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Publication Order of Off-Limits Books

Publication Order of Stolen Moments Books

Stolen Moments (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Illicit Promises (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ruins Of Us (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Tie That Binds Books

Serendipity (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tie That Binds (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Windsors Books

The Wrong Bride (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Temporary Wife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unwanted Marriage (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broken Vows (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Fiancée: Lexington and Raya's Story (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sierra and Xavier's Story (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Forever After All (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Curse of Shadows and Ice (As: C.A. Maura) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Twisted Christmas(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Once Upon A Broken Crown(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Catharina Maura who is otherwise known as CA Maura when writing paranormal romance is a fantasy and paranormal romance author. Over the many years that she has been actively writing romance, she has made a reputation for writing bestselling billionaire romances that her readers love for the small hint of the forbidden.
The author made her debut in fiction in 2020 when she published “Stolen Moments” the first of the “Stolen Moments” series of novels. With her first novel becoming wildly popular, she kicked on from there to write more than half a dozen works of fiction across single-standing novels and several series.
She is now known for her penchant for penning some angsty stories that can be very intriguing. She currently lives in Hong Kong but given her wanderlust, she has at some point made her home in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Like many authors, Catharina Maura began writing when she was very little. In fact, aged just ten, she used to tell her friends and family that she wanted to grow up and become an author.
But just like many people, she would soon get distracted by adult responsibilities as writing and getting published took a backseat. It would be many years before she got back to writing determined to publish her fiction.
Catharina was lucky that she chose someone that believed in her talents and told her that she needed to face all challenges head-on and work toward achieving her dreams. While she has now become a somewhat prolific author churning out about three titles every year, she still does not consider herself a writer.
Nonetheless, she is always delighted when she gets good reviews about her works from her readers. Maura loves interacting with her readers and fans on the different social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.
Nonetheless, the best way of getting hold of Catharina Maura is by subscribing to her newsletter where she provides information on new releases and bonus content for published works.

Catharina Maura was born and brought up in the Netherlands but has to be one of those people with a very complicated ethnic history.
Her parents were Dutch citizens from Suriname the former Dutch colony that borders Brazil and Guyana. When Suriname gained her independence, her mother moved back there even though By this time Maura had already been born.
Even though she is sometimes referred to as Surinamese, she is more specifically Indo-Surinamese. During the 1800s her Indian parents moved to South America to work as indentured servants.
She is forever grateful for the privilege of living in the Netherlands as she had many more opportunities she does not think she would have had living in Suriname. She is at best an Indian but over the years, she has come to be related to people of Indo Surinaesse, Afro Surinmese, and Javanese.
After living in Holland for several decades, she moved to Hong King and Singapore but ultimate settle in the former.

Catherine Maura’s novel “Until You” introduces Aria, a woman whose only desire was living a normal life with a loving boyfriend, a secure job, and a home. But then she lost it all one day, as she is fired at work and heads home to find her husband cheating on her and soon after loses her home.
Thankfully, she is offered a dream job by the best friend of her brother and she readily accepts it. His brother’s best friend is a man named Greyson who has had a tragic past and considers aria and her brother Noah his only family.
When he saw Aria in action, he had no choice but to offer her a job and a place to live at his penthouse in Silicon Valley. But Aria has a dark secret.
Following the brutal murder of her parents when she was a child, she had come up with a vigilante platform she uses to help others that may find themselves in such circumstances.
Unknown to Grayson and Aria, they have both been speaking with an anonymous user on the platform and have over the weeks started falling in love with each other.
Grayson and Aria navigate their undeniable attraction and newfound proximity even though their relationship is off-limits.

“Dr. Grant” is the second novel of the “Off Limits” series of novels by Catharina Maura. It tells the beautiful romance story of Amara the Ph.D. student and Noah that just qualified as a doctor.
Noah needs a job since he is responsible for his sister. He is lucky to land a job at the university where he is informed he has to adhere to three simple rules: Never get involved with a student, never get involved with a patient, and never get involved with Mr. Astor’s granddaughter.
On the other hand is Amara who is working on her doctoral degree while running her business dealing in sex toys. She is studying engineering and is determined to make it on her own even though she has a very powerful grandfather.
While trying out her newest prototype, it gets stuck in her nether regions as she never printed a 3D handle to pull it out. She will need the services of Dr. Grant to take it out. Their first interaction is sexy even if it is very professional. But over time they keep crossing each other’s paths and things only keep getting delicious.

“Professor Astor” by Catharina Maura is a story that combines several tropes that will have her readers shedding happy tears and also crying as it is beautifully written.
At the opening of the story, Adrian has just met a distraught Leia in a bar and decided to engage in some role play which ends in an awesome night that none of them have ever had.
Fast forward two years, Leia and Adrian cross paths yet again but since she had been previously hurt Leia insists on boundaries in their new relationship.
Initially, Adrian agrees to the conditions but soon after, he realizes he wants nothing to do with such rules. He now intends to make Leia see that they were meant to be, even if there is so much stacked against them.
He is a gorgeous and swoony man and is known for being possessive and very alpha they have some intense sexual chemistry.
When they ultimately allow themselves to fall for each other, it results in a beautiful, unconditional, powerful, relatable, and real connection.

