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Catherine Gayle is an American best-selling author of fiction, mainly romance novels.

Catherine grew up in Texas but now resides in North Carolina. She uses her spare time to write and read romance, watch hockey and reality television shows. She also likes to spend time with family and cook experimentally.

Catherine Gayle is the creator and the author of the Lord Rotheby’s Influence series of fictional novels. The debut book in the series came out in 2011 and is titled Twice a Rake. Saving Grace came out the same year and Merely a Miss is the third book in the series. If you love romance stories, this is one series you should definitely check out!

Twice a Rake is the first novel in the Influence series by Catherine Gayle. The main character of Aurora Hyatt is introduced here to readers for the first time.

When she finds that she has lost her journal and believes it to be somewhere in the vast Hyde Park, she is beyond worried. It seems that her ruin is just a matter of time. If anyone finds out what she has written down and spreads the word about it to others, her reputation in this town is done for.

That is because she contains many of her fantasies in this journal, and they involve the latest man to come to town. The daydreams are beyond scandalous and the thoughts and fantasies she has about this rake would absolutely make her a joke to everyone that heard of them. She also has put down her most honest thoughts about the suitors that she endures in real life.

If this thing gets out, she will have virtually no choices left to her. She will have to go into a marriage without love to the first person that eventually is bold enough to offer it or she will have to just accept the fact that she is out of the marriage game forever. This is a disaster to top all disasters. How could she have been so careless?

It seems that this is a catastrophe that is inevitable. She has to find that journal and recover it before it is too late and someone else grabs it up. Meanwhile, a young man named Quin must do his best to keep up the lifestyle that he used to know. In order to do that, he has to go along with the requirements that were set by his grandfather.

These include marrying a woman and beginning to have children pretty much right away. If he doesn’t abandon his bachelor lifestyle, he may quickly find that he will not be enjoying the same privileges that he is used to. When he nearly gets run over in the street and a journal lands squarely at Quin’s feet, it might just be the answer to all of his problems.

The pages of the journal are irresistible to him and he just cannot help opening it up. Inside them, he immediately grasps that this is the diary of a young woman that would very much like to have her innermost thoughts back. Quin correctly assesses that if this book got out then it would be an immediate scandal and the talk of the town.

A lady that would put her thoughts into ink and paper and then lose it on top of it all must surely understand why someone would need a quick marriage. Even if the man that would be propositioning her would be perhaps not as honorable as she would prefer.

Quin meets Aurora on the ballroom floor and has been drinking quite a bit. He is bold enough to attempt to kiss her and arrange for their marriage to come along immediately. It is a hasty move and he has no idea whether it will pay off or not, although he is hoping that it will. However, his troubles are just getting started.

The things that Aurora has written nevertheless turn out to be released somehow. It is the talk of gossip magazines as well as many a conversation taking place in a drawing room. When someone tells them of a great scandal that comes along after the wake of his wife, will he be able to prove that he is the type of man that is able to stand up and be a loving husband or will he run away to drink himself into a stupor?

There may be hope, even for rakes. Pick up this debut novel in this series from Catherine Gayle to find out what happens in the end!

Saving Grace is the second book in the Lord Rotheby series. This is an all new romance story with new characters from an author skilled in writing tempting romance!

The man keeps coming after her and will not cease his endless following of her. Except that he is not exactly following her. It’s more like they are thrown together and at the end of the day, he’s the man that she wants the most. However, he’s also what she can’t have.

Lady Grace is pregnant and now she has lost suitability when it comes to being courted by a gentleman. Normally this would not have happened but it was an accident. Now there is company in the unwanted form of Lord Alexander, thanks to her interfering aunt. She meant well but kept putting the two of them into the company of the other, even though neither of them wanted to be around the other.

It is a lot to deal with but she manages to deal with it even though she is pregnant and without a husband by her side. Alex ended up leaving London in order to visit Lord Rotheby, who was an old friend of his father’s. It is certainly a good chance to get away from the matchmaking ideas of his mother, but it seems the universe is trying to pair him up regardless no matter where he goes.

When he meets Grace and spends time with her, he really likes her. Can they ever be together or is it too much of a scandal? Read to the end to find out what happens next!

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