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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Dark Turns (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Widower's Wife (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lies She Told (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Little Secret (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Her Three Lives (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Young Rich Widows (With: Vanessa Lillie,Kimberly Belle,Layne Fargo) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkness of Others (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The story is narrated with two storylines intertwined together. Ryan’s investigation in November and December is intermixed with Ana and Tom Bacon’s decision made in October to defraud the insurance company by taking the risk of huge policies while at the same time faking Tom’s death.

Ryan Manahan, a retired Financial Crimes officer, turned a private investigator after being shot in hand. His knowledge is specialized in mathematics and statistics that come in mind most of the time. He has a case in which he is supposed to pay a $5 million claim to a person whose wife disappeared overboard during a cruise to the Bahamas.

Tom decides to investigate the plan because he is suffering due to the loss of his very successful job as a trader and more sadly his family (The three-year-old Sophia, Ana, and Tom) are in danger of losing their million dollars home. Ana is still working as an administrative assistant, but that alone does not give them enough money to maintain their daily lives.

Tom convinces Ana that the fraudulent act will play a very significant role in saving their family. However, in case it is Ana who manages to qualify for the policy, then there would be a change of plans. Instead, it will be Ana who will have to fake her death.

The Widowers Wife is an intriguing narrative of both the past and present are brought together. The entire story is composed of surprising revelations as the story develops. The story is also very much suspenseful as both Ryan, and the reader are left to try to untangle all the various existing mysteries unknown to them. The author, Cate presents real facts concerning the thundering waves of mega thrills flowing throughout. From a different point of view, the author portrays an intelligent understanding of the family related conflicts. Holahan involves Ryan Monahan in who is a former NYPD officer, who is also turned to be an insurance investigator. Ryan is skilled as he manages to use his detective skills in trying to solve the mystery for his clients. The author tries to picture him out to open the door for analytical mind. Besides the main characters, the secondary characters are well crafted, their interactions with each other help bring out the best of the main characters.

Lies She Told

At times the truth can be darker than fiction. Lies She Told is a dark and twisted two scenarios that read like a story within a story.

Lies She Told is a story about a lady called Liza Jones. She is a writer, whom at one point hit so much and she is hoping to be one of the best seller writers on the market. Liza is a wife to David (an attorney general who is never home). Liza is struggling to start her family with her husband who seems to be distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick. Faced with stress both from her personal and professional life, Liza escapes the trauma by writing about her latest heroine.

On the other hand, there is Beth, a new mother who has doubts that her husband is having an affair while she is at home taking care of their newborn. Feeling angry and betrayed, Beth set out on a mission to cat her husband in the act and make him pay for ruining her perfect life. However, before she realizes, she is dumping the body of her husband’s lover into the river.

The lines between reality and fiction begin to blur, Liza’s husband is arrested for the murder of Nick. Just before her writing deadline is up, Liza will have to confront the truth regarding the people surrounding her, and if she does not, it could be the end of her heroine as well as her life as well.

Lies She Told is a brilliant standalone by Cate Holahan. The first few chapters of the novels are narrated from the alternating point of views, between Liza and Beth. The main story, however, revolves around the life of Liza Cole, a writer based in New York City metro. She has had some excellent books and some not so good books. She has been given a deadline to have her next book written since she will not provide an outline for the first book. However, while writing the novel, her readers discover that she has been trying to conceive a child with her husband, but they were unsuccessful due to the damage inflicted on her uterine.

On the other hand, her husband’s best friend, Nick has been reported missing, triggering off some alarm bells. David is worried since they cannot find Nick and everyone around him seems to blame him for the disappearance of his friend. At last, Nick’s body is found in a river has died similarly as Liza’s character in her new novel.

Beth is the main character in Liza’s new book. She is a stay at home mother who suspects that her man, Jake has been having an affair. When she secretly investigates, Beth discovers that her husband has been spending time with a fellow cop named Colleen. When she confronts her husband, Jake forces her to visit a therapy where she meets Tyler, a therapist who advises her to end the marriage, but Beth is unwilling to let go of her husband. She soon finds herself stalking the woman she suspects to be the cause of her marital problems and the next thing she knows she is killing Colleen and tossing her body in the East River and then have sex with her therapist.

The two stories are intertwined in and out, leaving the readers with only one question, which of the story is real and which one is fiction?

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