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Catherine Egan is a highly promising author, who is best known for the book Julia Vanishes. Egan was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Egan is an author who has a fear of flying and excessive list making. After living for some time in Vancouver, Catherine Egan, later on, moved to a volcanic island in Japan. It did not take long before the island erupted and she ran into the arms of the man who is now her husband.

Best Catherine Egan Books

One of the best performing books by Catherine Egan is when Julia Vanishes. Julia Vanishes introduces the readers to Julia, an exceedingly young child who was separated from her mother at a very tender age. Residing in a city, which had banned all forms of magic, Julia’s mother was subjected to public cleansing when it was discovered that she was practicing witchcraft. It does not before Julia discovers that she is not a witch but has her abilities. She can become what she believes is the unseen; not invisible but rather what she believes is out of the senses. As Julia continued to get older, she decided to use her abilities to become a professional thief and a spy as well. This was after she discovered that crime paid exceedingly well. One of her latest jobs was to pose as a house cleaner for one Mrs. Och.

The house of Mrs. Och was full of different characters. However, what seemed to disturb Julia, was the fact there appeared to be a connection between Mrs. Och and the killer who was busy leaving dead bodies behind. With that said, the world of magic that the Egan has created is exceedingly interesting. In this world, the witches can simply cast spells by writing them down on piece of papers. However, apart from the witches, we have Julia who posses a unique ability of hiding. There are several other interesting things that have also been added to the story. Julia’s character remains hidden on the first half of the book. There are so many things going on, that we even fail to keep track of the ever-expanding world. Once Julia becomes a fully developed character, the readers cannot help but admire her strength and fearlessness.

From time to time, Julia struggles to cope with her ever-changing circumstances. In the world that she lives in, witches are enemies of the community. They are not only hunted but also drowned as well. However, Julia’s, whose mother was a witch who had a kind heart and understood that the world was not black or white. Once Julia begins to find paranormal creatures and discover all kind of secrets, she begins to change her perspective. Julia is not only a person who accepts easily, but she is also a person who is not easily scared or surprised. All in all, this book is about her journey, a road that is full of mistakes and redemption. Despite the fact that the author has included very little romance in this book, the book is full of disappointments, mistakes and growing up.

There are several things that were not acknowledged, which may eventually develop into something else in the future. This book is not a thriller, but it proved to be quite intense and exciting at times. The monster which used to cut the heads of its victims was quite terrifying, however as the author came to prove, there were not worse monsters than human beings. Shade and the Sorcerers are another excellent books from Catherine Egan. In this book, Egan introduces the reader to Eliza Tok. Eliza is a 12-year-old girl, who appears to be a normal girl who loves playing hockey with her friend. However, as it is the case with Egan’s novel, nothing it is as it seems. Despite the fact, that Eliza has settled temporarily, she has continued to live a life of dislocation with her father. She knows very little information about the mother, who was a sorceress, who died when she was only two years old. Nonetheless, Eliza is still satisfied with her life. What Eliza is not aware of, is that her father has been hiding something from her, for a very long time.

With that said, Catherine Egan has done an excellent job of creating a wonderful world, the world of Tian Di. Tian Di is the world where witches, faeries and all kind of magical creatures co-exist unhappily with human beings. To ensure that the humans are protected from war and enslavement, magical beings known as Mancers are planning to spilt Tian Di, into two worlds, one world will be for the magical creatures while the other is going to be for human beings. However, there is only one challenge; Eliza Tok cannot perform any magic. It is later revealed in the When Julia Vanishes, that Eliza’s destiny is much similar to that of her mother; protecting the world. When an exceedingly evil sorceress, who is much similar to the one who killed her mother, kidnaps Eliza Tok’s father, the teenager is more than determined to ensure that she rescues him. Thus, she embarks on a magical journey, through the dark forests, until reaching the Arctic prison, where his father was imprisoned.

At the prison, Eliza Tok has the opportunity to confront the evil sorcerer. She also gets to learn the shocking truth about the sorcerer’s, source of power. If you are a fan of Harry Porter, then you are going to love this book. With that said, this is the first piece in the Tian Di mystery series. The Unmaking is the second book in the Tian Di fantasy series. If you read the first installment in this book series, then you are going to love the Unmaking. This book features the same characters as those in the Shade and Sorceress. The book begins as Eliza has just returned to Mancer Citadel, where she still hopes to continue learning magic.

She left her father and mother with the people of Sorma, who reside in the deserts. Her mother is still recovering from her exceedingly long imprisonment under the sorceress, who had managed to completely drain her powers. Eliza has continued to perform better with her education because her powers are now awake. The Unmaking is an excellent book that will keep you entertained.

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