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Publication Order of Cat Star Chronicles Books

The Cat Star Chronicles book series is a wonderful series of paranormal, erotica, fantasy, contemporary, science fiction, romance, and adult fiction stories. It is written by a critically acclaimed American writer named Cheryl Brooks. This series is comprised of 10 books in total published between 2008 and 2014. Every book in this erotic romance series features different central characters, who are depicted as indulging in sensual love affairs. Cheryl Brooks has depicted the male characters as Zeitithian warriors, who possesses exceptionally special powers. The stories described in each of the novels are powerhouses of suspense, passion, and contemporary romance. The heroic characters mentioned appear dangerous, sexy, and hot as hell. Their relationship with the heroines seems extremely fascinating and sensual. Mostly, the heroes are shown having a feline gene because of which they possess remarkable sexual powers. The stories appear to be sexy adventures that the readers find difficult to get off their eyes from. They are funny, wickedly sexy, and unique in every sense. Author Brooks has also filled the compelling tales with a lot of intrigue, sizzling romances, and danger.

Cheryl Brooks has presented nice futuristic stories with interesting worlds that offer exciting aliens and fascinating customs. The stories also comprise of small portions of mysteries in them. In every book, the depiction of heroes is done as strong, powerful men, and the heroines too seem not less than them. They are shown as strong and independent women. Some of the most remarkable characters created by Cheryl Brooks for this series include Cat, Jacinth, Leo, Tisana, Tychar, Kyra, Lynx, Bonnie, Manx, Drusilla, Micayla, Trag, Dax, Ava, Lucinda Force, Tarq Zulveidione, Sara Shiled, Terra Minor, Jerden Morokovitz, Kimcasha, Onca, etc. The plot settings are done by Brooks on a fictional planet called Zetith. Each of the books succeeded in reaching out to a vast number of audiences throughout the globe. They were mentioned and talked about by various prominent authors. Even several established critics have said words of praises for the novels in numerous literary journals and magazines. All of this has helped to increase the popularity of Cheryl Brooks as a writer of romance stories to a great extent.

Cheryl Brooks is a famous author of contemporary, science fiction, and romance novels. She has written many successful series in her writing career such as Cowboy Heaven, Cat Star Chronicles, Unlikely Lovers, Cat Star Legacy, The Sextet Presents, Soul Survivors, etc. Cheryl has gained tremendous popularity for her novels in many parts of the world. She is a native resident of Louisville, Kentucky, and completed her graduation from Kentucky Baptist Nursing School in 1976. Following this, Cheryl also obtained a BSN in 1986 from the Indiana University. Cheryl became interested in horses when she was very small. Eventually, when she shifted to rural Indiana with her family in 1989, she gathered many animals at her home that included cats, dogs, and horses. Author Brooks is happily married for over 30 years now. She has 2 sons named Sam and Mike. Before turning into a full time writer in 2012, Cheryl worked as a nurse. She spent 30 years of her life in this profession. Cheryl believes that it is possible to turn a fantasy into reality by writing it down. For many years, she has entertained her fans and friends with her writing.

While most of her books were published by other publishing houses, she has self-published one of her books in 2006. Cheryl wrote the book as Samantha R Michaels. One of Cheryl’s novels, Rebel, has won the Prism Award in 2015 in the category of the Best Futuristic Romance. The book, Wildcat, was placed in the second position for the same award in 2014. Besides writing several novel series, Cheryl Brooks has also penned a stand-alone book and a short story, both of which were self-published. Her Unlikely Lovers series has also been self-published by Brooks. She has contributed to 5 anthologies with her Sextest sisters books. Cheryl Brooks is a proud member of the RWA as well as the Indiana chapter of RWA. During her spare times, she likes to take up interesting activities like gardening, guitar playing, cooking, and singing. Cheryl is quite happy and satisfied with her achievements as a novelist. She hopes to achieve a lot more success in the upcoming years.

The debut book of the Cat Star Chronicles series written by Cheryl Brooks is entitled ‘Slave’. It consists of the main characters as Jacinth ‘Jack’ Rutland Tshevnoe and Carkdacund ‘Cat’ Tshevnoe. The Sourcebooks Casablanca released it in 2008. At the book’s start, Cat is introduced as a slave warrior. He has fearsome strength, sensuality, awesome beauty, and unmatched sexual powers. In spite of being chained and beaten, Cat has an extraordinary aura of virility and power. Jacinth is described as a trader from the intergalactic region. She has undertaken a rescue operation and is need of a trustworthy man. After spending many years of different planets in search of her abducted sister, Jacinth arrives at a place where she finds that all women are treated as slaves. She worries about her life and so, she thinks of hiring a strong slave to keep her safe. As the story proceeds further, Cat and Jacinth get entangled in a web of lust, love, and deception. They strive to get rid of deadly killers and in the process get much closer to each other.

The next volume of this series is called ‘Warrior’. It features the lead characters as Tisana and Leccasian ‘Leo’ Banadansk. The book begins by showing Leo arrives on the doorstep of Tisana. He is badly beaten and asks her to provide him shelter. With Tisana’s care, Leo begins to gain his strength. As soon as his wounds heal completely, Leo uses his exceptional sexual talents for bewitching Tisana and achieving his freedom. Tisana is known to have legendary healing powers. She knows that Leo can prove helpful to her in fulfilling her destiny. So, she doesn’t wish to let him run away at this moment. As the two embark on a dangerous journey, Leo thinks of giving up everything for gaining freedom and Tisana looks to reveal all her powers. While doing so, they are forced to deal with several dangers in their path. It does not take them long to realize that they have to join hands and work as a team if they wish to remain alive at the end of the journey. Just like the previous installment, this one too gained a wide recognition and popularity among the readers. The success enabled Cheryl Brooks to write several more stories in this series.

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