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Icing on the Lake (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wish You Were Here (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Picture Perfect (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Catherine Clark is a female American author of several young adult, children and teen books, including ‘The Alison Rules, Picture Perfect, Maine Squeeze, Unforgettable Summer’ among other interesting bestseller novel titles. Clark grew up in western Massachusetts where her father was a teacher at the Northfield Mount Hermon Boarding School. She attended and graduated from the Wesleyan University and later received her MFA in creative writing from the famous Colorado State University.

As a teenager, Catherine’s parents used to insist that she takes a bus wherever she goes leading to the inspiration of the book ‘Wish You Were Here.’ Catherine Clark occasionally follows in her father’s footsteps providing teaching services to eager students and scholars. She also tries to keep fit by engaging in running exercises once in a while. At the tender age of 21, Catherine got her first job as a secretary. She later came to get her act together and started her own career path by working in the publishing industry in New York City.

Clark currently lives in Minneapolis with her husband, daughter, a 10- year old Australian shepherd and two uniquely strange cats. She also works as a bookseller in Saint Paul at the famous Red Balloon bookshop. Apart from being an author, Catherine, who loves reading interesting books for children, young adults, new adults and the elderly has worked in the public television sector. You can always visit her official website or contact her via email or social media account as she really loves to interact with her fans through the various available online platforms.

Books/ Characters written by Catherine Clark

“Icing on the Lake”

The Icing on the lake is a typical teenage romance, drama characterized by teenage indecision and accident proneness. This is an interesting story about how a young lady by the name Kirsten gets to find her true love after she is put in a difficult position that requires her to choose between two really cute brothers. Kirstein is forced to move to Minneapolis so as to take care of her 24-year-old sister who has broken her leg and her 3-year nephew. She immediately realizes how long, boring and unsuccessful her holiday is about to be.

Gretchen, who is Kirstein’s sister, is languishing as a result of a heartbreaking divorce. This does not make things any better for Kirstein as she knows how crazy and irritating she can be. In an attempt to help with house chores, Kirstein goes out to shovel snow only to meet with the cute Benson brothers. Sean is a really cute and popular hockey star who seems to be completely interested in her, whereas Connor, who is equally cute, turns out to be unpleasant and awful at first. An immediate attraction is formed between Sean and Kirstein.

At first, she finds Connor, who pretends to hate her to be annoying, but later realizes that he is easy to talk to and they both share a lot of things in common. Things change when Kirstein’s friends plan a weekend getaway that requires those in attendance to bring a date with them. This puts her in a really awkward position as she happens to like both Sean and Connor and is not sure who should accompany her to the event. She ends up making a really unpopular date choice that not only leaves her friends a little disappointed but also makes her to secretly wish that she would have brought the other brother instead. This is a typical teenage love story that most people would easily identify with due to its light but realistic nature.

“The Unforgettable Summer Series”

‘So Inn Love’

So Inn Love which is one of the books in the Unforgettable Summer series is a quick and easy fun read novel about Elizabeth or Liza who is the main protagonist and heroine. Liza gladly takes a summer job at the Tides Inn, which is a famous and expensive seaside inn that caters for the upper class in order to make some money, find true love and get a tan on the hotel’s private beach. The perky, witty and sarcastic heroine is forced to make some major adjustments when she realizes all is not as she had planned and things are about to get worse.

Instead of working as a desk clerk as she had previously intended, Elizabeth, who is a newbie is forced to join other newbies in the house cleaning crew where she is supposed to do most of the manual jobs just like them. As if that is not enough, the dorm she was supposed to stay in is not even half as pleasant as she had hoped for. It seems like destiny is trying to take away her dreams one after the other.

Elizabeth gets to meet Hayden, who is an amazingly cute guy and she gets totally smitten by him. Although she is aware of the fact that relationships between members of staff are not allowed in the inn, she takes a leap of faith being the go-getter she is and they both end up making a really cute and adorable couple. At least she finally gets to fulfill one of her initial wishes as she gets to fall in love with Hayden.

‘Better Latte Than Never’

Better Latte Than Never which is another book title in the Unforgettable Summer book series is a well-told story about Peggy Flemming Farrell and her attempt to become an even better person. She is stuck selling coffee at a gas station called Gas N Git in order to save enough money to pay for the car damages made to her parent’s car due to her reckless driving not to mention this is the second accident in a short period of time.

The story is set in Lindville which is a little town where nothing exciting really ever happens. Peggy is also forced to take turns babysitting her 3 younger siblings as her mother is nine months pregnant and can’t afford to take care of them in her delicate condition. do that on her own. She is also enrolled for French classes at the local High school. As if that is not enough, Flemming catches her crush with whom she wanted to elope making up with a girl and this really breaks her heart.

On a fateful day that changes everything, Flemming’s teacher decides not to show up for classes only to end up robbing the gas station she works at. Flemming manages to save everyone and she is the one who single-handedly stops his evil plans and brings him to justice.

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