealing with the fact that her best friend and business partner got into a relationship with an undesirable character.

Lynn Cahoon’s “A Story to Kill” has Cat back in Colorado where she is the host to a writers retreat. The big Victorian house left to her by her husband can accommodate several writers and so she had converted it into a retreat. But things go wrong on the property right from the arrival of the first batch of guests. When she opens the place for business one of the first people to book a spot is Tom Cook, a bestselling author all the way from New York. Latimer does not know why anyone would travel all the way from New York but she is happy to have the man among the less famous and quirkier attendees. Seth, her high school sweetheart has been fixing up their battered home and this causes mixed emotions for Cat. But it is not Seth she will be calling when she finds the dead body but rather the police chief who is also her uncle. Tom, the most illustrious guest ends up dead and Cat’s new life may be up to a rough start.

In “Fatality by Firelight” Cat Latimer is hosting a writers retreat when something goes terribly wrong. Her boyfriend and handyman Seth escorts the authors to the ski resort next door in the hope that the cold air will be good for jogging their creativity. But they are not interested in the slopes as they head to the resort’s bar. It is not long before Christina, a tipsy romance novelist is hanging out with a local ski bum. But what he had not told her was that he was engaged and would be married in a few weeks. The town sheriff is informed of a murder and comes down to investigate. He tells Cat that the young man had been found murdered in his tub even as Christina came in covered in blood and crying uncontrollably. Cat is afraid that everything could go horribly wrong as she has to deal with so many things at once that include; the arrival of a stranger all in black, the theft of a rare Hemingway collection and a murder mystery.

In “Of Murder and Men” the third novel of the “Cat Latimer Mystery” series, love is in the air in the retreat when blood is spilled. Ever since Shauna her business partner had fallen in love with some rich landowner in the small town, Cat had to work double time to ensure the business continued to run. January is coming up and this means a lot of guests, which is the perfect recipe for scheduling errors. But as if that is not enough, Shauna goes missing one morning, and Cat has to dash to the store to get some muffins. The guests are none the wiser but Latimer gets the bad piece of news as Shauna reports that her lover had disappeared from their bed. Soon after, his body is discovered in the barn but given his raucous life, the list of people gunning for revenge is very long. While balancing a suspect list and an eccentric group of writers, Cat learns that she is in the cross hairs of a vicious killer.

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