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The Storm Keeper’s Island (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Tide Warriors (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Storm Keepers' Battle (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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with Katherine Webber

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The Miracle on Ebenezer Street (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Girl King (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dagger and the Flame (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Catherine Doyle a young adult, romance and children’s author. She has authored a number of books among them the best-selling Blood for Blood Trilogy. Doyle was born in Galway, Ireland and spent her childhood in West Ireland. She holds a BA in psychology and an MA in publishing. She enjoys running, travelling and writing.

Catherine Doyle books and series borrow inspirations from modern cinema and the real life of her ancestors and their life daring sea rescues. She is rated highly for her publications for their exceptional creativity.


Vendetta introduces the trilogy, Blood for Blood. Sophie finds herself torn between two loyalties- her family and that of Nicole. She has to choose between one of them, and each has far-reaching consequences.

Sophie’s life changes when five brothers occupy an abandoned mansion in her neighbourhood. Sophie finds one of the brothers, Nicoli, irresistible and falls in love with him and into the dark and criminal underground life of these brothers. At first, she is drawn to him out of love but with time learns of the dark side which is also connected to her family. She slowly learns a load of dark secrets that extend all the way to her families and which also put her in the middle of two warring families. Sophie and Nicole start on well and slowly grow intimate, but along the way, she discovers that many secrets tie the two families.

A girl who was once innocent finds herself in a web of lies, evil secrets and a fight for survival. She also has to choose between paying her loyalty to her family or ticking with the Falcon boys under the code of silence. Failing in life turns the once peaceful life of Sophie’s into a whirl of incidences and truths that make her question everything around her and more so when it comes to her family.

When she discovers that her uncle, Jack had a secret relationship with this brothers, she goes more in-depth to know what transpired but ends up having more than she thought she would of which also ties her family.

Catherine combines gritty realness and depth with humour and heart in such a way that you feel the characters and gets emotionally tied to the story. It has an incredibly twisted and faced paced plot that is hard to put down.


Second in the Blood for Blood trilogy is The Inferno. The secrets that Sophie discovered in the past have changed her life completely making her question and distance herself from family and friends-mostly Nic. Nic, one of the five brothers from the mafia family, is not ready to lose Sophie. He tries rebuilding what was there but more is yet to come that will almost break Sophie completely.

Sophie is struggling to accept and live with the secrets that she unravelled concerning her life, her uncle jack and the five brothers, she continues with her job and regularly hanging out with her best friend Millie just like nothing has happened. However, it is impossible to stay that way especially with her uncle in great danger after he gets into a trap that he even barely recognizes. The discoveries that she has made over time have completely changed life making her more mature and responsible even though it has robbed her of her innocence and peace.

Nic is a proud and egocentric person giving the more significant part of his life on his position in the mafia circle than he did on love. Sophia and Nic were intimate, but they slowly get apart, and even though he tries rectifying things, the relationship gets worse each time. Luca at first had a very negative opinion of Sophie at first, but this change all of a sudden and he starts showing her concern. Luca replaces Nic in Sophie’s life standing by her as more secrets are brought to light which has the power to annihilate her life. While evil and dark secrets are coming to light, Luca and Sophie are becoming closer while Nic is losing his position in her life.

Catherine incredibly develops each character giving them roles that all team up to provide an incredible read. The action and intense flow of the story make it even better delivering one of the best young adult reads.


Mafiosa is the third piece of the Blood for Blood Series. Sophie pretends to be living a normal life yet her world is crashed, living under the wings of a mafia. She is in love with a killer, and this puts her in the crossfire as two rival clans come down on each other. She is also preparing for revenge on the death of her mother. The price is big, she either pays it or fails to accomplish her mission.

Ever since she joined hands with the mafia, life is different- a lie for a living. Luca and Sophia are getting intimate, and while they are deep into the mafia family, they also want to get out and have their freedom. Her life had changed drastically over time making her brave and more daring than she was when she met with the mafia family. All she has to do is join the family to enable her to take revenge and also follow her heart. She has learnt over time to understand the lies that people around her pursue her objective. She has also learnt to live with Luca by understanding his intentions making everything work out perfectly.

Sophia is grieving having lost her mother. She is determined to take revenge, and the only way to do it is by joining the mafia family and executing their assignments. She has to work for revenge while her heart is with Luca which puts her in a tight spot putting her in a life and death situation.
Blood for Blood trilogy will leave you wanting more of the excellent writing, beautiful and fluent storytelling. The drama and action mixed with emotional hypes will keep you thrilled to the last page.

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