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Catherine James is a literary fiction and memoir author from Los Angeles. She has written and published more than a dozen novels and has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.
While she began writing in the 2000s, it was not until she published her memoir “Dandelion: A Memoir of a Free Spirit” that she would achieve a lot of success.

The work would become a huge success that the name Catherine James is now mostly associated with memoir writing more than anything else.

Before she became a successful author of fiction and memoirs, she was also a photo double and Wilhelmina model in addition to being an artist.

While she is best known for her memoir, she has also written other works of fiction that have been just as successful over the years.

Growing up, Catherine James lived with her beautiful young and very irresponsible mother and this would color much of her upbringing living in Los Angeles.

She remembers how her mother used to strap her to a chair at night while she went cavorting on the Sunset Strip. Neglected so often, Catherine did not desire normalcy but instead, all she wanted was an opportunity to get away from it all.
James wanted to get away to Aunt Claire’s glamorous home which was something of a Hollywood version of Grey Gardens.

The house was full of racks filled with memories of grand parties with Busby Berkely her former husband and ball gowns from the 1930s when she was a beauty queen. Failing that, she would have not minded living with Mimi her beloved grandmother.
But by leaving she will also leave behind the chance to know the dashing and handsome race car driver who is her father. She will have to forfeit the chance of getting to know her father or go to school, where she is certain to be taken care of.
Ultimately, her mother abandoned her and she is left in the state foster system where she spends much of her childhood and is only set free in her late teenage years.

Left to her own devices, Catherine James had a chance meeting with Bob Dylan who was very young at the time.

She found inspiration in his drive which led her to make her escape as she left California and moved to the small New York town named Greenwich Village.
She would then pen several works of fiction until she became famous with the publishing of her memoir “Dandelion” in 2007. The work provides insights into the life of Catherine James as she gets into a romantic liaison with Eric Clapton.
Through a Polaroid lens, Catherine begins romances with the best rockers of the time such as Jimmy Page and Jackson Browne.

She got a son with Moody Blues member Denny Laine and it was while he was raising the child that she finally returned to her roots on the west coast.

She reconnected with her family and discovered that her father has changed a lot, even though her mother remains the same.

Her father is a garish and heartbreaking transsexual who is almost unrecognizable which makes the reunion shocking and moving by turns.

She would ultimately document her experiences in the memoir “Dandelion,” which documents the complicated mother-daughter relationship and the workings of pop culture from the eyes of an insider.

Catherine James’ novel “Little Dot” is a work that was penned in collaboration with Sandra Fletcher. Based on true life events, it tells the story of a woman that could not be any more remarkable.

Little Dot has always had a hard life from the time she came into the world. Her story begins when she is six years old as her mother has to flee from an abusive and drunk husband in the middle of the night.

It is not long before she is separated from her brothers and sisters and for her own safety she is put into an orphanage. What follows is a story of loss, heartache, love, and hope. She endures more than any ordinary person could ever take.
She weathers all manner of challenges thrown at her by life and never breaks. She always gets up time and again and fights for what’s hers, as she believes luck will one day smile kindly on her just like it does for other people.
She is a small woman but there is no one more majestic in strength and heart. It is a heartrending tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Della’s Destiny is another beautiful story penned by Catherine James the bestselling author. The lead has been named Della, a name which was scratched on a beautiful trinket box and lovingly given to her during some very sad times.
Mother and child spent only a few minutes together before the mother decided to leave her baby behind. Della was abandoned cold and vulnerable on a dark doorstep at the home of a couple who would provide her with much love.
When a childless couple found an abandoned infant on their doorstep, they were happy as they believed their prayers had been answered.

Della spends her early years in happiness, laughter, and love but tragedy strikes and her life changes for the worse in an instant. Nonetheless, Della will not let things get down and remains cheerful even on the worst days.
When her mother’s sadness threatens to destroy her happiness she counters it with good deeds. But another tragedy sets her life on a very different trajectory.

Will she be able to ever find happiness and someone to hold her hand when things get tough? Will life smile upon her once again or will she be fated to always struggle for survival?

Catherine James’ novel “A Girl Like Amber” is the story of two young girls who meet starving and freezing on the streets of the English capital London. Life had never been kind to them but now that they have each other they think things will be better.
Ida is taking care of her little sister Molly since their father had thrown them out of the house when he had yet another one of his temper tantrums while drunk.

On her part, Liza knows the streets very well as she has often run away from home given that she is the daughter of two criminal-minded parents who often bring trouble back home.
It seems like destiny, as Ida will benefit a lot from the guidance that Liza will provide. However, they are living in Victorian London and things are never easy.

The two women will have to deal with unbearable hardship and pain but by working together they may just make it through.

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