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Publication Order of Chimera Books

An Illusion of Thieves (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Conjuring of Assassins (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Summoning of Demons (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Cate Glass is a science fiction fantasy author known for her Chimera, a series of fantasy adventure books. Cate is also the pseudonym of Carol Berg, an award-winning author of more than a dozen epic fantast books, novellas, and short stories. Cate studied mathematics at Rice University and software engineering at the University of Colorado. A few years into her software development career, Cate focused on her writing hobby and began crafting fiction stories manuscripts, which were later published. When not writing, you will find Cate binge-watching movies, hiking, camping, and biking with her husband. They have three sons.

An Illusion of Thieves is the first novel in the Chimera book series by Cate Glass. Cateline has spent the past ten years as a courtesan in the service of Sandro di Galanos, the ruler of the city-state of Cantagna. Despite her status, she has enjoyed a relatively comfortable life as one of Sandro’s mistresses and advisors.

However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she receives word that her brother has been using magic to steal, a crime punishable by death. To protect her family, Cateline uses her influence with Sandro to try to spare them from punishment. In response, Sandro decrees that Cateline’s family, except for her brother, must leave the city, and Cateline herself is exiled from the court. She is tasked with overseeing her brother’s probation.
Returning to a life she has not known since childhood, Cateline assumes her old identity as Romy and endeavors to help her brother overcome his addiction to magic, a secret she shares as a sorcerer herself. A year later, the wife of her former master summons Romy for a clandestine meeting. She entrusts Romy with a mission that could have dire consequences for Sandro and the reforms he has been implementing in the city. Romy must draw upon her connections in the slums to resolve the crisis, motivated by both her lingering feelings for Sandro and the need to prevent a corrupt ruling class from gaining power.

An Illusion of Thieves marks the beginning of a new epic series by Carol Berg under her pseudonym, Cate Glass. The story takes place in a world reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, blending elements of political intrigue, double-dealing, stealing, and magic.
The city of Cantagna serves as a backdrop for major conflicts and conspiracies unfolding in dining rooms and artisan workshops. The city grapples with various societal, economic, and political issues, with a unanimous consensus against the practice of magic, deeming it evil and punishable by death.

The narrative is primarily told from the perspective of Romy. Despite her outward appearance, Romy harbors a concealed secret: her magical abilities. However, the story does not solely revolve around her. It also features a four-person ensemble of magical thieves who embark on secret missions, heists, and theft.

The plot maintains a steady pace, with twists and turns that keep the narrative engaging right until the conclusion. The heist orchestrated by Romy, Neri, and their companions to avert a civil war is intricately planned and thoroughly captivating, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with uncertainty.

Romy magical ability allows her to immerse herself fully in various roles to the point of becoming those characters. The narrative effectively conveys these moments of losing herself in her performances.
In summary, An Illusion of Thieves is a well-crafted and engaging tale of intrigue, magic, and heists. With well-developed characters, a solid plot, and clever twists, it doesn’t prove easy to put down. While offering a satisfying conclusion, it also leaves room for further adventures in the world of the Chimera.

A Conjuring of Assassins is the second novel in the Chimera book series by Cate Glass and the sequel to An Illusion of Thieves. It’s highly recommended to read the series in order, as the previous novel contains essential character development and world-building elements. When the story opens up, we meet four individuals: a professional duelist, a sword master, a metalsmith, Remy, and her brother, Neri. Each of them possesses magical abilities, categorizing them as magic users or sorcerers. Collectively, they identify as The Chimera, taking inspiration from the mythical creature composed of various animals.

The narrative opens up in a tavern where the Chimera members await Remy’s return from an assumed illusion. Remy possesses a unique magical gift that enables her to assume the appearance of another person through her unwavering belief in that chosen form. Her willpower is so formidable that even those in close proximity perceive her as the envisioned character.

However, a major setback arises when Remy decides to revert to her true self. Dismissing the illusion becomes problematic, as she becomes lost within it, erasing her memories and identity. The illusion only dissipates when another individual, preferably a woman, calls her true name and physically touches her. This constraint on her magic prompts the need to discover a method that allows her to retain her identity while safely returning to her true self without external assistance.

The Chimera’s current mission centers on the arrival of a prisoner rumored to possess an Assassins List, a compilation of hidden names. They are assigned the task of locating the list, retrieving it, and ultimately destroying it.

Throughout the entire story, readers embark on a journey filled with intrigue, mystery, danger, terror, and the constant specter of murder lurking around every corner. The narrative weaves a complex tapestry of plots and subplots, creating a web of alliances and betrayals that challenge the reader’s discernment of who can be trusted and who may be conspiring against the Chimera.

The vivid imagery and vibrant descriptions immerse the reader in the unfolding story. From the initial duel to the discovery of the list, every detail is depicted with realistic and attention-grabbing precision. Gaining more profound insights into the character Placidio adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, while the introduction of Teo enriches an already extensive cast of characters.

The subtle elaborations on the magic system are well-considered, avoiding the overpowered portrayals often seen in some magical systems. Furthermore, the narrative maintains a sense of balance by ensuring that none of the sorcerers’ magical abilities overshadow the others, an uncommon trait in such stories.

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