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Catherine Marshall is a published author of fiction.

She was born in Birmingham. Marshall first started writing when she was eleven years old. She was able to sell some early short stories that she had written to Jackie magazine, all while still a student. Catherine attended North Cheshire College, where she studied literature as well as theater.

Marshall’s first novel to be printed was Excluded. It was published in 2011, as was her intriguing mystery novel, Masquerade. Her novel Still Water was published in 2015.

The author is married. She shares two children with her partner. Together they reside in Lancashire.

When she was younger, her dream job was to be an actress. But when she went to college and studied theater and drama, the author had a realization that she was not particularly talented when it comes to acting. She had also been a dancer while younger but gave it up. When younger, her favorite authors included Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis, Astrid Lindgren, and Dorothy Edwards.

She has wanted to be a writer for a long time. She spent her time as a child writing when she had the spare time and on holidays from school. When she was first published at the age of nineteen years old, she started thinking of being a writer as a real possibility. She says that she’s been writing ever since. Her regular writing routine does not include any word counts or special rituals. She attempts to complete scenes from thought to finish over the course of a few days. Sometimes when she hits a block, she goes and does a chore or goes for a walk to get the inspiration flowing again. Catherine likes to plot out her novels. Knowing what she will write next and where the story is going helps her to keep things moving.

If the author could possess a super power, it would either be being invisible or being able to fly. Her favorite place to go on holiday is St. Ives in Cornwall. She attempts to go there on a yearly basis and hopes one day that she can retire there. It was also the conceptual setting for her novel Still Water.

Excluded is one of the early fictional novels from Catherine Marshall. If you have been looking for something new and unique to read, check this book out!

When it comes to beliefs, Stephen Lord has them. He considers himself to be a good guy. He believes in the power of second chances and redemption as well as justice. He is an adult, the head teacher at Rapton Community High School. Things are going on there, as the students are running around wildly. Meanwhile, the staff that teaches there is just about ready to mutiny.

Then there’s Dean Bywater. He also has an interest when it comes to justice. He’s just been out of prison and is attempting to seek revenge for something that happened in the past. When he comes back to Rapton, he discovers that his nephew is at a cross roads. At just fifteen years old, Callum is getting ready to either become a criminal or pursue a career in the army.

Then there’s Todd. Todd is known for being a straight A student. However, he’s carrying a weight so heavy that he’s not able to share it with anyone. Not his trusted teacher named Finn Macallister or even Leigh Summers, his form tutor. Is he ready to let go of the burden or will it continue to weigh on him?

The school year is starting, but no one can see what’s coming. A small but cruel act starts into motion a variety of events. The consequences of these events could affect everyone there. Will they be able to make it out intact? Or has the chaos at this school finally reached its peak? Read this novel to find out!

Masquerade is another novel to come out from talented author Catherine Marshall. If you liked her other novel or are looking to get into a unique story, check this book out!

In this story, readers get to meet main character Anna. When it comes to spending a week with total strangers, Anna thinks it’ll be the best chance that she will get to create a whole new version of herself. She’s looking forward to this time of reinvention. After all, her life has become a total mess.

Thankfully, she’s leaving it all behind and has a distraction. She’s enrolled in summer school, learning about psychology in Bath. She’s trying to find perspective there, and maybe even a way to get out of her life. Maybe things will go well here and she’ll have a reason to leave her old life behind.

But once she gets there, Anna realizes that she’s not alone. There are other people out there lost in life that are looking for answers just like she is. The other students there are interesting and she starts to find out more about them. One of them is a woman named Carys. She has a lot to deal with as her ex-husband is stalking her. Michael was abusive, but it doesn’t mean that he didn’t love her. Now it seems that he cannot let her go.

Then there’s Jack. He’s a mysterious guy, with an air of nonchalance. However, he has his own troubles that he’s dealing with, as they all are. Anna never expected to meet so many people that have things going on like this.

They’re all there in the middle of summer, in the peak of its heat. But as the days go on, it seems that events from their pasts are popping up. Anna may be finding new things that she’s interested about and bringing former passions to life, but she also senses that something sinister is going on.

There are disappearances of people and the shadow of death hangs over them. Violence seems not too far away. Anna is starting to find out that people may not be who they present themselves as. Worst of all, a secret that one of them holds could affect everyone. Will they all make it through the summer unaffected? Read this exciting book to find out!

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