Catharina Maura is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her very popular billionaire romance novels that come with a hint of the forbidden.

The author penned “Stolen Moments” her debut novel in 2020 and has never looked back since. She now has more than a dozen novels to her name spread across several series and single-standing novels.

She has a reputation for writing delicious and angsty romances that provides all manner of feels.

She currently makes her home in Hong Kong, even though she has lived in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Maura has said that writing is something she was doing ever since she was ten, when she use to tell everyone that she would grow up to become an author.

Unfortunately, life soon got in the way and it would be many years before she achieved her dream.

For several years, becoming a published author took a back burner, since writing then was something of a hobby.

Thankfully, she was married to a man that did not believe in such a defeatist mindset. He challenged her to publish just one novel and she took up the challenge and published her debut in 2020.

However, Catharina Maura still gets surprised every single time one of the readers of her novels reaches out to declare that they love her books.

Having readers reach out always makes her day and she always encourages anyone that wants to contact her to do so either through her social media profiles or via email.

Catharina is very active on Instagram and her Facebook Reader Group in addition to several other platforms online.

However, the easiest way to get hold of her is to join the mailing list that she publishes every month. In her newsletter, readers can usually get news of opportunities for bonus content and new releases before they become public knowledge.

Catharina Maura was born and raised in Holland, even though she has a very complicated ethnic background.

Her parents emigrated to the Netherlands from the former Dutch colony of Suriname, a super small country that borders Guyana and Brazil.

Her mother would later on move back there when the country gained independence, even though she got Catharina while a citizen of the Netherlands.

Ethnically, she is Surinamese even though if you would like to be more specific, she is Indo-Surinamese. Her grandparents had moved from India to Suriname under the guise of indentured labor in the 1800s.
She is thankful that she got to be born and live in Holand, where she has enjoyed very many opportunities that would not have been available to her in Suriname.

Over the years, many of her relatives have become a blend of Javanese, Afro Surinamese, and Indo Surinamese, even though at best she is of Indian descent.

After living in the Netherlands for many years, Mr. Maura her husband was transferred to Singapore and then Hong Kong, where she currently makes her home.

Catharina Maura’s “Until You” is a beautiful brother’s best friend romance novel. The lead is Aria a woman that for the longest time has been dreaming of living a normal life with a loving boyfriend, secure job, and loving boyfriend.

Her life is upended when she gets some devastating news while she was at work. It only gets worse when she goes home to discover her boyfriend had been a philandering scoundrel and that she has lost her home.

With very few choices, she decides to take up a job offer from her brother’s best friend. Grayson her brother’s best friend has had a traumatic past and Noah his best friend and his sister Aria are his only family.

When he sees Aria in action, he decides to give her a job and offers her a place to live in his penthouse in Silicon Valley. But Aria has a secret that a lot of people even those close to her do not know about.
Following the brutal murder of her father and mother when she was a child, she set up a vigilante forum hoping to help others in such circumstances.

Oblivious to the actions of each other, Grayson and Aria have struck a friendship with an anonymous person on the forum and slowly fall in love with each other.

Catharina Maura’s novel “Dr. Grant” is a compelling romance about Dr. Noah Grant. He is a man that has had a very difficult life following the murder of his parents while he was still a child.
Together with his sister, they had been forced to live a life of struggle. Noah becomes a doctor to honor his father’s legacy as he starts working at Astor College in what has always been his dream job.
However, the new job comes with many stipulations which he may find difficult to adhere to. He is never to sleep with the students or patients and most important of all, he is to stay away from the granddaughter of Harold Astor.

Given that he is a professional, he intends to do what is expected of him until he meets Amara Astor. He just cannot away from Amara, which just makes both their lives complicated.

When Dr. Grant has to make the decision between his career and the love of his life, he opts for love. But his past comes back to haunt him, bringing back painful memories which could be a huge threat to their budding love.

It is a riveting love story full of heartbreak, pain, romance, loneliness, and dreams.

“Professor Astor” by Catharina Maura is a beautiful one-night stand to lovers story with a perfect ending.

At the opening of the story, a distraught Adrian and Leia are meeting in a bar, where they decide to have an on the spur of the moment role-playing game.

Fast forward two years and Leia and Adrian meet again. Since she had been hurt, Leia has set boundaries in her relationship with Adrian who reluctantly agrees.

Ultimately, he acknowledges that the approach does not suit his ends and decides to go all in to make her see that they need to let fate take its course.

Being the handsome and swoony man that he is, Leia is soon coming around. Moreover, they have intense chemistry and connection that results in some explosive and steamy moments.

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