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Publication Order of Dairy Queen Books

Dairy Queen (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Off Season (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Front and Center (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heaven Is Paved with Oreos (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Domesticating Drink: Women, Men, and Alcohol in America, 1870-1940 (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Catherine Gilbert Murdock
An American author, Catherine Gilbert Murdock is well regarded for her intelligent and equally well thought out Young Adult titles. Focusing on genres including fantasy and romance, she’s an adept writer gifted with a voice that’s wholly genuine and realistic. Paying close attention to detail, she has a definite gift in bringing her worlds to life, letting them grow in the minds of the readers. This has proven to be massively successful worldwide, as readers from all backgrounds have come to appreciate her novels.

Setting herself apart from other writers in her field, she has become extremely gifted in creating imaginative worlds known for their sense of scope and scale. Appreciated by both the general public and critics alike, her novels and stories are becoming hugely influential in their own right. Inspired by much of the work of her own sister, and fellow author Elizabeth Gilbert, she’s an interesting writer with a lot to say. Speaking on a number of different issues, she really gets to the heart of it all, writing with a lot of wit and warmth.

The characters really speak in a manner that’s easy to relate to, as their personalities resonate with the audience in a realistic way. This has become something of a trademark for her over the course of her writing career, as readers find they can relate to each of her protagonists. Leaving an impression with the audience too, they’re not easily forgotten either, as they stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down. With a lot more to come as well, there’s plenty more books planned for release on the horizon, as she’s not finishing any time soon.

Early and Personal Life
Born in Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States 1967, Catherine Gilbert Murdock would grow up with a keen fascination in literature. Growing up with her sister and fellow author Elizabeth Gilbert, reading and writing would always be a key feature in her life. This would develop over time, leading to her creating her style and unique voice as a bestselling author, both nationally and internationally.

Growing up on a small Christmas tree farm based out in Litchfield, Connecticut, she was raised in a very remote rural setting. Attending Bryn Mawr College, she would study Growth and the Structure of Cities, before going on to graduate in 1988. Following this she would receive a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in American Civilization, and she carries on writing to this day from her home in Philadelphia with her husband and two children.

Writing Career
In 2006 Murdock would bring out her first novel titled ‘Dairy Queen’ and this would establish both her name and her personal style. This would be a Young Adult romance novel and it would be the first in the long-running series of novels going under the same name. Bringing out her next novel in 2007, she would follow on from her first with ‘The Off Season,’ which was also the next in the ‘Dairy Queen’ series.

Later she would also bring out stand-alone novels, the first being titled ‘Princess Ben’ published in 2008, and it was a Young Adult fantasy. She would also receive the Newbery Honor award for her 2018 middle-grade novel ‘The Book of Boy,’ fast making her a star in the industry. Continuing to write regularly, she will carry on releasing novels, as her writing career grows onwards and upwards.

Heaven is Paved With Oreos
Initially brought out in 2013 on the 3rd of September, this was first published through the ‘HMH Books for Young Readers’ publishing label. It would also mark the fourth title in the ongoing ‘Dairy Queen’ series of books, working as a YA collection of romance novels for adolescents. The book would essentially be a stand-alone in many respects, although it would take new characters, moving the series in a different direction.

Written in journal format from the perspective of the main character Sarah, this works well as an engaging novel for younger readers. Filled with humor and heart, it manages to capture a certain age and growing up, having fun with the story along the way. The world is also well established, taking the ideas of the previous books and moving them forwards in an interesting direction.

Spending the summer with her ‘fake’ boyfriend Curtis in Wisconsin, Sarah Zorn is the fourteen year-old protagonist of this novel. This fake-boyfriend scheme hits a snag though, when her Grandma Z plans to invite her on a Roman holiday at the very last minute. During her holiday she finds herself constantly liking Curtis, all the while questioning the strange behavior of her grandmother. Will her and Curtis get together for real? Why is her grandmother behaving so oddly? What happens when she discovers that heaven is paved with Oreos?

Da Vinci’s Cat
First published in 2021 on the 25th of May, this was originally brought out through Greenwillow Books to much acclaim. A stand-alone Young Adult title, it manages to tell a self-contained fantasy story, with plenty of heart and warmth along the way. It also features plenty of art with some creative inclusions, along with an in-depth look at many of the famous historical artists themselves.

Working as a fun and engaging story with a science-fiction fantasy twist, this is a Young Adult novel that has plenty going for it. There’s also an intriguing mystery at the heart of it too, which keeps it engaging the whole way, with readers constantly turning the page. Paying close attention to detail too, there’s also a lot of historical accuracy here as well, making it more believable and immersive in the process.

Taking place between sixteenth-century Rome and present-day New Jersey, this Federico in the past forming a friendship with Bee in the present. This is all done through a time slip involving the mysterious wardrobe of Leonardo Da Vinci, as they come to realize it offers a doorway into the past. With Federico in the past held hostage in the Pope’s palace, Bee enters the wardrobe, finding herself in the past, learning about painters such as Raphael as they paint their masterpieces. Where will their journey take them both? Can the art collector Herbert be able to save a dying girl? What will become of Da Vinci’s cat?

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