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Publication Order of Catalina Cove Books

Love in Catalina Cove (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Forget Me Not (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Home Again (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Catalina Cove Christmas (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Follow Your Heart (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Christmas Wish (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The House on Blueberry Lane (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brenda Jackson is a published author of fiction and romance. Her first novel was published in 1995 and is titled Tonight and Forever, the start of what has been a prolific writing career as this African-American writer has not only composed over a hundred novellas and novels but had three million of her books printed.

Brenda Streeter Jackson was born in Jacksonville. The Florida native would go on to become a best-selling author, charting at publications such as USA Today and the New York Times. She attended Jacksonville University and studied Business Administration, graduating with her Bachelor’s degree. She had a boyfriend in high school named Gerald and the two would marry and have two sons.

Some of Jackson’s books have been adapted to the screen. BET aired a television movie “One Special Moment” and also the film “Truly Everlasting”, both based on Jackson’s novels. Jackson also wrote the story for the 2019 movie “A Brother’s Honor”, directed by Lane Shefter Bishop.

Brenda has been selected as a nominee for the NAACP Image Award for A Silken Thread in 2012. Jackson was given the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award from Romance Writers of America the same year. The author is the first African-American writer that Harlequin Desire has published, and Brenda also made history by being the first African-American romance writer to make it to the top of best-selling novel lists hosted by USA Today and the New York Times in the genre of romance. In 2013, Jacksonville’s mayor and the city recognized the writer for being a literary trailblazer.

Brenda Jackson is the creator and author of the Catalina Cove series of fictional novels. The series first began in 2018 when the first novel Love in Catalina Cove was published. That was followed by the second book in the series Forget Me Not and the romance continued from there! Let yourself escape into the world of Catalina Cove, a sometimes magical place where heartbreak doesn’t last forever.

Love in Catalina Cove is the first book in the fun and romantic Catalina Cove series! If you love romance or just want to read something new, this is a great read to check out.

This story features main character Vashti Alcindor. She was dealing with getting pregnant as a teen and the whole thing left her with more pain and no child. It was all too much to bear at the time, so she decided with some reluctance later to go back to her hometown. This was influenced by the fact that she was left a bed and breakfast that used to belong to her aunt there.

Vashti originally left Louisiana and Catalina Cove and now it’s been a decade and the inheritance has drawn her back. She wonders how things are going to be now that she is back in the area, but she doesn’t have to wait long. She goes over the speed limit while driving and gets pulled to the side of the road by Sawyer Grisham, who has just become the new sheriff. She expects things to turn around, but that doesn’t happen immediately.

It turns out that the beloved bed and breakfast has gotten into a pretty sorry state. Vashti used to find it so comforting when she felt like everyone in the world wasn’t on her side, and it was a sanctuary for her. A benefactor comes along and gives her encouragement to open the bed and breakfast once more after fixing it up a little, and she’s so happy that the building is getting rejuvenated. It feels like they’re both starting again.

Things slowly start to improve for Vashti and the town is even growing on her. She’s starting to meet new people and do new things, and it’s like she is settling gently in. She also happens to notice that the sheriff is pretty handsome, too. However, Vashti may be surprised when secrets from the past threaten to upend everything.

Can she go through this rocky period of her life and come out the other side? Would Sawyer consider dating her since he has a daughter in his life and could she have a future here? Read this romance to find out!

Forget Me Not is the second novel in the Catalina Cove series of novels from the talented Brenda Jackson! When it comes to Catalina Cove, you can’t be surprised when love is in the air.

Main character Ashley Ryan always was happy to get married. She knew that Devon was the man for her, the love that she would always treasure. But now her husband has passed away thanks to a car accident gone horribly wrong while away on business. Ashley is blindsided by the news and it’s a true shock to her system. She doesn’t even know how to handle it.

It all happened so suddenly and without warning. She was a wife and had someone in her life that she loved. They were supposed to spend forever together. Now he’s gone. Ashley doesn’t know what to do with herself, let alone with the grieving process. When her friends decide that she needs to get away, she’s not so sure.

However, the grieving widow has to do something to try and work through her grief. Why not go to Louisiana and visit Catalina Cove? After all, Ashley had heard that it was gorgeous and a great vacation destination. But when she meets a guy there, she’s in for a huge shock. She runs into a man that happens to be rugged, handsome, sporting a beard, and is also her husband.

As someone who thought she was single and not by choice, Ashley is stunned. She finds out that he’s Ray Sullivan, a man that woke up in a hospital and was diagnosed with amnesia and has no memory of his life before. He moved to the town on the coast and has put defenses up against others. He works hosting boat tours and doesn’t remember his wife at all.

But when Ray meets Ashley, he has to admit that he’s attracted to her. Ashley wants to tell him that she’s his wife, but she’s been told by doctors it could be dangerous. Will Ray remember who he was? Can they start again? Read this romance to find out!

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