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Chasing the Night (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Doesn't Kill You (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Live to See Tomorrow (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Your Next Breath (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vendetta (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Catherine Ling series is a series of 4 novels based on the crime fiction and mystery genres and written by the New York Times bestselling author from America, Iris Johansen. The novel series was published from 2010 to 2015. Only three novels in the series have been released so far, with the fourth due to be released in April 2015. The series revolves around the life of the central character Catherine Ling, a CIA agent and also features Eve Duncan from the ‘Eve Duncan Mystery Series’. The plot of the series is set in Russia, where Catherine is on a mission to find his missing son. Catherine is used to live with her mother in Hong Kong when she was four years old. She is left to live on his own when her mother dies due to some disease. Her soldier father was out of reach and as a result, there was no one else but she herself, to take care of Catherine. With the passage of time, Catherine learnt to survive by eating virtually anything. And within a few years she also learned the skill of acquiring information that helped her to earn some money. She developed ways to come out of every trouble and used them efficiently for her benefits.

Catherine learned important techniques to protect herself and kill, whenever necessary, from Hu Chang, whom she met as a teenager. Chang also made him aware of the different types of poisons. Catherine got recruited to work for the CIA at the age of seventeen. She was hired to work under an experienced officer who taught him the work ethics. Their closeness grew a lot and they married after some time, despite their considerable age gap. She bore a son named Luke. Later, Catherine and her husband were assigned the dangerous task of taking down Radovac, who was a powerful Russian. Trusting the Russian government to punish him, they moved on. However, Radovac struck back and killed her husband, abducting her two year old son Luke. Catherine kept trying for the next nine years to track down Radovac and get back her son. However, it was not an easy task for her to catch him as Radovac had made himself valuable to the agency as well as to others. Over the course of the series, Catherine was able to overcome her nightmare and meet her son after a long time.

The Catherine Ling series also depicts Eve Duncan, from Johansen’s highly successful mystery series, Eve Duncan Series. Eve had seen a similar fate as Catherine’s when her daughter Ronnie had gone missing at the age of seven. Eve was so devastated over her loss that she was about to die, but she decided to use all her skills and forensic knowledge to help others in getting what she could not get. Due to the similar life stories, Eve and Catherine came closer when Eve decided to lend a helping hand to Catherine in finding her abducted son. The first novel of the Catherine Ling series is also the tenth and the last novel of the Eve Duncan series, titled ‘Chasing The Night’. In this novel, Catherine becomes successful in getting back her son Luke with the help of Eve Duncan. Ling promises Duncan to help her find her missing daughter, Bonnie, which is seen in the other novels of the series.

The first novel of the Catherine Ling Series was published under the title ‘Chasing The Light’ in the year 2010 by the St. Martin Press. The novel introduces the characters Catherine Ling, Hu Chang and Eve Duncan in a plot set around Russia. Since the day Catherine’s two year old son was abducted eight years ago by the Russian mafia, she has never lived peacefully. Although her family and friends advice her to move on thinking that her son is not going to come back, she never doses do. She goes in search of a person who is as obsessed as her and help her in her mission. Catherine finds out that person as Eve Duncan. Catherine is aware of the fact that Eve is grieving the loss of her daughter Bonnie. On learning that they share the same nightmare, Eve decides to use all her forensic talent to help Catherine unite with her son. However, Eve is forced to face the looming demons of her own as she moves deeper into Catherine’s problems. Catherine and Eve are shown as two desperate mothers on the hunt of criminals who snatched their kids from them. The readers liked the strong depiction of the characters. The interesting plot filled with surprising twists and turns kept the readers interested till the very end. The novel became highly successful and sold a number of copies worldwide. This helped Iris Johansen to establish herself as a noted author of the mystery and thriller genre.

The second novel of the Catherine Ling series was published under the title ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ in the year 2012 by Brilliance Audio. The novel continues to showcase the fascinating characters against one of the deadliest killers. Catherine Ling is shown as abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong when her mother dies sue to illness, at the age of four. Since then, she has learned to find her way out of every situation with the use of her self-developed survival skills. She gathers useful information and exchanges it with the needy ones for money. This was the only way she used to earn her living till now. As a teenager, Catherine meets a man named Hu Chang, who is a trained assassin and has excellent knowledge about all types of poisons. Hu Chang teaches her all the necessary skills required for protection as well as killing.

Later, Catherine gets recruited as a CIA agent and becomes one of their most effective operatives. She is aware of the possible threats she could face as a CIA agent, as she has survived through dark shadows in the past. When Hu Chang creates a deadly and untraceable poison, the race to be the first one to get it begins and Catherine finds herself against John Gallo, who is a villainous and evil. She thinks that she may not be able to survive in her quest to save Hu Chang and her son Luke. Catherine cannot lose Luke as she has recently got him back after nine years and also Hu Chang, who protected and trained her when she was a teenager. With firm determination to save the two, Catherine uses all her skills and proves the saying that what does not kill you makes you stronger. The novel received great reviews from the readers all over the world. The incredible plot of the novel full of suspense was appreciated by the critics as well as the fellow authors. Iris Johansen received great motivation from the success of her novels and this has kept her writing exciting novels one after the other.

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