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Publication Order of A Cooper & Quinn Mystery Books

Catherine Lee is an Australian author of fiction. She is known for writing novels in the crime fiction genre that usually have a topical edge to them. Her mysteries are set in Australia in Sydney, an area that she knows firsthand as an Australian native.

She loves reading but doesn’t like working so that led her to one solution and the only one she has pursued: to write mysteries that are action-packed and fast-paced that readers won’t want to put down. Even though she loves producing page-turners, Lee wants to leave her reader with more than they came into the novel with to think about.

Some of the topics covered in her books include ancestry, genetic therapy, cellular memory, and cyberbullying. She is the author of the Cooper & Quinn Mystery series, also known as the Dark series. The main characters in these books include Charlie Cooper, a detective, and his partner Joe Quinn. Together they work in the heart of Sydney, Australia, working on murder cases and on solving mysteries. There are six books in the series, although book 3.5 is titled Dark Paradise and there is also the book Dark City. The Dark Series collection came out in 2017.

Dark Heart is the first book in the Cooper & Quinn series. It was released in 2013. Detective Charlie Cooper and Joe Quinn are the featured characters in this series. They investigate murders in Australia for a living and serve the public int his way. Their mysteries usually start off with a murder and they go from there. But sometimes it’s not just the victims that turn up dead. Sometimes, it can be the killers themselves.

Cooper has started a young family and he wants to be able to spend time with them. He’s practically about to leave Homicide for good to be with them. That’s when the serial killer that he has been trying to track down for over ten years has been killed, and suddenly Cooper has a chance with the case that he has been obsessing about for years. Now he has a chance, and he’s not about to let it go.

The killer may be dead, but there’s still the matter of the last victim. The last victim can be saved if he can just find them. Cooper just wants to save the last person that he can and maybe it will just be able to make up for all of the past victims that he failed to find in time. Cooper has never gotten over the situation.

Eva Matthews wants to believe everything is fine. She has survived a major surgery that many people do not survive and she has gotten a new heart as a result. It has saved her life. But then she finds out that it’s not just any heart– it’s the heart of a former serial killer. She’s freaked out to say the least. But what might be seen as paranoia can’t be denied when she starts having dreams that haunt her. It doesn’t seem like they are connected to her– but if not to her, then who?

Eva can’t shake the idea that maybe the heart of the killer is flashing her memories. These memories could be the key to finding where the final victim is being hidden. Is cellular memory a real phenomenon, or is Eva just being fanciful and having delusions that she can connect to the killer?

Cooper must figure out what to do in this action-packed debut from Catherine Lee. You’ll be turning the pages to find out what happens in this fast-paced thriller. Pick up Dark Heart to see what happens and if the last victim of a serial killer now dead can finally be saved where so many others perished and fall in love with Lee’s clever detective and his loyal partner! This contemporary mystery novel is worth checking out.

Dark Past is the second book in this exciting mystery series from Catherine Lee. It was published in 2014. The main character of Detective Charlie Cooper and his partner Quinn is back. They are off of one case and on to another. This time it’s dealing with a secret from the past of the Fisher family that someone may be willing to kill to keep under wraps.

Cooper and Quinn soon learn about the body of a young woman being found in her apartment. The body belongs to Jill Fisher, who had stood to inherit everything. She was young and the heir to a great shipping company that was going to make her rich beyond belief. But she was killed before she could ever inherit the company. Cooper and Quinn do not believe that it was just a random murder, either. They are convinced that the killer knew Jill, and perhaps they knew her quite well.

Beth Fisher struggles to deal with her grief after her sister’s murder. She works as a corporate lawyer in a high-paced job, but when her sister is killed she doesn’t even know what to do. The one thing that she can think to do for Jill is to finish the research that she has done into ancestry. It was something that Jill was pretty passionate about. Beth feels it’s something that she can do to stay connected to Jill and feel close to her.

Cooper and Quinn must now investigate the murder and try to find the killer while the case is still hot. Beth is still doing her research– but along the way, she might find out more than she bargained for. She is starting to find out a whole lot about the Fishers and what business dealings have been going on. There might be someone out there that doesn’t want anyone to know about them, either. Beth may be in more danger than she thinks as Cooper and Quinn race to find the truth and apprehend the guilty party.

They’re coming up with more questions than they are answers. For Cooper, he’s got to act quickly before more lives than ever get lost in the balance. Will Beth be okay or get caught in the crosshairs of a family secret that someone is desperate to keep that way? Pick up Dark Past, another thrilling mystery novel from Catherine Lee, to see how this story ends!

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