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Catherine was born and raised in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She always wanted to be a writer since she was a child. In fact, Catherine kept several drafts of unfinished stories in her drawers and a couple of abandoned writing ideas. Juggling between a day job and school, studying for two degrees, she continued to write her stories and novels long after her marriage and kids came along. With a fetish for ghosts and magic and telepathic dogs, Catherine burnt the midnight oil musing herself with sci-fi stories. She considers herself a nerd, always drawn to the bizarre stuff while trying to fit in with ordinary people. Catherine currently lives in the country in Fraserville, a little further from Peterborough. She recently published her first novel The Rule of Luck, a two-part series book still underway for subsequent stories in the series.

We shall review these two books in detail.

The Rule of Luck #1 Felicia Sevigny

As the debut novel, Catherine focuses on the future. The future Earth presents an exceptional place, devoid of trivia and practical problems. Cerveny makes her readers understand why it has to be so and it’s captivating. The Year 2950. Civilization has survived overwhelming climate shifting patterns and four world wars, emerging stronger and wiser than ever. Fast, reliable technology is available to all, and development, from appearance, to physical ability and intelligence commonplace and available to all.

In this smart world, Felicia Sevigny has created a reputation reading torrent cards to all humankind. Alexei Petriv, perceived as the most dangerous man in the TriSystem, trusts only Felicia to read his cards. She sees a terrible, dark future that has never happened before; a future with supernatural humans, dictators, and brutal criminals never seen on planet earth. Felicia tries to act calm, but her anxiousness gets the better of her trembling body. She sees things from her past that could make or break Tri’s card predictions. It could save or destroy the whole world.

The protagonists Felicia Sevigny and Alexei Petriv make such enjoyable characters. They both come off as flawed and intriguing. They make a lovely couple. Felicia, the Tarot Card reader is quite talented in her supernatural skill. Cerveny intricately explores the Tarot reading world helping readers understand Felicia’s frame of mind. Alexei stands to inherit his Father’s criminal empire on planet earth. He is somewhat unyielding and controlling though he harbors his vulnerabilities well. Alexei’s relationship begins with a professional tone and slowly advances to a warm one where both get comfortable and starts to talk about their deepest fears. They both face tough times in their careers, questioning everything around them. Eventually, Felicia and Alexei grow fond of each other as the book advances along the way.

Apart from building a romantic setting, The Rule of Luck talks about events following the earth’s catastrophic disasters with a highly placed reliance on technology and robots taking over.

The book also sheds light on posthumanism; an overzealous scientific world that takes control of humanity. It’s interesting to see how far the human brain can go to predict the future in a balanced way. There’s an ardent saying that goes with the biblical prophecy that towards the end chaos shall be the new world order, before the second coming of the Christ. Cerveny could not be far off from this damning truth.

As a blend of Sci- Fiction and Romance, with perfect crisp writing, this novel is a definite good read. The writing is tight, and the story flows perfectly. Plenty of action and excitement as Felicia slowly enters into Alexei’s world.

The Chaos of Luck #2 Felicia Sevigny

Mars, TriSystem’s, a jewel is the playground for the super wealthy and powerful folks. A science marvel of technical engineering, the newly occupied world offers unimaginable luxury. For the first time in history, humans can now comprehend a perfect world without an end. Felicia Sevigne enters the Red Planet for a new beginning. She’s carried her tarot cards as a generational occupation. She hopes her complicated earthly past will not haunt her in the new planet.

Felicia trusts that Mars will provide a new beginning for her and Alexei Petriv, the dodgy infamous Tsarist Consortium leader. The cards tell a different story altogether. They continuously predict darker, dangerous days ahead. They suggest the end for all humanity and the entire TriSystem – and all of the humanity.

Felicia’s reading regularly interprets, and misinterprets what she sees. Eventually, Felicia works out with the cards. We’re left wondering as to who controls luck, in the game of cards. In The Chaos of Luck, Felicia possesses the success gene, Should it be duplicated? If yes, what could it mean for the future of humanity? Felicia’s Tarot card reading comes off as incongruous in this novel, but with reason. Her inconsistencies and insecurities of a perfect future with her love, Alexei don’t add up.

One minute she’s in love with him and the next she plans evil behind his back. Other factors that keep coming back to haunt her includes a former lover and a distant relative. They add flavor to this novel, but at the same time reveal Felicia’s vulnerabilities. She is blessed and cursed at the same time; her luck gene doesn’t give her the control she requires over her life. Overall Felicia’s flakiness produces a confusion that perhaps gives readers more reason to read on hoping that she’ll get it together somewhere in the preceding chapters.

The book’s setting has moved from an apocalyptic, successful life to a transformative life in another planet. New features such as the moon, the orbit and gravity shifted to an earth-like atmosphere. The new-pimped Mars offers a fantastic place to live and thrive. As we see different sets of government takeover, a justifiable business empire introducing illegal activities led by the world leader, Alexi. However, the five centuries old business domain rules behind the scenes. Between Belikov and Alexi, the syndicate plans to introduce massive changes in the world. The internal politics of the association add flavor and excitement to the story. There’s so much suspense and bewilderment as to what Belikov would do. What a great read. Although Felicia has serious insecurities in this book, her love for Alexei, he is focused on the end game, to rule the world and seat on the throne life has carved out for him. Quite conventional!

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