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Publication Order of Santa Barbara Suspense Books

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Catharine Riggs is an American author of fiction. She was born in Santa Barbara.

Catharine was not always a professional writer. She used to work as a banker as well as an educator and a nonprofit executive. She has always dabbled in writing, having a few of her own starter novels hanging out in a drawer somewhere.

Riggs first became a published author for the first time with the release of her novel What She Gave Away. it came out in 2018. The sequel to this debut novel is titled What She Never Said. The series could be classified as belonging to the thriller genre or maybe even psychological suspense.

As the creator and author of the Santa Barbara series, Catharine has composed a work that is truly at the highest level of suspense. This fast paced thriller will have readers turning the pages as quickly as they can to find out what happens next! If you’re going to be reading this book at night, be sure to have a flashlight or a light near by. This book deals with someone who holds a grudge from the past and what happens when they move back to a new area.

What She Gave Away is the first novel by Catharine Riggs. When it comes to murder mystery novels, if you love traditional murder mysteries with a modern twist, then you may really enjoy this book! You can pick it up at your local library or bookstore or go online to order a copy of yourself.

When it comes to revenge it can always turn around and bite you like a snake. And in this debut thriller from author Catharine Riggs, some characters are going to find out that revenge is about to be anything in the world but sweet as sugar in this tale about two different women that are in the same game but have very different lives at the same time.

Crystal Love is a young woman that works at a bank. It’s not the most fun job in the world to be a loan analyst, but that’s what she does in order to pay the bills. This woman does not have a ton of fun in her personal life and doesn’t look like the common standard that the commercials try to push on women. She wears plus size clothing and she is what you would call unpolished.

While she may not have her entire world revolve around what color of nail polish she should get done or having the perfect outfit or going to the gym so that she can maintain a perfect size eight, Crystal has other things that occupy her time. She’d rather spend her energy on real life antics than thinking about loans or other people’s feelings.

Crystal may not be that entertained by her career, but she certainly is entertained by other things. Crystal has her favorite games, and one of them is doing whatever she can to interfere with someone’s life and cause them unhappiness. The best way to ruin someone’s happiness is to try and get in there and actively ruin it, and Crystal Love is really good at this. And you would think that her name implies someone who is so sweet!

Crystal gets a kick out of figuring out how she can turn people’s worlds upside down and effectively pull their lives apart. This is not a woman who has any good intentions, and this analyst definitely sticks out in Santa Barbara. This town is a place where the women make more trips to the plastic surgeon’s office than they do to the grocery store (that’s for the nannies and the personal assistants to do).

The women here are not plus sized and they do tend to be blond. They are thin and toned and every bit of them from their heads to their toes is always polished and done to the utmost. They appear never to get older, but perhaps that is because the doctors that they go to are just that good– you know they say that you get what you pay for!

This is a town where the rich love to play and there are more trophy wives driving around than there are women who want to have actual careers. Meanwhile, it’s a gorgeous place. Santa Barbara has beautiful views of the ocean that go on forever, and the homes are worth a small fortune. The lawns and the houses together nearly always add up to surpass a million dollars.

Crystal wants nothing more than to wield the small amount of power that she has. She has a number of skills and her ability to detect the power dynamics that are at work in this city end up being accurate. Meanwhile, readers get to meet Kathi Wright.

She could not be more different from the somewhat malevolent Crystal. Kathi was always rich and has now become a widow when her husband suddenly passes away. It happened totally unexpectedly, and just like that, her world has totally changed.

Kathi used to have it all and a ton of money that made her life very easy. She was a social butterfly and always was fluttering around to speak to the others mixing in her circle. She never minded the fact that no one could move her face– it was a sign that no one was going to attempt to steal your purse or pull anything because you were among people that had just as much as you do.

Kathi has always done her best to fit in with the circle, but when her wealthy husband dies, she finds out that she actually has nothing. Or rather, the ban president left her nothing. Things take a turn for the worse when the F.B.I. turns up and starts questioning Kathi.

Next her assets get frozen and Kathi tries her best to try and figure out this mess. Meanwhile, Crystal is busy planning yet another game. Who will be chosen and why? The reader will find out when they turn the pages to get to the end of this riveting story from author Catharine Riggs!

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