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Catherine Cooper is a bestselling American author and freelance journalist. She currently lives with her two teenage children and her husband in the Pyrenees in France and is an avid skier. As a journalist, she writes reviews of ski resorts, hotels and travel for the likes of “Daily Mail,” “The Sun,” “Daily Express,” “The Times,” “The Guardian,” “The Telegraph.” He has also written for trade magazines such as “Nursing Standard,” “The Pharmacist” and women magazines such as “Connexions” and “Living France.” As for how she came to start writing, Catherine has asserted that she was writing ever since she was a child. She had her first story published when she was just seventeen and was sure she was going to get a rejection slip. It was a time when she wanted to get something published before she got into her post grad pre-entry course. She thought herself majorly talented and invincible when she got her scrip accepted but it would be many years before she got anything else published.

When Catherine Cooper was in her twenties, she started writing a chick lit novel but had to stop when she got pregnant. Thinking it was a moment of “now or never” she sent the few chapters she had written to agencies and was lucky enough to get an agent interested. She worked hard and submitted the rest of it before she gave birth to her son. But then the agent said it was too short even though they loved it. She expanded the manuscript and was enthusiastic about it getting published but it was ultimately rejected. For the next few years, she could not go anywhere until she bid and was accepted for the Authors for Japan Keris Stainton author mentorship. But with children she just did not have the time to write and after a few years she learned that her agent had retired. While she quickly found a new one with her newest young adult novel, she flapped around for three years until she wrote the manuscript for her first thriller “The Chalet.” It took only four days for Harper Collins to pre-empt the novel which was published in 2020.

In 2009, Catherine Cooper moved to France with her two children and her husband. She had always been an avid skier but there were other reasons for moving to the Pyrenees. She has also spent some time in the Alps previously and had always wanted to read something written in that setting. While she had read a ton of thrillers she never found anything set in the brilliant and thrilling setting of a ski resort that combines danger and beauty. Moreover, she often met some very interesting people in the mountains and always found the luxury appealing to her. Since she was a fourteen year old, she would go on ski trips and still remembers when she first skied and fell, which is also the day that she fell in love with the sport. As for writing, it is something she had always loved having written her first full length novel in 2002 and several other young adult novels since then that would go unpublished. Since she lived in the Pyrenees, she accumulated all manner of experiences as she could ski every week especially in the winter. She also made a point of visiting the Alps every few months in a year and it is from these experiences that she found inspiration for her debut novel “The Chalet.”

“The Chalet” by Catherine Cooper is a novel set in the 1990s where two men are holidaying with their girlfriends in the Pyrenees. The two brothers have always had a healthy rivalry and tension but this afternoon only one brother comes back from the mountain after a round of off-piste skiing. The events out on the mountain change the lives of everyone involved in a way they could never have imagined. Some will put the tragedy in the past, some will move on while others will forever be looking over their shoulders even as it completely ruins the lives of others. Two decades later, in another chalet, two couples get trapped when a snow storm sweeps across the land and events around them spiral out of control. They are very different characters that will do their best to keep the past secret and maintain the status quo. The combination of emotionally charged situations, stories and timelines make for an intricate story that links back to the story of the two brothers in the first accident.

In “The Chateau” the second novel by Catherine Cooper, Nick and Aura decide to move to France after some unpleasantness back home in the UK. They go on to purchase a French chateau as Aura had come into some money from a deceased relative. They intend to renovate their new home and rent some of the rooms to get some income. But they soon find that the job is much bigger that what they expected and they have not gotten along so well with the expat community in the area. The story then goes back to the events that took place in London before the family moved abroad. The story is told from the point of both Nick and Aura and moves right up to the present in France, where very interesting things start happening.

“Baby Its Cold Outside” is the story of Clara a senior college student who could not be lonelier. She has great flat mates and one of them seems to be taken with her but she cannot help the feeling of loneliness. During a Christmas party flowing with drink, things start getting really steamy for Clara. Jesse is doing all he can but unfortunately it is not his touch that makes her shiver. Through the haze of fatigue and the drinks, she has had she finds herself passionately embracing Lia who happens to be Jesse’s sister. She is not gay and is initially mortified and since Lia too is not gay, they cannot understand how they can be so passionate. How come she is now thinking of Lia’s sweet and soft lips whenever she is mentioned? Could it be just a passing feeling or something more?

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